Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Loving the beauty YouTube vlogs. Products from ELF, The Balm, NYX, MAC. Pantene BB Crème (I have to try this!) Getting ready for our trip this evening

We leave Japan this evening. We've been packed and ready to go for a couple days now. I know the flight will be super long, but it will be really nice to be in Denver again. Both Branden and Noah are at school right now. I haven't seen any really good movies since July? I hope to get caught up with all the good movies I haven't seen yet, while in the plane, I want to see, The Heat with Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy (she's so hilarious and funny, have enjoyed her since she was on the Gilmore Girls though), anyway hopefully by the time we arrive I will be at least partially caught up movie wise. : ) What else? You know, when I was living in the US, I was not an expert by any means, but yeah, I did at least know for example what's up and current makeup wise (special holiday releases or etc). What new line just came out etc, that type of thing. But with me living here, I am getting more and more out of the loop with what's up. Sure, I do have my staple makeup products that I love, like my MAC studio fix powder foundation, have used this forever! This is my HG (holy grail as far as foundations go) I do use Nars Orgasm blush (however it's not my holy grail, it's good granted, but it's not HG material for me personally though.) Anyway, when I was in Target with my mom this past June, while browsing the beauty aisles and not recognizing half of it, lol,  I thought to myself "wow Gina you're so out of the know, better get on it girl!" So, this time, I decided to watch some videos, I think I started watching YouTube videos to get ready for our Denver trip... in like September is when I started researching on YouTube. I quickly found favorite ladies I like watching. I watch 2 pretty famous beauty guru's, Missglamorazzi (not pictured) and I watch EmilyNoel, (pictured here) Emily is an actual real news reporter on TV and so she speaks really well and she knows her stuff. It seems drugstore wise ELF (eyes lips and face) have fantastic cosmetic brushes, like loads of people love them. So I am planning to pick them up and price wise on these, in America they have them for $1 or $3 depending on if you pick up the pro line. Like this vlog pic, Top 10 ELF products updated. Okay now thanks to her, now I know. It doesn't necessarily mean I'll run right out and buy everything she loves of course, but it does give me an idea of what to look for. So in that respect this helps me tons!

Best Beauty September 2013, I watched October 2013 also (also watched all the way back to March 2013), this way, I won't be completely dumbstruck standing at Target. Again it just gives me an idea, is what I am saying.

Best Fall lipsticks, granted I prefer a more natural color, but it was great to watch and again get a good idea at least. 

These EOS lip balms are like pretty popular and my mom had one in her bag when we were both in Hawaii. Now thanks to Emily and MissGlamorazzi, now I know to pick one up at least. : ) Her Emily awards are awesome, one of my favorite videos. 

I also read Emily's blog and took notes of at least some colors I can look at. 

Emily talked about this palette of shimmery nudes at Target and so I went online to check it out. I might get this palette, I'm still debating it though. But if you look it does say What's new Fall/Winter 2013.  

Pantene BB creme, for your hair!!! I am so getting this! Thanks to MissGlamorazzi for recommending this on one of her recent videos. I want the BB hair creme and also the shampoo/conditioner of this as well! Again, good thing I have been researching slightly, since September, because I now know what's new, what's current and by gosh I am so ready! 

This is MissGlamorazzi, she's funny, watching her videos she's just like a regular normal girl, could be any of us, if you know what I mean. Very down to earth, doesn't take herself too seriously at all. She likes drugstore makeup and high end makeup, same for Emily too. I also pay closer attention to these 2 ladies because we have similar coloring, same hair color, eye color etc. if you recall, that tea hair color I just did to myself, a month ago, but yeah my natural hair color is exactly same shade pictured here also and same shade right now, and also my hair is about the same length as hers in this vlog picture too, right now. So, when they mention specific lip colors for example, I pay attention since we have similar coloring. Again here I was watching her September faves and I also watched her October faves as well, and anything that looked interesting, like I might take a closer look at, I just jotted it down on a piece of paper. 

Nivea lip butter caramel kiss. Also both these ladies seem to love the Bath and Body Works candles, so again I might not buy one, but I at least want to check them out. 

Fall shopping, love that they all seem to love Target because so do I. : ) 

This particular girl, I found because I was looking for a review on The Balm blush in down boy. Again stunning girl here but also pretty similar coloring to me, fair with darker hair. Anyway in this video she rec'd Covergirl Olay corrector (not the concealer) and wow I'll have to see the package and decide for myself of course. But again, not that I will rush right out and buy everything but it at least gives me an idea of what everyone in the know, is currently loving, what's hot right now. And at least I will go to Target not feeling like a complete dork. : ) 

I did jot down my notes here, I separated things by brand. And no I am not going to buy everything I wrote down clearly lol, but it just gives me a starting off point, so I can maybe check out the 5 Revlon lip butter colors they rec'd and then decide which 1 color I'll buy and bring back to Japan with me. And yes I do know lip butters are available here too, but it's just cheaper in the states. I also have a list of foods I need to bring back for Thanksgiving, also a little list on foods in general (coffee creamer for example, more holiday flavors). I also have an outlet list of things I hope to find too. A few Christmas presents for the boys I can get scratched off the list as well.  I plan to buy some clothes at Old Navy, I'm looking for jeans and maybe some chunky sweaters or rhinestone trim sweatshirts, I saw online already. Wanna check out DFS Shoe Warehouse too. And eat lots of the stuff I've missed in the 5 years since I've been back. Hopefully we can catch a movie at the movies too. But we'll see. : ) Anyway, I better end this post here, it's cold and drizzling rain here today, I have nothing to do right now (yay), since I caught up with my cleaning yesterday... so I am just going to grab a coffee and watch some TV and kick back. House is cleaned so time to relax today. Catch up with you all when I get back. : )

Weather has been cold in Denver, Snow storm in the mountains last week, it's gone now, I hope. We will be in the mountains when we go to the hot springs so, hopefully the drive will be okay and without mass amounts of snow. The Denver forecast says nights are 30's F and day time is mid 50's. And the Glenwood Springs forecast at night is 22 degrees F. In Celsius that's -5 degrees C.  And when it dips to 30F in Denver that's -1C, so yeah my state is pretty darned cold, lol. : )  Thinking about getting a hair trim too, if it doesn't take too much time, but only if I can swing it time wise, anyway nothing superly important or life altering to share, just wanted to say, I'm ready. : )  This Denver girl is coming home! Awww. : ) Also thanks to the ladies who make the vlogs espeically the main 2 ladies, I watch, seriously their info has helped me so much, at least it gives me an idea of what to look for. : ) Anyway nothing else to say so, I guess, I'll catch you all on the flip side. : )