Thursday, October 17, 2013

Halloween donuts and pumpkins! Plus Fanta Green Apple soda

I noticed a while back, that Mister Donut, is selling for a limited time, Halloween/seasonal type donuts. They are/were selling a fixed set (Halloween set) that came with a Hello Kitty doll, but I didn't get that particular Halloween set,  because I wanted different/other donuts, then what was offered in that specific set. So, I picked 8 donuts, I knew we'd like. But 5 of the 8, that I picked were Halloweeny too! ; )
I picked these last Friday afternoon because I thought, they'd make a good treat to start the weekend! As an after school and dinner treat. 2 donuts each. : ) The 3 on the left, are chocolate with pumpkin icing. Couldn't taste the pumpkin at all, but it was delicious and cute. A couple regular ones not seasonal. And the 2 far right were/are seasonal too though. One was filled with chestnut cream and the other one filled with pumpkin cream. 
The chestnut cream one. This was Noboru's. : )
Also, we went and picked up our big Halloween pumpkin, this past Monday, every year we do this.... so we can carve him and turn him into a Jack o' lantern! : ) And roast some pumpkin seeds. : ) The 2 little pumpkins, I bought one for Noah's class and 1 for Branden's class, that way they can both take an albeit small one.... but at least they can give their class a bit of Halloween cheer for the rest of October! : )  I know their class will enjoy them and so will the teachers! : ) 
One thing I really like about Japan is getting to try all the Fanta flavors we get here. Flavors we like are orange, grape, melon, peach (Branden's fave was the peach), flavors we did not like were, the nashi/pear and the ume wasn't so great tasting either. : ) But I always like trying them. So, when I saw this one last week, I bought only 2. 1 for the boys to share and 1 for Noboru and myself to share. How did we like the green apple? The boys both liked it. I really liked it. And Noboru didn't like it at all, go figure. Hahaha. : ) Anyway, it is always fun to try a new flavor, at least! We have tried quite a few other flavors of Fanta as well. Anyway...that's all for now. : )