Thursday, November 28, 2013

Gobble, gobble, gobble! Thanksgiving, 2013!

Alright, alright, I know I use the same lame Thanksgiving title every single year, since like 2005 or something, lol, same with my Hippity Hoppity Egg-citing Easter title too, lol. : )  But, you know what, I wouldn't be me, if I didn't use it! : ) So, we must stick with tradition and just keep it going, shall we. : ) Anyway, today for us Americans in Japan, today was Thanksgiving. I hope for those of you, who celebrate it, had a wonderful day and spent it happily eating and enjoying your time with your family and loved ones. And for those of you in America, it's probably much too early for dinner, many of you are probably dreaming wonderful dreams of that turkey you'll eat later today. : ) So in advance, Happy Thanksgiving fellow Americans, from our family, here in Japan. : )  My dad stayed back in Guam this year but that's only because he was just here a month ago for undokai/sport's day. Plus, more then likely the boys and I will be going to Guam in December for a weekend to go and see, Catching Fire. So, we'll get the chance to see him pretty soon. My dad had an afternoon potluck though at his condo, he roasted a turkey and everyone else brought a dish, I think he said 3 families came around for that, they all brought a few side dishes, my dad also bought some pies from a little bakery and then according to my dad who just called me 30 minutes ago, they went for a swim at my dad's pool, everyone had just left then he called here.  : )  

We just kept things super simple as always. On this side of the table, we had stuffing, black olives, green beans, mashed potatoes. Thanksgiving plates, to up the festive know what I mean, same with our and we also had Pepsi twist with ice, inside everyone's wine glasses. : )

This side of the table we have those delicious Costco dinner rolls, we toasted them in the toaster oven and buttered them, they taste so good like this all warmed up and toasty. We also have cranberries this side of the table, turkey, gravy, and 1 of our 2 homemade pumpkin pies made it onto the table. 

The boys went to school today since it's obviously not a holiday here, but we picked them up early today at 1pm. Noboru had to be at work at 4pm today. Which means he'd have to leave the house at 3pm. So we had a very early meal at 1:45pm. I did pack Noboru 2 sandwiches and some Lay's potato chips for later if he gets hungry. : ) 

Turkey with gravy, mashed potatoes with gravy, dinner roll, cranberries, green beans, black olives and stuffing. I was pretty stuffed after all that. : ) 

This way, we could all eat together as a family. : )  I'm glad we could do this.  We did go around the table as tradition and said what we were thankful for, big and small. For me on the big scale, I said I was happy our family all had their good health, are all happy, and that we were fortunate to travel so much this year, like Hawaii., Denver, Guam. Happy we have such wonderful extended family. On the small scale, I said I was thankful for, the Black List and Witches of End End, meaning good new Fall TV shows to enjoy all winter long. : ) Yes, I really said that. : ) I also said... I'm thankful Catching Fire is out now and hopefully we can hurry up and see it. : ) I was also thankful most of our Christmas shopping is done, bought my dad's 2 days ago, yippy! : ) So everyone we love is taken care of. : ) Noah said he was thankful on the bigger scale this year that he got his trophy in swimming. For what it's worth, Noah was aware since last week that he had to say what he was thankful for, so he's been deeply thinking of his answer all week! lol. And on the small scale, he said he came in 2nd place on the practice marathon today! So we'll just see how Noah does on December 7th when the real marathon happens. @.@ : ) Anyway, Noboru's was cute, he big and small this year is I am happy that you 3 are happy! : ) Yes, that is REALLY what he said. And I just went, awww. : )  Branden said on the big scale I'm glad I was the school VP this year. And on the small scale I'm happy I got my radio control car. 

Oh Mr. Dimples, don't grow up on me too fast now! : ) You are still my little boy no matter what though, no matter how big and how much you stretch out....always and forever kiddo. : )

When I see this pie, I see Noah's little hands helping rolling out the crust and cracking the eggs to go in the pie filling. : )
Wednesday, the day before, I made the.... from scratch butter crusts for 2 pies. 

Chilled the crust in the fridge from around 10am until the boys got home from school. 

One crust done and perfectly in the pie pan, and Noah about to roll another out with help from me. Branden was doing homework, but he makes pies with me too. The bowls are on the table near Branden, I made a small pot of chili concarne, Texas style chili beans on Wednesday night. But we had to get the pies into the oven before I could throw the dinner dishes and the pie dishes into the dishwasher. : )

Noah measured the pumpkin pie spice and stirred it in there really well. This was only half stirred when we took this pic. : ) 

Baking with my kids, I know the both of them will have countless amounts of memories baking with me when they grow up. : ) But I am cherishing this time now, so much so. : ) So on one hand I see a delicious pumpkin pie made from scratch and on the other hand I see, an evening spent with my son, in the form of a pie. Wonderful either way. : ) 

This was taken around 3:30pm, this evening. I was cleaning up the dishes and the boys were helping me big time! Noah by wrapping the dinner rolls and wrapping the gravy dish and by collecting all the silverware and putting them in the dishwasher. Branden by putting plastic wrap over every dish that needed plastic wrap on it and there were many. : ) I meanwhile, started slicing all the white meat onto 1 plate and all the dark meat onto another plate. We had music playing in the kitchen.  We jammed and sang and danced to.... Royals by Lorde, Popular Song by Mika and Ariana Grande, Katy Perry.. Roar, I Wish by Cher Lloyd, White Walls (the clean version) by Macklemore and then right before we were just about to be done, Noah belted out, When I was Your Man by Bruno Mars, lol. Yep, we sure do, love to sing and dance while cleaning up around here! : )

Goodness are these mikans super sweet. Anyway I left the mikans near the turkey breast to scale how much turkey is left. Needless to see, we will have turkey dinner and/or turkey sandwiches all weekend. : ) And we also, have this same amount of meat left but dark meat also on another plate. Plus one and a half pumpkin pies. We will have leftovers for days, for sures. : )  Happy Thanksgiving again everyone, friends, family, long time readers... much love from us here! : )

And if you're reading from America, good luck and hope you get some excellent Black Friday Deals in person if you can! : ) One of these years I will make a point of being in America during Black Friday. : ) I have things in my cart at, and Old Navy, as I type this out right now. I am waiting for the Black Friday deals to start online, so I can process my orders. Hahaha, oh geeze, my post is getting longer by the second, so I better end this post here. Gobble, gobble, gobble.  : )