Monday, December 09, 2013

Stuff brought back from Denver

We brought a lot back from Denver, Colorado this time. To be fair though, we had a handful of Christmas presents to get scratched off the list for Branden and Noah. A handful of Thanksgiving foods needed as well. The boys were bought Fall and Winter clothes in August and September, but I had been waiting to get my winter things needed until this trip, so that also took up quite a bit of luggage space. Speaking of clothes for adults, if you live in Japan, you know the cost of things and the price difference, where you can buy a pair of jeans in Japan for 5,000 yen -9,000 yen easily, where as buying in America, at Old Navy or the Gap outlet we're talking like $20 US for a nice quality pair of jeans. So again just cheaper and smarter for us personally to buy in America when we can. Noboru bought me a night gown in Japan, back in August a long sleeve one for 3800 yen about $38 US. I still needed a few more, but was willing to wait until we went to Denver in November and I'm glad I waited because, I ended up with some really warm super cute night Tees this time, for about $8 bucks each. Again given the price difference, when we are in America, we prefer buy there.
Nothing major here, just the trail mix, I bought at Sea-Tac for the flight back home to Japan. I love trail mix, probably one of my most favorite snacks to munch. 

The few things of Thanksgiving stuff needed. Stuff for 2 pumpkin pies, some whole cranberries and 2 cans of black olives. We will use the other can of olives for Christmas dinner. 
I love Mexican food. I come from a state that has a ton of amazing authentic Mexican restaurants. However, in Japan, I've been to quite a few Mexican restaurants but they just don't hold a candle to the ones back home/my state. Not a bit. Plus given the fact, I live way far off in the countryside. And oh yes, we have driven to Tokyo before, but often felt given the quality of the food versus the drive to get there, it just wasn't worth it, at all. So now if I want something I make it myself.  Anyway 2 cans of mild enchilada sauce. I prefer medium, but it's all the Walmart had, so I went with it. : ) 80 corn tortillas for like $3 bucks, super cheap and worth it for me to take back to Japan. The expiration date was/is late January and I froze them immediately when I got home. And take out only the amount, as needed. Should get a bunch of meals from that pack of corn tortillas. 

One of my best friends in Denver was telling me, while we were visiting, she said, I know you love coffee creamers, you must go and get the one from King Soopers, it's the store brand and it's called Cinnamon Creme. King Soopers isn't in Hawaii, or California, so this is pretty much my only chance to try this and buy this, so we bought 3. They were about $8, for all 3 of them. Or a little less then that. And I used my King Soopers discount card since they happened to be on sale, go figure. Anyway, I will be enjoying these all winter now. Thanks K. : ) 

2 turkey pans for Thanksgiving. 

Feria was on sale at Target, and I use Feria in Japan too, the "straight tea" color, lol. This looked similar but was so cheap, about half of what we pay in Japan, so we just stocked up and bought 2.  This color is called deeply brown. 

Another handful of Thanksgiving things. Stove Top. Miracle Whip for leftover turkey sandwiches. Pumpkin pie spice and ranch dressing for salad. And the knives, we got for free at Walmart for watching some lady give her infomercial type spiel. She tried to sell everyone other bigger more expensive knives, but we just took the 1 each for free, per adults for listening to her spiel. Very nice knife though. : ) 

Breath mints for Noboru and I. Those strawberry mint ones are so good. Candy bars for movie night. 

These were $5 each box at Walmart. That Pop Weaver brand is so good, first time trying it, but it's so good, I think this could be the Walmart store brand. 

Almond Joy frosting! OMG! This looked amazing. Can't wait to make a chocolate cake this winter with this delicious chocolate coconut frosting. 

Hot chocolate brownies (amazing looking, can't wait to try these) and hot chocolate cupcakes and pecans. 

Thanksgiving plates and napkins. Like $1 to $1.50 each. Just nice to be able to buy something pretty and also affordable.

Shells and cheese from Walmart.

Socks and underwear for Noboru, bought super cheaply at Walmart, our first day in Denver.

Two comfy house shirts for Branden from Walmart, like $7 each or so. And the quality was nice, really thick thermal type tops. A pack of undies for Branden and 1 pack of socks for Branden and 1 of the same for Noah also. 

The variety of the boys socks are really cute and they've been wearing them to school. Noah's sensei said his socks were so kawaii (cute). lol, yes she really said that. : ) lol. 

Branden loves to read, and his favorites are these Diary of a Wimpy Kid books, this is the new one and so we picked it up for Branden as a Christmas gift on our first morning in Denver spent at Walmart. : ) 

Nerf gun and extra bullets for one of Noah's Christmas gifts. All the boys on our street have these and they have Nerf battles with them and spend a whole day running around in the fresh air, trying to shoot each other with sponge-y bullets. Noah was so thrilled to see this go into our cart at Walmart. 
Home Alone DVD, was in the $5 bin at Walmart and one of the best Christmas movies out there. : ) Also, Pokemom X and Y are the newest Pokemon games for Japan and in the US, right now. Since the boys have American 3DS games, they got their new Pokemon cards at Walmart, but they are Christmas gifts also Branden wanted that Scribble Unmasked, and since Noah got the Nerf for Christmas also, Branden got this too. Again just being even Stevens gift wise. And Noboru got this Wii Resident Evil game and has been in pure bliss, ever since. : ) 


Sorry this pic is sideways, but I really like Renee Zellweger, I didn't realize she had some work done. She's still pretty but, she does look really different though.

I don't know how Will is going to explain these picture to Jada, you should have seen the other pics of Will and her inside the magazine. He says they're just costars on a movie together but, hmm, they do look a little too chummy here. And this was not on set, it was after work. @.@

A couple more magazines. 

Beats by Dr. Dre for Branden. And Superman headphones for Noah.

The pic of superman, on the side of these is so cute. These came from Target, same for the Beats. 

It was nice to get a good chunk of our gifts in the US this year. Especially since November usually has so many sales going on, especially right before Black Friday. Wish we could have been there for actual Black Friday, but we did still get some great deals. 

Family Guy calendar for next year. Love Family Guy. Sad, they killed off Brian, and was really iffy about the new dog, but the last 5 minutes where Stewie was crying outside and the talk he had with the new dog made me think, I might like this new dog after all, but we'll see. : ) 

Beans from Target. I use these in my chili beans. And for my tostadas or whatever. If I were living in the US, I'd use kidney beans for my chili beans, but with living here and having to bring it all back, it's just way easier for me to buy 1 kind of bean and use it for everything. 

The cutest girly long johns ever! Predominantly black there is a pink band near the ankle and the top has color stripes in the center and black sleeves with a pink area near the wrist. V neck or henley type top, very warm and really cute. And so cheap. $12 US. 

Now this is super cute. Frosty the snowman warm fleece-y sleep shirt, it's a soft v neck, well more so, more of a u neck. It's a bit above the knees so it's feminine, really girly. We watch this cartoon every Christmas season so Noboru knows who this is, and he said, "that is so cute" I said, "I know right.", he told me, you should get this. And the bow wrapping the sleep shirt is a head band for your hair. And the price $9.97 US, somewhere between 997 yen and 1000 yen, depending on the exchange rate.

The headband is perfect for after blowdrying my hair, keeping my hair out of my face and snuggling up on the couch. 

And this black one was only $7.96 US, about 800 yen. 

I love all my pj's but this is my favorite. It's really fuzzy and warm and the design is pretty and it's above the knee. Again given the cost of what we could have paid for another night gown here in Japan, and we just happened to be there in Denver anyway, it was just better price wise, for us to get them there. 

My hands get so dry in winter. So, these small size tubes, are perfect to tote a hand cream in my bag or to keep one in my car. 

Most of you know, Noah has eczema. He gets the most painful dry skin every winter. He gets these rough dry patches something fierce every winter without fail. We've taken him to the clinic, they give him creams. It works for a while. Anyway we bought another eczema lotion last year in Guam and it worked for about a month, Noah had no pain, he still had some mild rashes/dry skin patches. So it worked, but not 100%. Anyway this year yet again, Noah's skin has gone downhill. We were in Denver and Noboru saw Noah's skin and was worried. So we went to Target, spoke with the pharmacist and we bought the small tube of this one. We rubbed it on Noah every night while in Denver, weirdest thing ever about 3 days his skin was normal, his rough patches all over his body were totally gone. I mean 100% disappeared. So, we decided to buy the bigger tube and take it back to Japan. We are loving this for right now and I hope it continues to work because it's painful on us.... as parents when you see your child in pain. You feel helpless and when Noah itches his skin practically raw, it's a worry. : ( So, hopefully this will work and keep on working. 

Children's ibuprofin, from Target, just always nice to have. And then, on our 2nd to last day in Denver, Noah got a very upset stomach. He vomited a few times. And frankly we were wondering how we'd do on the drive to Glenwood and to Utah. We bought some anti nausea stuff, didn't work a dot. I wracked my brain and then it hit me! When I was pregnant with Branden, I had the worst morning sickness. Really it was all day and night sickness. I vomited a lot, I couldn't help it, I was a wreck and better to stay at home during that time. : ( Anyway I went to my OB/GYN in Hawaii and when she asked me, how are you doing? I said, I am so nauseated, literally every smell, rice cooker, smell of rice cooking which usually smells delicious to makes me want to vomit, it never did before or after. Perfume from ladies walking down the street. I mean I was a mess, she said, go right away and buy peppermint candies, like the stripe red and white round ones and you should be fine. @.@ At that point, I was willing to try anything. I didn't think it would work. But gave it a shot. I bought a bag and sucked on one. Within a minute or two tops, it was gone! When I was pregnant with Noah I immediately bought a couple bags of peppermints along with my prenatal vitamins, lol. And peppermint tea. How on earth could I have forgotten that? Oh well, I remembered at least! So silver lining.

Bought these for Noah, as soon as I remembered and instantly his nausea went right away. He perked right up after a couple minutes and was back to his old genki self and no more nausea or vomiting after that, his last day in Denver was awesome and so was the drive to Glenwood and Utah. And only 89 cents a bag at Walmart. I will from now on, make sure I always keep a few bags of these handy. : ) 

One deodorant for Noboru and one for me. 

That BB shampoo and conditioner from Pantene that 10 in 1. We bought these the night we got to Denver and we used it the whole trip and brought back the rest of the bottle. And the face wash, we bought at Target and again we just brought back whatever was left. 

After using it for a couple days, I knew I really liked this shampoo and conditioner. So we bought 2 more shampoos and 2 more conditioners during our trip, to bring back to Japan. 

The ultimate 10. Hair is so smooth after this.

Two Pantene BB hair creams, love this stuff! And 2 heat protectant sprays. 

Lucky for me, a lot of the Christmas sets were already out. This lip gloss set by ELF, for $10. 

I can't wait to try this and open this, but I must wait until Christmas. : ) 

Gain beads for your clothes, just toss in the washing machine. I used these on the boys gym clothes and they still smell fantastic! Says lasts up to 12 weeks. Hahaha. 

Size comparison, we bought a huge bottle of these Gain beads at Walmart. 

Only 1 toothpaste. 

Very natural nail polish colors, nothing that screams at you. : ) Just really mild colors. I love that pearly one on the right so much! Like a pinky natural pearl. 

This nail polish was on my "hope to buy" list. Every year for Christmas OPI makes special polishes, this year they were by Mariah Carey. And I looked at swatches of these online and youtube videos and I knew the only polish, I wanted out of the entire collection was the golden sparkly one called "my favorite ornament"

Thank you ULTA for having exactly what I was looking for.

I'm happy with the 3 nail polishes, I brought back with me. : )

Elf brushes. I knew the quality was right up there with the $50 brushes according to a lot of beauty vloggers, who I trust, their opinion. So, I knew I wanted to get a couple.

The white brushes are $1 each. And the black handle ones are $3.  Some of the black handle ones are not available in the $1 range, so some I needed to get the $3 ones. 

Smudge brush, eyeshadow brush and contour brush. I use these 3 a lot. And couldn't be happier with the quality. 

Concealer brush and small angled brush. I have yet to use the angled brush, but I have used the concealer brush with the Bare Minerals concealer powder. 

Love these 2 brushes a lot. The flat top kabuki one is what everyone talks about on YouTube. These brushes don't lose any hairs. The quality is of a higher end brush. And the price, I couldn't be happier with the price. 

A good deal. 

I have 2 Prada makeup bags, 1 Muji one and now this one, when I saw it, I thought it was so cute. It caught my eye right away. So now I have 1 Orla Kiely makeup bag as well, but I can't use it since it's a Christmas present, thanks honey and yes, I promise to wait. : )

Has a great section for my makeup brushes.

Some of the makeup I brought back, I packed inside here to prevent breaking. 

Lippies. 2 Rimmel lipsticks. 2 Revlon Lip Butters (love these), 1 Neutrogena huge lip crayon, very soft and love the color of this. And 2 Revlon lip glosses, very pigmented.

The Lip butters in Berry Smoothie (this is my favorite of the 2, though I like and use them both) the other one is Peach Parfait. No smell or scent on these.

The Neutrogena huge colored lip crayon it's soft like a lipstick and not hard like a lip pencil, anyway this color, sweet watermelon is great. 

Love this in Rose Pearl. Again, I am glad I did my homework before going to Denver, via looking on YouTube or reading beauty blogs and visiting the Revlon website or Neutrogena website, etc. so, I had a few colors I had written down and when I saw them in person, I could tell pretty much right away, which color would suit me and my coloring (dark hair and pale skin coloring) also, the one great thing about Japan is we have testers. In America, there were no testers at Target or Walmart. Ulta had some testers though. 

The Rimmel, I picked were in, To Nude or Not To Nude and the other color was in Dreamy. Very natural colors. Not brown, just a natural  rosy color.

Your lips, but better colors. : )  I've been using only name brand lipsticks for the past 10 years from either Sephora or Mac, it was refreshing to find quality gorgeous lippies at Target and Walmart. Colors, I really love and will use. 

Rimmel, white soft kohl eye liner for my water line. And the Rimmel Scandaleyes, in brown and black. I wish I would have bought 2 browns, I love the brown! Perfect for lining around my top and bottom. I have been using the Lancome eye liner, but this is now my favorite!

This Sonia Kashuk, eye on neutral shimmer palette, I had been eyeing this, since I saw it on her website online. I knew I wanted this. 

This shimmering sands by Sonia Kashuk also so pretty. 

On the left is the neutral shimmer palette and the one on the right is the shimmering sands. These are so pretty and so pigmented. As pigmented as the Mac eye shadows and I know, because I've used those for years and still do!

Only bought one thing at Sephora.

This lady on QVC, who is gorgeous named Lisa Robertson, anyway a popular youtube vlogger, who I often watch who is a newscaster said Lisa Robertson made a video and said she uses this over her regular concealer and it covers everything. So, I wanted to try this. I don't have very dark circles at all, just light ones, but I do like covering the ones I do have. 

The lightest shade they have.

Have been using Nars Orgasm blush for years, but I knew I wanted a knew one. I went to Nordies and let the Mac lady help me with proper colors for my coloring. She said Dollymix would be perfect for my coloring. So Dollymix blush.

I had her double check my coloring and yep I am truly an NC20. have been told this at Mac in Denver before and in Honolulu and Guam too. So, I know that is my coloring for sures. Bought another studio fix powder foundation. It doesn't break me out and I am prone to make up breaking me out. It's easy just swipe and I like how easy it is. Liquids you have to blend blend blend or you can risk being streaky this is fool proof, it's powder and just lightly swipe it. The coverage is great too. 

Mac blush and foundation. The one foundation lasts me about 8 months, could even be a bit longer. So it last me quite a long time. Blush lasts me way longer, years even. So, I get my money's worth. So to me Mac makeup is worth it and it's not too pricey at all. 

Bought 3 Mac eye shadows. Cork, Blanc and sweet satisfaction. 

These are the colors the Mac makeup lady picked for my coloring. Like a very pale, not white but pale color on the right of this picture. This is for my brow bone area. The shimmery color for the middle area and corner of my eye area and the darker bottom color for the eye lid. She said to pack that lid color on there and in strokes like a windshield wiper blade, lol, this is the 2nd time a person at Mac has told me that. She cracked me up. But again made it very easy to remember how to do it at home. And she also did one eye and then had me do the other eye myself. I find the people at Mac very informative and really like teachers and show you how to do it yourself, for when you get at home. I've been buying makeup at Mac for years, but they still sit and take the time and retell you stuff. How to apply this or to make sure you are applying it like that. 2 of the Mac shadows are flat and one is shimmery.

Three eye shadows, 1 powder foundation and 1 blush. I also bought 1 lipstick. I tried on so many lipsticks my lips were dried out and peeling by the time I left. I told her, I'd like a "your lips but better lipstick, like you ran a marathon, the color, your lips and cheeks would be, ykwim. And they tell you if that goes with your coloring or not and she said that would match me best too, and she did pick the blush herself and said that matched me best earlier. So she tried on so many lipsticks on me, until I found the one. I swear I nearly heard trumpets when I finally found the one. 

The color is syrup. 

It doesn't look quite as pink as right here.

Looks more like this, is very pigmented for a lipstick. And the blush is very sheer and very natural looking. 

After having a professional makeup artist find my perfect colors. The eye shadow colors, I should be wearing.  These 2 palettes from Sonia Kashuk are dead ringers and have colors that match really well. The Sonia Kashuks are just as pigmented as the Mac's. So, I am really happy I have many good colors that are for me and match me.

She also gave me a free sample of some eye shadow primer/base. 

If I try it and like it, I'll surely buy it, but I also bought an eye shadow primer/base from Elf for $1. So, we'll see, what I decide on that later. : ) 

Cosmetics and stuff I usually keep in a ziplock and wrap gently in clothes or if it could fit, I put it in the makeup box.Just to make sure it gets to Japan in one piece.

Eos lipbalms. I have been dying to try these, I bought only 4, one in Lemon drop, Honeysuckle Honeydew, Sweet mint and Summer fruit. I saw a blueberry and acai one, the day we left Glenwood Springs but, ehh I had 4 and 4 is more than enough. : ) 

Girl Scout cookie Lip Smackers, yes please! Love Girl Scout Cookies. Love Lip Smacker lip balms, so when I saw this 1 and only pack, hanging at Walmart, I grabbed it and threw it into the cart.

This mini brush is for your bottom lashes. Thank goodness for youtube vloggers, because I have been using only 1 wand for both top and bottom. Now I will surely use this tiny wand for my bottom lashes, so yay! : )  A very happy purchase. And mascara is the one item, I always prefer to buy drugstore, because it needs to be replaced so often, so I totally prefer buy drugstore mascara.

Mascara for my bottom lashes.

I was also on a mission to find a good drugstore concealer. This was rec'd by a vlogger. This is in fair/light but it looks darker then my coloring, so I'll see. I haven't used this yet.

I usually avoid concealer sticks because I think they're hard and not creamy. But Vlogger Emilynoel, rec'd these and said they're really creamy and very good coverage. Sonia Kashuk concealer in Dawn (the lightest shade offered) and Revlon PhotoReady in fair. She was right, these are my 2 favorite concealers now, they cover super well and are so creamy. Also, fwiw, I didn't realize my Mac concealer has such bad reviews, and I've never been happy with it, so that's why I switched concealers. I am loving these 2 concealers. 

Also picked up 2 others in fair as well. 

Some 25-27 year old blogger rec'd the concealer on the left. It's okay, I did have the hardest time trying to get color on that spongeball thing at first, there I was clicking and twisting, finally got it to work. It's good. have to use it more to decide if I'd repurchase the one on the left though. And the Dream lumi on the right everyone recs that one, MissGlamorazzi and Emilynoel etc. Again, I like it, but I need to use it more, to decide if *I* like it and if I'd personally repurchase. So these 2, still undecided. 

Eye shadow, bad to the bronze, Missglamorazzi rec'd this and we have very similar coloring. And drugstore makeup in America is just a few dollars. Versus in Japan drugstore makeup can be 1,500-2,000 yen. $15-20 dollars, which is very expensive. In Japan you can walk out with some Shiseido Anessa sunscreen for 3,500 yen, again at a drugstore. So, yeah it is cheaper in the states. I mean my Sonia Kashuk shadow palette was $15, but that was the most expensive and the rest were way way cheaper then that. 

This was just a couple dollars and I really wanted to try this 24 hour stuff, granted I'd only wear makeup for 4-6 hours tops anyway, but I wonder how it holds up. : )

This Sonia Kashuk eye shadow shimmer palette is my favorite because it has light colors for my brow bone and darker colors for my eye lid. And that quad back there in the white kit is perfect for my brow bone colors. 

Again just very similar colors. The sparkly Maybelline and sparkly Mac could be sisters or cousins. Hahaha. 

I don't use a face primer, I have never used a face primer. However everyone I watch seems to use one. I'm no makeup guru. I just know what looks best on me. And I just never would use a makeup primer. Then after watching MissGlamorazzi uses one. And EmilyNoel uses one. Anyway Emily explained and broke it down in a way, "a protection barrier between your skin and your makeup", again I never used one before so I didn't want to spend over a few dollars so I bought one Emily uses, it's by Rimmel. And I love it! My makeup doesn't sink into my face or pores, it looks way better. I am so glad I tried this. 

Em also rec'd this eyelid primer, and again, I never used one before, but this was just $1. 

Nivea lip butter. 

I didn't buy billions or millions, but I did buy a nice little handful of lip balms, a nice little handful of concealers, to try and test out and find my ultimate favorite. : ) And some eye shadows.

I've been using Kiehl's just as long as I've been using Mac. In winter my skin gets dry and my face needs moisture. I love Kiehl's Ultra Facial Moisturizer. I also use the avocado eye cream. I use these every winter.

Lady at Kiehl's gave me a free sample of face wash.

Didn't care for this lipgloss at all. Absolutely no pigmentation at all, no color when put onto my lips. This was a disappointment for me. Next time, I'll try a different Nyx lip product.

Earrings from Kohl's.

These studs are huge! I didn't want teeny tiny, break your magnifying glass out, to see my earrings. I wanted blammo and bling! I love these, and they were on sale for $20 at Kohl's. Another Christmas present this year. My husband rocks! : )

Clothes. Gap, Old Navy, TJMaxx.

Okay, this post is officially getting absurdly too long. So I am going to try and hurry these last couple pictures. Okay so in this picture, there's 2 pair of jeans at the back, in front of those in a pair of black fleece pj bottoms with white/cream snowflakes from Old Navy all this stuff came form Old Navy. Think the pj's were $8 or $10 US. So again good deals.The olive green rockstar pants, 1 dark-ish denim jacket many people are wearing these now days in America. And 2 sweatshirts. 

This is what the one sweatshirt looks like and I love this, have worn it 3 times since coming back to Japan.

Love these pants, the color and the tight fit. 

These are so warm and so comfy.

I wear this jacket with the olive green rockstar pants and one of the sweatshirts and ballet flats.

This is what the 2 pair of my jeans from Old Navy look like, style and fit. Love that I can wear them with  NB sneakers or ballet flats.

Noboru got a few T-shirts. You know he's just not into clothes at all. And that's okay, no worries. He likes wearing short sleeve tees under his sweatshirts, he thinks he melts with a long sleeve top. And since summer is long over all his were on sale, go figure. 

He picked 5 tees that he really liked.

Picked this for Branden, he can hopefully wear this in summer.

Two for Branden. Again, the boys had winter clothes bought before we got there, but these 2 were too cute to pass on for Branden. 

I was the one lacking clothes the most out of the 4 of us. So, I picked up a pair of black leggings. 

Black leggings and this sweater. You know, from the time we landed in Utah all the while in Denver, women were wearing these large sweaters with no buttons or closure at the front. I thought they looked really good, so I made sure to bring one back.

I love this! I wore this to the school marathon last Saturday, with a Gap tight fitting, gray long sleeve v neck top underneath and my Gap boyfriend jeans and Gap ballet flats. 

Most people think leggings and they think those paper thin kind. These are not like that at all. They're leggings but really thick and look really high quality. Best leggings I've ever owned and I've owned many throughout the years. 

I usually dislike spending $60 US on a single item for myself unless it's for a winter coat or a nice handbag. But this was a very nice sweater. A, you better get it before you regret it sweater.  : ) 

Boyfriend fit seems to be in jeans this year and sweaters this year. 

A simple black Ralph Lauren cardigan, with bright pink pony. This will go so well with jeans and a black v neck underneath. Or with my black leggings and my black Uggs. Thanks for buying this for me, Noboru. : )

The buttons on that Ralph Lauren sweater are really nice. Just the whole quality on that sweater is really nice. 

Premium boyfriend fit jeans form the Gap outlet. These are so freaking cute!

A few fake, wear bits. But these 2 are the only parts. The fit on these is so good too and they cuff up a bit and look perfect with ballet flats. The cuff is sewed up, won't go down, and I love them. 

Long sleeve V neck shirts from Gap. Were on sale. 

They are the softest long sleeve tee.

Four of them, pictured here. The gray goes perfectly with that sweater and what I wore to the marathon to watch the boys run. basic white, preppy navy and red and last but not least black and white. I have a navy cardi and a couple black cardis to wear with those.

Two Gap long sleeves for Branden on the left, and Noah got 1 in yellow. 

These sweatshirts were $10? or $12. 
I also wear this one with my jean jacket over it and those olive green pants and ballet flats and my long hair down. 

I haven't worn this one yet, but I will soon, I'm sure. Again sorry if this was like..... forever type long, but again we had Thanksgiving stuff and Christmas presents for the boys and some winter clothes for me and pj's. Anyway that's it, the Denver posts are now officially done and over with, hallelujah, lol. : )  We had a lovely time, it was wonderful to be back there. We did a lot, got a lot scratched off our lists. Anyway, I have a lunch date today with my yochien mom friends, we're going to our favorite Indian restaurant, so I better jump in the shower and get ready for the day. Just wanted to publish this first. Have a great day everyone. : )