Thursday, October 31, 2013

Branden turns 12

Branden turned 12, last Saturday, October 26th! It was raining all day, so we just hung out at home during the day. But in the evening we took Branden out to yakiniku for his birthday dinner! He had a choice of any restaurant, though he had narrowed it down between Capricciosa (Italian) or yakiniku. Branden flip flopped all week trying to decide. : ) He knew it was his choice, since it was his birthday. : ) He decided though that he was feeling more like yakiniku, so that's where we went. : ) 

Noah enjoying nibbling on some fries while we waited for the lady to bring us our meat. We always get coupons for this place online and we get free french fry coupons, free drink bar coupons and whatnot, it's still not cheap granted, I think, we paid 8,000 yen (about $80 US) when we left last Saturday, but this place is so good, best in our surrounding area, we love this particular place, so really worth it. : )

Cool beans! The big platter of rosu (lean beef) came out and we were ready to start cookin'! Noboru had kalbi, he loves kalbi. : )  

Happy birthday sweets! : ) We sure do love you kiddo! : )

Marinating my meat, I like my meat to take a little soak in there for a bit, hahaha. : ) Then wrapped in lettuce leaves with some rice. 

You can tell Branden got a bit serious with his cooking, because he unzipped the sweatshirt! Hahaha. : ) 

Branden had a choice of a massive cake from Costco or a handmade ice-cream cake from Nagano. Either way, they're both special and good! Branden went with ice cream cake. He picked banana top layer and Nutella for this bottom layer, it says Italian chocolate, but if you read the description it says hazelnut flavored chocolate!!! We love Nutella around here and yes it is Nutella flavor, so we just cut to the chase and call a spade a spade, so bottom flavor, Nutella. : ) 

The happy birthday part used to be in Japanese only, but now it can come both ways. Which is great if you would like English or if you'd like Japanese. : ) A winwin for everyone ordering. Happy birthday Branden, you're a good kid and I'm proud to be your mom. : ) Same for you too Noah, proud to be your mom. : )

As if we weren't stuffed enough with all that yakiniku, we came home and lit the birthday candles, sang happy birthday. And had some cake! It was a Saturday, so no school the next day, which was so nice! : )

Branden has been wanting a radio control car by Tamiya for like years! In fact the 1 wish he wrote on that tanabata tree when we were at the Hilton Hotel in Guam 2 or so years ago, he wrote his wish to have a Tamiya brand radio control car! So Branden has been wishing and wanting and hoping for one, for like forever! Granted I am a girl and I'm not into RC cars at all! Though I did have a Barbie RC car and my regular Barbie did have the pink Corvette, lol. But RC wise, like major big name brands I know absolutely nothing about. However Noboru does! You know how nowadays, Spongebob, Phineas and Ferb and stuff is popular, right? Or in Japan, One Piece, Nameko etc. Anyway, in Noboru's day, there was a cartoon in Japan about RC cars!!! The cars on that cartoon were the brand Tamiya. The price of them. I'll tell you, 17,000 yen and up! @.@ Yep about $170 for 1 RC car. They are so expensive. Like holy crap expensive! Anyway, Noboru always wanted one, when he was growing up, all Noboru's friends had one. But he did not. : (  It wasn't for financial reasons because Noboru's family did have money growing up. His parents just didn't see it as important. Anyone see the Santa Clause with Tim Allen? Well that Tamiya racing car was Noboru's weenie whistle, if you know what I mean! The gift he always dreamed about but NEVER got! : ( Flash forward to now. Branden has been wishing for one for the last couple years. Noboru was always rooting for Branden getting one. But I was the one sorta semi holding out on it. Granted, I wasn't like all hard core about it or anything... but I admit I was more like, "meh, really?" 17,000 yen for 1 car? @.@ Then a month ago, Noboru told me while the boys were at school. " Look baby I know you're on the fence but...I always wanted one of those, but I never got one, now it's too late for me" " and I guess, I just don't want Branden to be like that, do you know what I mean" In that instant, I got it! I totally did. And I told Noboru about how I always wanted the Barbie dream house and I never got it either! I guess my parents didn't realize how badly I wanted it. My cousins got it! The thing was like only $30-40 bucks. I ended up with about 30 wonderful gifts that year (only child, I was) but no dreamhouse! The only gift I really wished for, wasn't under that tree, so yeah I "got it" completely. Yeah, I understood Totally! I told Noboru, OMG, you're so right... I get it! You're right, he needs to get this! : ) And so 17,000 yen later, Branden's dream came true. : ) 

Noboru ordered Branden an extra battery pack and a quick charger. Sunday thank goodness, it wasn't raining, and Branden raced that car all morning until breakfast was ready! : )

Branden getting ready and Noah got out his $25 US, RC monster truck, so Branden could have someone to race with! Nobody wants to race alone! : ) 

Noah is the official fastest runner in our family, so Branden said, Noah run with the car and see who's faster, you or the Tamiya car! Hahaha. Kids!!! The things they think are super important to test out, like....who's faster. Noah or the car?!!! @.@ : )  I love their kid logic and minds! The way they think! : ) 

Birthday bliss! : ) Branden raced it to the battery was done! He played this all day long! : ) 

Branden loved the witty card my dad sent this year! We all thought that was the coolest card! Branden has slept almost 4 years of his life so far? Eaten about 480 slices of pizza? I think that is correct, hahaha! Wow that's a lot of heart beats! Again just a really cool card! 

He's shampooed at least 1872 times! : )

All of the little facts were fun!

Branden will be taking his birthday money to Denver next week. 

Aww. : )

Grandma Mitsuko also sent a special letter for Branden along with some pocket money, and I did have Branden call her and say thank you and talk for a bit. : ) Always important to say thank you, I know. : ) I had Branden skype my dad as well.  All in all, that's how we spent Branden's birthday this year. : )