Sunday, September 15, 2013


A typhoon is supposed to be heading our way. Now, for the most part where we live meaning the location of our town.... about 97-98% of the time they lose all their power by the time they get to us. By the time they get to where we actually live in our town, they are downgraded to just “tropical storm” or what have you. : )

However, I get emails from the US Embassy, since myself and the boys are registered there and my email is also registered with them. I registered with them online years ago. The reason I mention this is because, I get helpful and important notices and information. Anyway I received an email from them a couple days ago saying a typhoon was coming to the Chiba area and to be aware. @_@ So, not sure if it will actually lose it’s punch by this time it gets to our area again, as usual or if it will actually hit us medium to hard. Gee, I really hope not.

When. It was originally expected Monday/tomorrow. Which is fine because as I said in my last post, Branden and Noah don’t have school tomorrow since it’s a holiday here in Japan. Respect for the Aged Day.  However the new updated weather news as of, this morning, it said it would come somewhere between this evening and also tomorrow as well.  So sorta between this evening and tomorrow is when it should get to us,

What’s the weather right now? It’s raining. Light to medium type rain. So, it’s not here quite yet. But you can definitely tell something is definitely brewing weather-wise. : )

Not to worry. We do have flashlights, candles, and a lot of food in the house, just in case the storm is a doozy, I really think it will mellow out though by the time it gets to us though...but famous last words right? Can never be too sure either though.

Today’s plan? I have a nice medium sized piece of beef, I cubed and then skillet fried and it’s been in the crock pot all morning. We’re having beef stew with lots of veggies tonight. Some rice if you want and I’ll also buy a loaf of French bread today too from the bakery, I'll run there real quick and come straight back.  The boys are playing Wii, as I type this. Also good thing is, yesterday was a nice sunny day because I washed their gym clothes, sneakers and inside shoes and school stuff basically outside. I knew it would be raining today so I made sure it got done yesterday. Today I have a load of underwear and socks of everyone’s in the dryer here at home, as I type. : )

Anyway, for friends and family back home or anyone reading, I just don’t want anyone to worry. : )  Hear typhoon on the TV or online news and go, gee I hope they’re all okay. We're all okay. It hasn’t hit us yet. I hope it’s nothing. And it just eases on by, like it usually does in our neck of the woods. But, we’re also getting ready in case it’s bigger then we hope too. Oh yeah, just remembered, I better go and take the wreath down off the front door. That’s all for now. : )

Update just now as I am about to post this. It is officially coming down HARD! The rain is going stir crazy right now. It should mellow out in a bit hopefully so I have time to run to the bakery. Catch you all on the flip side, after it’s over with. : )