Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Bits and pieces! Ikea yet again, baked ravioli, TV talk, etc..

Okay, it seems that my "bits and pieces" post all lumped together will be just, absolutely way too long. And so I will cut it in half and make it shorter and easier to read. So long story short, there will be 2 "bits and pieces" posts. : ) So, this will be the first half of October's bits and pieces. Hold on, let me go and check the dates.  Okay this particular picture was taken October 7th, 2013. As soon as the boys were driven to school, Noboru and I both hopped in the car and headed to the Ikea in Saitama. This will be the only trip we made to Ikea in October and we aren't planning any trips to Ikea for the rest of October either. And no, the house or living room isn't done by a long shot but, again it's a start though. : ) 

October 7th, we went for a few extra things to hopefully make the living room a little bit more complete. Stuff we picked, pictured here. 

We did get a 50 yen ice cream because they are super cheap in price, a bit small, but they are good. : ) So we wheeled our cart to the car and trunk with cones in hand. And then headed right next door to Costco. 

We were going to have rotisserie chicken fajitas. That thing we made a few weeks earlier. It's so good and easy and very filling for the whole family. 

This stand, is in the living room now. The price on this was very fair. 5,000 yen or 4,800 yen. About $50 US. So, again pretty fair price.  : )

After we got home, I started to put the plants in the pots, went and washed the 2 navy blue pillow cases for the pillows for the couch, we just bought. Put the pencil stands in each of the boys rooms. Just small little misc. stuff. Noboru meanwhile built the stand that would hold the lamp. 

Step stool for the sink area upstairs. 3 picture frames for Noah's room. Lint brush for 69 yen. 2 alarm clocks for the boys bedrooms. And hand wind flash lights, perfect if we ever get a power outage. Some of these misc, things were bought at the Ikea in Funbabashi and I'm just getting around to putting the pictures here. : ) 

Really like these flash lights.

The living room as of, October 7th. Though this picture wasn't taken until October 8th. But it basically looks like this now. It is slowly getting there. Again when you look at this room you just see, a typical family living room. Nothing way overly fancy, not at all. Just very regular and comfortable. : ) I still need to get family pictures on the walls, I know, but it is getting there. Work in progress. : )

A lamp, some plants, the stand. It's getting there, you guys. : ) 

The one thing I do really like though is our couch. It's big. And multiple people can lay down or spread out and watch TV or whatever. In this pic, Noah was watching a video on YouTube. : ) He had just had a nice hot shower and was getting cozy under the blankets. Branden was doing homework in the kitchen at the time. : )

The entry-way/genkan area. Family pictures and a plant. Again, it's not done 100% yet... but heck it's a start, right? : ) The picture frame, I picked up at Nitori for 999 yen. So $10 US, basically which isn't a whole lot and it looks cute, I think. : ) Anyway slowly but surely, just wanted to say things are starting to come together here. So this is the last update of the house picture, I'll probably give for another month or two, because like I said we are trying to get to Denver. And plus Branden's over night stay next week, etc etc etc. We are juggling a few things here at the moment so, the house decoration update is on a mini break for right now. Hopefully after we get back from Denver, we can start updating again. : ) 

One of the dinners we had, and according to my date stamp this was taken/happened October 4th. And it was a Friday and I remember it being on a Friday, but I forgot the exact date so good thing that stuff is saved. Anyway,  it was the start of it being the weekend. Boy oh boy do I love the weekends. : ) Anyway, as far as dinners go, I need a filling hearty, stick to your ribs type dinner! Especially with 2 growing boys in the house. : )  So I decided to make baked ravioli. I have about 8 pounds of frozen stuffed with ricotta cheese ravioli in my freezer still. So, I boiled some of them about half way, they were still firm-ish. Not 100% cooked, maybe half way cooked. Then drained them. Meanwhile I poured a ladle full of sauce down in the baking dish. Then layered a layer of ravioli, sauce on top and then a layer of provolone cheese, then laid down another layer of ravioli and then sauce and provolone yet again. I made 3 layers of ravioli with sauce and provolone in between said layers. 

One of the layers. 

Top layer and then I wrapped in tin foil and baked in the oven for about 45 minutes. And then I took the tin foil off and covered the top with provolone cheese and kept the tin foil off so the cheese would get toasty and all melty and stuff... baked for an extra 15 minutes. Yumm. : )

I just use the same provolone I use for those mini chicken rotisserie sandwiches, so I know I will indeed use a whole package of this cheese, one way or another. None of this cheese went to waste. : )

Noboru, sadly had a work shift that he could not eat dinner with us that night. The weather was chilly and so this was the perfect thing to eat on a cold-ish Friday night. It was super easy to make. I didn't even run to the bakery to make garlic bread from a baguette, but no worries I made a few slices of garlic bread anyway from the bakery sliced bread we had here at home and it was fine. : ) Noboru had the rest of the baked ravioli for lunch the next day and he loved it too, which made me happy. : ) I will for surely be making this again. : ) 

Still watching Grey's Anatomy. It's still just as good. : )

Am still watching the X factor also. And the Voice is good too. And holy goodness, Simon Cowell is going to be a dad. I think that's great! : ) 

I'm still watching Glee too, of course. Saw the episode where Finn died, called "The Quaterback". Don't read ahead if you didn't catch it and are worried of any spoilers. I think given the way Cory died in real life. Meaning they couldn't write him out of the show, obviously. The way they wrote that episode was really well. His stepbrother Kurt, starts talking saying something along the lines of "can't believe he's really gone" and goes on to say he'll miss him forever. So he died and they didn't say how he died. And in a way it's good the way they did that. The show just speaks about the grief of them all losing Finn. 

Finn's mom's part was really sad. She spoke about how she used to see on TV, a parent who had lost a child and she used to wonder how they go on after that? They were in Finn's room cleaning it out. 

Puck took it so hard! And here he was telling the coach that the only one whoever believed in him was Finn! The only one whoever believed he'd amount to anything at all.... again...was Finn. And now what? Again it was just such a well written episode. Really really heartfelt and touching. 

Also, Rachel (Lea Michele), the real life girlfriend too. Was not in the episode except for the last 5 minutes of the show and she sang her song. You see at the start of the episode they were told whoever wanted to sing a song for Finn, in memory of Finn or to express yourself in someway go ahead. Santana did, Mercedes did. Many did. But the last 5 minutes of the episode Rachel came to the school and she sang hers and it was so beautiful. Sad because you know she was Cory's real life girlfriend and she probably felt every minute of that song. But, it was really beautiful to hear. 

Santana took it really hard. 

I was so happy to see Mercedes come back for this episode. Though I know she's doing Dancing With the Stars at the moment. But it was nice she came back for this episode. 

Finn Hudson 1994-2013. : ( 

And then at the end of the episode the screen went black like this, except for his name and dates. : ( 

Hmm, any other last bits and pieces that I can add in? Swung by Cainz Home/Besia October 11th. We go through antibacterial hand soap around here like you wouldn't believe. Plus I like to have enough on hand, just in case, we run out. : ) Also picked up a toilet room/restroom spray. Soap scent. One for the upstairs toilet and downstairs toilet. 

In the left-hand bottom corner, it is a duo scent, fresh soap and floral. This smells really good. 

I like to buy my laundry soap by the case. I like to stock up on enough to last us for a month and a half. That way, if we had a typhoon and the roads are closed due to water, or freak snow storm, heaven forbid, another earthquake. I don't know....I guess, for me, personally I just feel at ease knowing certain things I have a month supply or month and a half.  If anything happens, (knock on wood it doesn't) I know my household is covered, is well stocked up with things. You know that type of thing. 

Jasmine tea. It has no sugar in it. And I usually buy it 2 cases/boxes at a time. Plus we also have those Costco cases of water also.

Misc drinks. usually fruit juice or soda for a dinner. Some fruit or sweet potatoes. I have a cheap meat store and I also have a cheap drink store and I like getting my drinks from there. And I usually will go there about twice a week and stock up. I only get about 4 days worth at a time though. : ) These particular drinks were bought October 3rd.

TV shows, I am loving besides the ones up above pictured. Am still loving the Blacklist. And I also really like, Witches of East End. I have caught every episode of Witches of East End and I just really like this show a lot.  Two 20 something daughters and 1 mother played by Julia Ormond. Anyway they have a curse and they must relive their lives again and again. And every single time the daughters get killed or die horribly somehow, but it's always because they are witches. Them being witches somehow or another messes them up. So this life, the mother, did not tell the daughters they are witches on purpose. And by the way the mom knows it is the daughters whose memory is wiped clean each time. So this time she raised the 2 daughters without telling them they are witches! One of the 2 daughters thought she had powers and the mom (Juilia Ormond) sent her to therapy! She felt she was crazy! Yet turns out she was right and correct! The mom (Julia Ormond) is only finally forced to tell her daughters they are witches because someone cloned themself to look like the mom and is out to kill the 3 of them. So she had to warn her daughters. The 1 daughter said..."you sent me to therapy and I was right all along????!!!!" @.@ Hahaha! Anyway it is a very good show that I have been enjoying this October quite a bit! Love this show! The girls are having to learn their powers from scratch here. Plus they need to hurry and learn them as fast as possible because somebody is out to kill them! Plus the mom characters sister in in this. And she really adds something to the mix too. Awesome show!

This happened a few weeks ago, but did any of you catch the video of the girl who quit her job with a video of her dancing! She was so awesome! Also caught that she was offered a job by Queen Latifah. I hope she takes the job! : ) She said she was going to when she was on the Queen Latifah Show.

Kim and Kanye got engaged! Congrats. The only thing though is, Wendy Williams said she would eat crow if they ever got married! : ) I like Wendy Williams a lot and watch her show. Anyway she revised her statement and said they are not married yet.... only engaged and that if they get married and their marriage lasts longer then her nuptials to Kris Humphries did, then she would surely eat crow. So...for now we'll see.

Did anyone catch that story 2 days ago, where that guy spent $100,000 to get cosmetic surgery to look like Justin Beiber?

Branden's birthday is this coming Saturday, October 26th. Plus the typhoon is expected to hit, either tomorrow/Friday or Saturday. Sometime between then. So, hopefully it blows over and is nothing. But if it gets here, we'll be ready for it, hopefully. : ) 

Edited to add, Noboru just called me, just now and said he did get his vacation days off! So we are going to Denver 100%, this November!!! I am so happy you guys! : )