Friday, January 10, 2014

Noboru’s trip to Okayama, Pizza Hut and a 3 day weekend (Coming of Age Day)

Thursday, January 9th, 2014, at noon, I dropped Noboru off at the station and he made his way to Tokyo Haneda airport. Flew via ANA to Okayama. The plan was for Noboru to meet the seller at 8pm, he would be picking up Noboru at the station there. However, as luck would have it, the 1 time Tokyo gets hit with snow would be that very day! Hahaha. So, Noboru's flight was delayed because of the snow by 1 hour. No worries though he made it safe and sound and that is the most important thing afterall. : ) Met with the seller and Noboru did email him explaining about the snow delay. Anyway after a lot of paper work, and Noboru paying the other half of the car when he actually saw it and signed the paperwork, they shook hands and Noboru dropped him home and he left. That same night, Thursday night, Noboru took a ferry from Okayama to the city of Takamatsu in Shikoku. From Shikoku he drove to Tokushima and from there Noboru boarded the longer distance ferry 12 or 14 hours type ferry that would be taking him to Tokyo, Friday at 10am. Taking the ferry would be 2,000 yen more expensive than driving, considering driving in Japan, it is all toll roads on the highways. Also, he would be driving alone and would be exhausted. I worry about him and don't want him killed driving on little sleep and neither does he, so it was better for him to pay an extra 2,000 yen ($20 US) and not have to worry about driving or exhaustion and sort of just take it easy and enjoy the journey. And he did. This pic is of the ferry that would take Noboru from Tokushima to Tokyo. He and the new to us, mini mini van. Micro mini van? @.@ Both went on the ship and Noboru got to enjoy his trip. : )

They have private rooms for families. But you know he was alone and so he picked just a regular room with bunk beds (not a family private room). Noboru said the boat was pretty much empty and there was no one else in his sleeping area, not even remotely. :  ) 

Again not a whole lot of people on board which was fine by Noboru because he was the only one in the sento/bath. And wow look at that ocean view, how truly pretty! What a nice clean bath too. I line messaged him after he sent me this pic and I said..."how pretty....sparkling clean bath and wow what a killer ocean view, enjoy, have fun and I love you!" He replied back and said "thanks." He messaged me an hour later saying he felt fantastic and so relaxed. : )

After his bath and the message saying how relaxed he was, he sent me this picture saying, "gorgeous sunset wish you were here with me" I was like awe. : ) I replied to him "beautiful...enjoy enjoy, wish I was there too but, see you tomorrow, all is fine here, no worries." he sent me one more pic of what he was eating on the boat and called right before he went to bed, talked to Branden and talked to Noah and said he was proud of the both of them. Backing up a bit, the day before, Thursday evening, Branden read Noah's renrakucho (stamped it and made sure Noah's homework was all finished, phoned dad/Noboru and said he made sure Noah was done. Branden did his own homework and stamped his own renrakucho (communication notebook between parents and teacher). And Noah did tell me directly what his homework assignment was and showed me his work but Branden just doubly made sure, good older brother that he is : ) Friday morning the both of them got up and both dumped the trash, flattened out all the cardboard. I did go around the house to various little trash cans and dumping them into the big trash can, checking the fridge too making sure nothing was old or needing to be thrown out. But yeah the boys were amazing while he was away and Noboru called them Thursday evening and Friday evening while he was away to check in on them besides me. And the boys looked forward to his call. : ) 

Thursday after dropping Noboru off, I went and drove to Narita city and picked up some Pizza Hut. Right now, the Pizza Hut in Narita is having a special, 50% off if you pick up the pizza. I figured with Noboru being gone, I'd like to make our 2 nights here as fun as I could, for both Branden and Noah. So, Pizza Hut was a nice surprise. : ) Thursday night was the night Noboru was transitioning himself and making his way to Tokushima. Friday is when he was in the boat and slept in the bunk bed. : ) 
Two large pepperoni and mushroom pan pizzas and 1 large baked fries. They both get out of school on Thursdays at 3pm. Here in our town it was so bitterly cold, though we got no snow at all. Cold enough we should have, but nope no snow. I heard Tokyo got it, hence the delayed flight. : ) But nope not here. Thursday the boys ate pizza, did homework, went to swim school, came home and had more pizza. Took showers and put on their pjs, Noboru called them and asked how they were. They were happy, they told daddy (Noboru) how mommy bought pizza and they went swimming. Noboru reminded Branden that the next day was trash day and that it's usually his job but since he's not here, he was counting on them. The kids went to sleep and Noboru and I talked for a minute or two. All was quiet and well here. 
Friday, after sending the boys to school, I did a load of laundry, vacuumed the upstairs and downstairs, cleaned the house, pulled the laundry out of the dryer and folded it. At noon, I set the rice cooker. Cut the chicken, for the chicken teriyaki bowls. Wrapped it and put it in the fridge. Picked up the kids Friday from school. They brought me all their notes. Branden told me about his upcoming ensoku/field trip to Tokyo and he will be needing a lunch for that. But that's in a few weeks. But at least I have the heads up. The boys finished their homework. I meanwhile made dinner. I usually will make this when Noboru isn't here, but Noboru does like this too, and I make his with thigh meat. It's a very Americanized chicken teriyaki bowl. Something you might get at a food court in the mall in the states. And what I notice about eating in a food court in the US, is families share food. Say someone is eating Subway and someone KFC or someone Burger King, they will say, "hey can I have a few fries", "oh yeah sure, no problem" and so, that's how this meal came about. Someone would surely be sharing a few fries with someone else. So it's a total food court type teriyaki bowl, even with a few french fries. Just 3, because that's how many people would share, I'd say, if I were to take a guess. : ) Just white/chicken breast meat (skinless), mushrooms, some steamed broccoli and 3 fries, and a light sprinkling of seasoning on the chicken. we had that for supper last night. It's very filling. The boys went upstairs and took their goggles into the tub, they were going to enjoy a nice hot bath/soak after a shower first. I meanwhile just read through some emails and by the time they came down, both Branden and Noah were melting from the tub, they had on their jammies on and hung out on the couch for the rest of the night. I went upstairs and took a quick shower and a soak in the tub and then came downstairs in my Frosty fleece-y night T and a pony tail. We popped popcorn and watched Pearl Harbor on TV last night. Noah konked out before the end, but Branden and I finished it.

This weekend here in Japan will be a 3 day weekend. It's a holiday here (Coming of Age Day) and schools are closed. No school for Branden and Noah this coming Monday. 3 day weekends are so nice. :) Anyway that's it for now, I have a bits and pieces/catch up type post to do, but I am just going to chill out here at home and enjoy the weekend. Noboru got here this morning and the only thing we have planned to do today is to hit that cheap 20% off time at the cheap meat store. lol. : )

PS, Our little red R2 came from Okayama, the mini mini van, we just bought just now, also came from Okayama and the Mazda MPV came from Osaka, lol. Hahaha. Just something that made us laugh when we realized that, this morning. : )