Sunday, October 20, 2013


I apologize if this post is a little doom and gloom. I am currently working on a fun post, a "bits and pieces' type post. But this really happened yesterday and I just have to post it. Yesterday's plan was to head to Narita City to go to Uniqlo, to get Branden a new pair of pjs! Nothing all to major or anything. By now we are probably about 5-10 minutes from Narita, so we're not close to our town at all, in these next bunch of pics. Only the last 4 pics are from our town. Anyway, all of a sudden the cars were at a bit of a stand still, which is rare for around here. A couple fire trucks. Rescue type vehicles, two ambulances. Many looky lou cars and people standing along the street. By the crowd it was hard not to wonder, "what is it???" 

A news crew! We knew it had to be because of the typhoon. Or related to the typhoon. But at that point we could not tell exactly what it was. We found out later at Uniqlo. : (

Also important to note, is that on our drive to Narita City and Uniqlo. There were these blue tarps scattered all over between our town and Narita City, just wherever a landslide had taken place. Here is a pic of what one looked like, a blue tarp, with mini sandbags stringed along with rope. Caution, be careful, is what we thought when we saw one! We saw these a lot on our way to Narita. All the way there we would said...."Oh no, another one!"

This house nicely nestled against this small hill. Well as you can see by the digger that the hill pretty much turned into a landslide, sliding into the back of their home! : ( We're talking like mega tons of dirt and mud here. 

The bright side is, they all looked fine and alive and were walking around looking at the damage. And from the look at an another angle it just looks moderately crushed so, I am unsure if this house is fixable? Or if it's a goner and will need to be rebuilt or not. And again, with the next typhoon approaching this week, will this house be okay if the next typhoon is even worse and wreaks havoc yet again? 

And we made it to Narita City. Noboru said he heard that Narita City was badly flooded last week. The roads all around the Aeon mall were under water. Hearing this does make you worry about the upcoming typhoon. Because this one last week hit here very hard. Very very hard!

This road used to be a 2 lane road. 1 lane per direction. But look close. Where is the right lane? Where did it go? If you guessed landslide, you guessed right! The 1 lane is totally no more! It's completely gone! This is our road we take to get to Narita. 

Close up, of the collapsed and gone lane! Yep, I wasn't kidding, when I said the typhoon hit us and hit us hard in our little neck of the woods. Again this collapsed road wasn't in our town. It was closer to Narita City but it is the road we take and yes we were shocked to see that half the road was totally gone! Oh that reminds me. Noboru checked his smartphone for news for surrounding Narita as to why all those people and news crew and fire trucks where there. According to what he found, a house was smothered in mud and dirt and they were looking for the missing! 

On our way back, a lot of the search team and vehicles were leaving! Did they find the survivors? Were they found alive? We wondered. We hoped alive!

And more vehicles passed.

Until only 1 fire truck was still there and 1 ambulance was there. Lots of people though were there still. Lucky these other houses were fine, hope they remain fine during the next typhoon that is coming this week. Sad that one of their neighbors house is no more. And again with the approaching typhoon will these people and their homes near the crushed house, be okay? 

Here's bits of the crushed house they have all moved to the side near the rice field. Just reduced to rubble. When Noboru got home, he checked online and yes they found the last person they were searching for and he was indeed dead. He was 54 years old. Again, not trying to bum anybody out or anything, but wow, that typhoon sure did hit our area pretty bad. 

A common thing to be seen around here all week, mud covered roads. Why the mud? Because these roads were all completely under water and soil from either the hills or rice fields. 

Now this house being damaged REALLY bothers me a lot, because I am so fond of this house. This house is about halfway between our town and Narita. Could actually be closer to our town. Every single time we drive to Narita City or go and have yakiniku or head to Hanamasa, we see this house. It's not situated near any other houses. It's real big and pretty. Reminds me of an old American farm house type house. I often wonder who lives there. I know everyone really likes this house. I think because it's just the 1 lone house... we all know this house. We all see it. You can't possibly miss it, if you're driving to Narita City from our town. So then, you can just imagine our shock when we saw this house is now, hanging on by the skins of it's teeth! It has always been pretty much built almost right to the edge of the cliff/back of the drop to the rice field. Maybe a couple feet of leeway but not much. Whatever ground between the house and the drop, all that land totally collapsed and slid down. I think in a perfect world, if there were no other typhoons, this home owner could quickly build a wall or structure and fill that land back in. However, as you even bigger typhoon is headed directly at us this week. You have to wonder, is this house going to be okay? Anyway, yes we were so gutted to see this house, one of our most favorite houses we always enjoy seeing. : ( I just hope this house makes it through okay with typhoon 27 approaching. Typhoon Francisco. 
As far our town goes, we had 4 total landslides in our town. This one right here, the pic right below is the same landslide just a different viewpoint. Again blue tarp and sandbags.

You can see the mud along the sidewalk and in the street.

And this one was pretty big. But the old house was not built near the edge of the drop at all, which was nice, the only parts that collapsed were part of their yard. The next pic is of the same landslide pictured here just the zoom is off. 

Zoom off. Anyway I hope that the typhoon heading our way looses it's steam, again like I said, or changes course or direction. And again as of this morning it appears to be still heading directly for our town and surrounding areas. : (  It's supposed to be here somewhere between Wednesday and Friday of this week. This Thursday Noah is supposed to be singing and playing the pianica with his class at the town plaza. Will it be canceled due to the typhoon? We don't know yet. Also Branden's ice cream cake is to be delivered Friday morning. Will it make it here safely and soundly with the approaching typhoon? Again we don't know. Will school be canceled? Again, as of right now it's just anybody's guess. Alrighty, enough typhoon talk for now. : ) I am now going to sit on the couch and enjoy some TV this afternoon. At 3pm, I am going to the cheap meat store to stock up on 7 days worth of meat, the sale of 20% off starts at 3pm, so I need to be there around 2:30pm-ish. : )