Friday, September 06, 2013

Our Last Hurrah of Summer! Heading to the Movies to see “Man of Steel” and Summer Wrap Up

School was set to start for the boys, September 2nd, Monday (Labor day for us Americans) So, Sunday, September 1st, I took both Branden and Noah to the movies. Every 1st day of the month, it's only 1,000 yen per each person. So it is the cheapest day to go to the movies in our area if you would like to go to the movies. : ) I checked the movie schedule online a few days earlier, in hopes that something was playing that we'd enjoy. Man of Steel, was showing. It would play in English (Japanese subtitles) at 9:20am and at 3pm. The rest of the showings would be in Japanese (dubbed.) So, we decided to go to the 3pm showing. We also bought our tickets the day before since you select your seats at this movie theater, and I just so happened to be in the area anyway since I was buying meat at the cheap meat store which is right near the movie theater anyway so I was happy to get the tickets beforehand. So, we picked our seats. Which is a good thing because it was a little packed. Not packed like sardines type packed. But about 40 people were in the same movie as us, and I was glad we picked our seats beforehand. : )
Noboru was at work. The boys homework was long done and finished... gee a month beforehand or so (math and Japanese packets were done in July and the rest was done first week of August including diary on Guam and what have you, though they did write their daily "tweets" it was a 2 line blurb each day (Noboru calls them "tweets") (they're just really good at self study since they both had been in Kumon since age 3, so they excel at that part really well actually, sorry don't throw tomatoes or anything ; ),  anyway so no worries. Weatherwise, it was a gray day and sprinkled when we came out of the movies. But, I just wanted to wrap up summer in a fun way for them. : )

Summer wrap up! All in all, I think our summer was a good one! Noboru and I both, tried our best to make sure both Branden and Noah enjoyed it! : ) In America summer begins in June, where as here it begins in July. But I’ll include June as well. We went to Guam and also Honolulu, Hawaii in June as a family.  We took the boys to see Monsters University in June.  In July, I took the boys to Guam to visit with grandpa and to see, Turbo and Despicable Me 2. Our family had a family stand/booth selling hot dogs and lemonade at the summer festival this year, Branden and Noah loved working that with us! They did also pull the dashi this year also. They enjoyed fireworks and a haunted stamp rally at the elementary school this summer. : ) We took Branden and Noah to the wave pool twice and had a picnic there, both times. We had a handful of summer BBQ’s in the backyard. Family dinners at the table with lots of talk and laughter. Countless family movie nights at home. We baked and also cooked together. Our entire family went to cheer Branden on at his swimming competition. We went to Nagano for an over night trip and some onsen fun. : ) And on our last and final day, I took both Branden and Noah to the movies to see Man of Steel! Where we had a large caramel popcorn and large melon soda. : )  Anyway, that was our summer 2013 in a nutshell. : )