Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Back to school for both of the boys and Branden’s science project this year

This picture was taken last week. Last Monday, first day back at school, September 2nd. 
This was Branden's science project for this summer 2013. Branden made a volcano that could ooze out "lava"
Close up! The white plastic holder actually came from the Daiso/100 yen shop. It is/was a bottom piece of a dish drying thing.  We bought 1 square of fake grass also from the Daiso and cut it to give his project a little something extra, you know what I mean, I hope. : ) People running for their lives cut outs and a sign that reads "dangerous" dundundun.... came with the volcano kit. And the dirt came from the empty/vacant lot next door and Branden also took a few rocks to add. Branden's project won first place for his entire school this year so he was pretty happy about that. : )  And besides the $12.99 kit, everything else either came from the Daiso or the empty lot next door. And he did work hard and he did it entirely himself, though, Noah and I watched and gave our opinions on his "lava". : )
In September we worked on what combination made the most foamy type "lava" and he worked that out pretty good. While Branden was washing his hands, I also did quickly jot down on the ziplocks what he finally came up with, that way if he needed to perform this in front of his class, which yes he did. : ) Branden could do it no problem. Also after watching a few volcano eruptions on Youtube, we all decided it was best to add the coloring to the vinegar beforehand, that way it was already done. Some videos we watched they added the food coloring after and we saw lots of white foam and the color came out after the foam. So, after running a few experiments and run throughs, Branden did think it was best to add the coloring to the vinegar and I totally agreed. It came out like real lava, by added the food coloring beforehand.
Baking soda. 2 scoops, hahaha. : ) 
We really enjoyed this kit and the next time I go to Guam, I will buy a few extra different kits to keep handy. I know Noah will need these for his elementary school summer projects also. : )
All of the instructions are/were in English and both the boys have no trouble reading English at all, so I just sat and watched. Kinda of exciting actually, to watch. : ) 
About to start painting.
It wasn't difficult at all and he actually had a great time making this. 
A close up of Branden's new glasses they're sorta like tortoise shell frames. Sorta cool. : ) 
Volcano is looking good Branden! : )
Let's see, what else. Both Branden and Noah needed to show up with 2 new cleaning rags. I buy the 3 packs from Daiso and since neither of them would dare take the pink, : ) I always keep the pinks for cleaning the house hahaha. : ) Also name writing pens, they need for school. And the other pack I keep for home use for writing their names on their inside shoes, etc type stuff. And tape. 
I also made sure all of Branden and Noah's stuff was freshly washed and dried. Seat cushion/disaster cover. School bags and gym clothes got a refreshing. 
Inside shoes were washed and sun dried. They were ready, come September 2nd! 
Pencil box was filled with new pencils. Gari gari glue and Noah needed a few extra paints. And that was it. September 2nd we were ready for you! : ) 
The first week back to school has been good for the boys. Thankfully, uneventful. They were happy to see their friends, the ones who don't live near us. Oh yeah, Branden brought this order form for sewing class home. All kids in his class with be sewing gym bags, this Fall! They had to pick one of these. The kids were excited which to pick. Branden picked the Piko one in this picture. And so that's been ordered. So the teachers wants every child to sew a gym bag. But also she asked them to choose another item on the order form and that choice was entirely up to you and your parents of course. Genki is making a pillow pictured here. And he will sew it at school all by himself. So he's excited. So 2 sewing projects for each of the 6th graders this year.
Branden meanwhile picked an apron pictured here. He picked the blue Piko apron. Because our school cooks a lot. And there are so few boy aprons for older boys. So I think he picked a great 2nd project. So now the 6th grade class is awaiting their sewing materials to come in. The boys also had English again their first week back at elementary school also. And that's about it. On the starting school front for now. We're in the swing of things now. : )