Thursday, September 12, 2013

Going to the movies (Star Trek Into Darkness) and lunch with my good friends

Tuesday, of this week September 10th, I went to the movies with 2 of my closest girlfriends. We first met at yochien when our children went there, so we've been friends for quite a long time. I met one when Branden was going to yochien and wow Branden's in the 6th grade now and my other friend, I met when Noah started yochien. So yeah we've known each other for years and they both have 2 older daughters both 7th graders who go to the same school and same class even, and we all 3 just really click well together. So yeah wow... we've been friends for a very long time.  The week beforehand, I got an email saying basically, "hey let's go to the movies next week and have some lunch afterwards" And I was like "cool, see you both next week" : ) So the plan was to go and see Star Trek Into Darkness. I keep wanting to say...Star Trek Into the Darkness. @_@ Anyway. ; ) I clearly really want to add a "the" in there. : ) Anyway. Here's the movie poster for that. 
See, for us in Japan, it barely came to the movie theater September 2013. : ) And under the date it does indeed say Star Trek, in English. : ) Anyway the movie was so good! There were funny parts, and then there were many "have you at the edge of your seat parts" After the movie we headed to lunch, Saizeriya. Cheap lunch specials and drink bar, and none of us had to leave until 3pm anyway so we could have a nice long chit chat. The movie started at 9:50am let out around 11:40-50am. So we sat at Saizeriya (Italian chain restaurant) from about noon to 3pm. : ) We caught up with each other... how every one's been doing since we last got together. Gardening. Anyone planting anything for Fall? You know that sort of thing. We talked about the Tokyo Olympics 2020. Psy Gangnam style and Gentleman. LOL. Benedict Cumberbatch (who played Khan, the villain/ the bad guy in Star Trek Into Darkness) and the fact he is so easy on the eyes. : )  And they also talked with me about junior high, a bit. I am a little nervous about Branden entering junior high next year. And sure, I don't want to stress too deeply or dwell now, especially since it's a half year away and all. But the fact is, they are my sempai's. And not only do they have experience going to a Japanese junior high themselves, their daughters are going right now. So, they see it from 2 different ways/perspectives, from a "having done it themselves" perspective and also are currently doing it as a mother having a child in it now. Where as I was educated in America and so I have no experience about junior high here at all, that I can draw upon, if that makes sense, so I am going to be going in uncharted territory and they are so helpful to me for information and trying to reassure me, but they are also super honest too and they tell me how their daughters schedule this summer was very tight and I appreciate their honesty, because I really don't want to be blindsided either, if you know what I mean. : ) Anyway....we also all want to see another movie together. A new one with Matt Damon and Jodie Foster in it called, Elysium. We saw the trailer for it and we sorta said we should go and see that. It comes out in Japan last week of September, where as it's already out in the US. : ) It looks good though.

Anyway, that's about it for now. I do have a misc type... bits and pieces post coming up soon. Today is Friday and I am glad the weekend is here. Plus this coming Monday, there's no school. Yay! 3 day weekend very much appreciated. I have the laundry hanging outside. And the treadmill is calling my name right now. So, have a fantastic weekend everyone! : )