Monday, November 04, 2013

Halloween 2013

Ever since we went trick or treating in Guam last year, we sort of just knew...ykwim, that it was just a given we would be going there this Halloween. And even up until August, that was indeed the plan, alrighty. Until of course, we received the letter about Branden's 6th grade trip being on the same exact day! @.@  At first, and I'll tell ya, we were like could they have possibly not picked like a WORSE day imaginable.... to have that on? Hahaha. But you be fair too....we had a month to get over it. And plus the 6th grade trip is a trip of memories and a trip Branden really needed to take. So we just sort of said, we'll do the best little Halloween celebration we can around here and sorta just make do, you know. So the week of Halloween, we carved our pumpkin. We roasted pumpkin seeds. Also I have to add this pumpkin barely had any seeds in there! lol. : ) Anyway the pumpkin carving was a ton of fun!
My dad brought a couple bags of Halloween chocolates with him when he was here in September because we already knew at that point, that Guam for Halloween was a no-go this year. I didn't picture those treats he brought here, I pictured them in that post last month though, if you recall. : ) And these treats pictured here... are just some snacks I picked up at my local Japanese grocery store. 

The treat buckets the boys used last year for trick or treating, I just put all the treats in one of those and left that in the kitchen the week of Halloween. So at least we did get to enjoy some treats. 

Lucky for us, my husbands coworker's wife, works at the Costco Inzai-Chiba New Town and so she said to get over there and get a pumpkin pie. So we did that, this past Sunday. And yummm! It was big and delicious, only thing though is... I wish they'd use more cinnamon in it. But it is indeed pretty good. So we enjoyed that all Halloween week... also and all of us in our house love pumpkin pie. Even Noboru said, he didn't like it like it, when he was an exchange student type age, but he absolutely loves it now. So we all enjoyed this as well. And again just a small way to bring some Halloween cheer to our family. 

We have a book of jack o lantern templates, but Branden drew this free hand this year. The boys about to clean out the pumpkin!

LOL, Branden's expression in this picture. Silly silly boys! : ) 

Almost done, almost cleaned out. 

Jack the pumpkin head and our teeny tiny amount of roasted pumpkin seeds, but they were still delicious. : )

They just had showers! Branden was in jammies but he wouldn't dare go outside in said pjs, so he put on house/comfy clothes, Noah meanwhile was like, I'll go out in my jammies. Hahaha. It was raining this particular night otherwise they would have sat down on the step like they usually do each year. 

Ahh, we can see you Jack, really well in this picture!

Branden, Noah and Jack Pumpkinhead of course!
And as you know, I did give each of the boys classes a tiny pumpkin and would you believe, Noah's teacher sent home a note in the renrakucho last week asking if the class could cook it? I told Noah to tell her, it was her pumpkin and for sure, she could do whatever she liked. : ) She was quite happy, I heard. And so, they cooked it in the cooking room last week! @.@ Go figure! : ) Hahaha. Seriously. : ) 

Now actual Halloween day and night type stuff. Branden was gone, he had left super early that morning and was in Hakone. I wanted to make Halloween fun for Noah and I. Noboru was working 4pm-midnight. So it would truly just be Noah and I, Halloween 2013. So, that day I went to Mister Donuts and I picked up 2 donuts for Noah, 2 for myself and I left 2 on the green counter for a surprise for when Noboru got home. : )  Noah let out of school at 3pm, last Halloween (Thursday) and so I picked him up, I did ask him that morning what he'd like for supper. He said baked chicken Parmesan and pasta. I said done and done! So, I made that for dinner, it was in the oven and done by the time he came home. I already preheated the water just turned it off when I swung and picked up Noah. By the time he went upstairs unpacked his randoseru, switched clothes and washed his hands. Took him about 10 minutes to complete his homework. And then we ate, he had his donut and then Noah went upstairs and showered. Then I showered afterwards and then we popped some popcorn and we watched Hocus Pocus together on TV. Noah zonkered out, I carried him to bed and then I was absolutely wide awake. Now, usually I have my Branden to keep me company but, he was having fun, so no worries, I sat down with leftover popcorn from Hocus Pocus and I watched...

Halloween 1 and Halloween 2 on the AMC channel (they had Halloween movies on this channel every night all month long.)  Really good movies. I tried to stay away to say hi to Noboru, but I was exhausted, I woke up so early that morning, Noboru slept in the day before work but I was up all day and so by that time of night I was really tired. So, I went upstairs and crashed. I was out like a light. : ) Anyway that's basically how we celebrated Halloween this year, in a nut shell.