Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Noah’s class performance, at our town music and talent day

Last Thursday, October 24th was a day we had musical performances and dancing from people in our town. The 2 different elementary schools in our town brought 2 classes each to show what they could do! Both schools did amazing. A junior high group came to show their stuff also! I know, because Genki's sister Momo-chan was there in her junior high school uniform and waved. : ) All the way to the grandma hula dancer group, that our town has and plays at many different venues around here. It was pretty cool actually! Plus I know Noah's class has been practicing for the past week or two pretty hard and he was getting so excited the days leading up. Making sure, "are you and daddy going to come and watch me on Thursday?" : ) "Yes, Noah honey we will both be there, wouldn't miss it for the world!" "Next day, "you two are going to be there, right?" Ahh, my little worry wart! : ) "Yes, honey not to worry." That's so typical Noah! : ) Anyway Noah's sensei sent a note home to the entire class, a poll if you will, right before the town undokai asking if we all had a jinbei or yukata type outfit because she had a great idea to have all the kids show up wearing one! We circled yes, Noah does have one and sent it back. Everyone had one, which was great. Our school sent the 2nd graders and the 4th graders to the performance this year. The other smaller school sent the 6th graders and the 1st graders. Our 4th graders all wore cute bandannas in different colors. When the 2nd graders arrived at the plaza though, you could hear the crowd in the audience all talking "wow they wore jinbei, they wore yukata, how cool" There were lots of elderly in the audience especially since the grandma hula dancers were there with their husbands etc. The whole auditorium was packed basically. Plus the other schools parents and our schools parents. But yeah the whole crowd did like the idea that our sensei had, of the showing up wearing jinbei and yukata. I whispered to Noboru, "our teacher had a perfect idea with this one!" : ) Noah had a speaking part at the beginning but because the kid who spoke before Noah.... said the name of our school, I can't show the video, no worries : ), but it was cute though. : ) That's why Noah was standing at the front in this picture, with about 4 other boys about to speak before they performed.

They played this 1 song on their pianica. : ) Video is down below. But the coolest thing Noah's class did, was the 2 bottom videos. They sang 2 songs,  played ball and made a circle while singing. The cool thing about those bottom 2 videos is the song choice the teacher picked. Because those songs are very old school Japanese songs, everyone loved hearing the kids of today singing them. Noboru whispered in my ear, "these songs are from my grandma's age, she would sing these when she was young" Noboru also grew up singing those songs as well. So, those are like literally old school songs that people really really love and would sing during recess while at school a long long time ago, again Noboru's grandma age type song, so people have very fond memories of these songs. I don't know if I should say traditional songs, iykwim, but I guess they could fall in that category, because the older folks in the audience just absolutely loved seeing young kids of Japan appreciating and carrying on the tradition of playing the same games and singing the same exact songs...even today! Everyone was clapping and it was just super super cool, you guys.  Alright, maybe it was an "you had to be there moment" or I don't know, but it was pretty cool. : ) Again, I think our teacher is always so cool for being so traditional. It would be a fair statement to say the 2nd graders totally rocked it! : )  Anyway, if you want to hear the songs, check out the last 2 videos, the videos are super short though.  I'm glad that my kids are growing up with an appreciation of Japanese traditional things like songs and games from yesteryear and also American traditional things as well and just sort of maintaining that balance and respect of both ways. It's not always easy, but we sure try. : ) Anyway, hope you like the videos and pics and now you know what was our family was up to last Thursday. : )