Sunday, October 20, 2013

Hopefully heading to Denver, Colorado next month

Our family of 4, is more then likely heading to Denver, Colorado in November. And I couldn't possibly be more excited and happy about it! : ) Noboru has already said and requested he get off either the first week, 2nd week or 3rd week off in November. Just 10 days of whichever week, of course some days will overlap into the following week. But his work already knows, that he would be happy with either of the first 3 weeks off (just 1 not all 3 weeks : ). And the last week of November, we can't go because that's Thanksgiving week and we'd like to be in Japan for that and have a nice quiet little Thanksgiving here and that week is spent baking pies and defrosting the turkey and whatnot. So that's why he's letting them know in advance, just either of the first 3 weeks would be fine. Also, nobody else is requesting off in November. I'm excited because I was, as you know born and raised in Denver, Colorado my whole life. I love Colorado so much. The weather is just so beautiful. The people are so friendly. : )  I haven't been "home" since 2008, thanks to the time stamp on these pictures.  That is an awful long time, to be away from a place you were born and raised and love so much. : (  It's just, the flight is a 2 leg flight, meaning we fly to someplace and then switch planes. So the journey to get home is quite a long one. It's like 15 hours considering waiting near the gate, etc. It's very hard on us all. We get badly jet lagged, since it's day here when it's night in Denver. Plus my mom lives in California and my dad now lives in Guam, to be closer to us. So, it's no wonder why we just haven't gone there in years. Especially when I can meet my mom in places like Hawaii. And see my dad in Guam or he fly to Japan. Nonetheless though, I do miss "home" a lot. And plus Noboru lived in Denver since he was 15-16 years old until he was like 27-28 and then we moved to Hawaii. So he's very comfortable in Denver too. This past August, I mentioned to Noboru, I just feel it's time to go back, and he agreed. However, we know going at Christmas or mid summer is not a chance in heck, since we fly stand-by. And no we're not complaining because the travel is free. But we had to be smart and travel at a time most wouldn't. And so we picked November. Most folks travel in summer, Christmas and also Thanksgiving. So, we picked a time that wasn't either or any of those. : )  I've been sorta keeping very silent about it. My dad knows and family know. But up until now, I've been pretty quiet about it, in fact I haven't said a peep about it on my blog until now. Also, if you think about it, our family usually goes to Tokyo Disney Sea or Tokyo Disneyland by now, am I right? : ) Well, this is why we decided to skip it this year. Because this is a bit more special to us this year, a 10 day trip back "home" trumps Disney this year, sorry. We'll go next year, I promise. ; ) So anyway, just thought I'd share it now. : ) All of our hopes and plans are on Denver for right now. We have hotels booked and car rental booked. Anyway hope to see this "welcome to Denver" sign soon. And here are some pics from our last trip to Denver. Branden remembers the trip, but Noah was probably too little, because he has no memory of being there.: ( So hopefully we can make some new memories this coming November! : ) 

Eating delicious Mexican food at my favorite Mexican restaurant.

Eating from scratch, ravioli and pasta at my favorite restaurant too! Oh their food is so amazing!

We took the boys to an amusement park. Denver has 2 amusement parks. We took them to Lakeside Amusement park and that's where they were in this picture, enjoying an Icee. : ) Lakeside is surely closed now that it's Fall, but I'm sure we'll find something else equally fun to do this trip. : ) 

Noah sitting right next to Noboru. Branden came to sit next to me on my bench so Noah ran to Noboru's bench to sit. And I still see his straw in the right hand part of this picture. : )

Colorado Mills Mall, this is an outlet mall. With a Super Target there also. That's the good thing about going "home" I know where all the best shops are and all the outlets are, etc. : ) I will be stocking up on, clothes and foods and whatnot. I have already begun my list. 

Ahh, Gap Outlet, I will be seeing you soon, hopefully! : ) We will hit 2 different outlets malls while there. Because I do love a good bargain. : ) 

We will also be going to Glenwood Springs for an over night. Colorado is famous for their hotsprings/onsen too. When Noboru tells his friends or our neighbors, my wife comes from a state that has many natural hot springs. They are often very surprised. : ) 

Dairy Queen, see you soon too. : ) 

This pic was taken at the 2nd outlet we will go to, the one in Silverthorne. All in all, it's not anything too major. It's just we want to go back and enjoy a nice quiet 10 days, sight seeing, eating good food. Do a little shopping and enjoy and relax in the hot springs. Maybe even take in a movie. That all. : ) Anyway, that's all for now. : )