Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A swimming trophy and reaching level 1 for Noah!!!

Noah received his swimming trophy September 9th! When he tested and passed level 2 and became a level 1! All of us are so happy and proud of Noah! It's quite an accomplishment, if you really think about it. : )
August 5th, Noah tested and passed to a level 2. He was only a level 2 from August 5th to August 9th! Hahaha. So a very little time to be a level 2. From level 2 to level 1, you need to swim a medley, back and forth a few times and show quite a few different swimming styles. When he reached a level 2, he knew he could do the medley. It's just basically every move he's been learning since age 3, and so he felt ready. And I knew Noah could do it! However, I did sew level 2 onto his swimming cap and then onto his bag. 
And then August 9th came.  And he did it! : )
You earned this kiddo! We're so proud of you Noah!
Noah's silly pose!
One happy kiddo! : ) 
Noah's very first swimming lesson ever! And according to the date and time stamp on this, this was taken, July, 19th, 2008. At 3:40pm. The swimming levels type swim club start at age 3, at "our" swim school. Sure they have baby swim class. But I wanted Noah in the flowers and numbers type levels, so I waited until he hit age 3. And as soon as Noah hit age 3, July 7th.  We went the next day and signed up Noah on the spot. They had a campaign/deal, that said he could swim all summer long as many days and he could without swim uniform. And then at the end of the summer, they would give him the swim trunks and bag for an even cheaper deal/price then usual. So we signed Noah up for that. Branden already swam for that swim club. All that summer, I would drive both the boys. And I would watch Noah through the glass window upstairs. He was so small and so young, you guys. Very nervous to be away from us. So he would wave at Branden and I through the glass every time he'd get nervous or unsure of himself. Poor thing. : ) Some days it felt he waved at us abut 50 times. : ) And by gosh, that's okay you know! And every time he'd look up, I'd wave and smile real big and give him the thumbs up sign! Branden would give him an Ultraman pose, I remember and wave and smile also! Sometimes he'd have a very worried face or look like he was on the verge of tears, but only out of nerves. But Noah never cried. He just waved huge amounts because of those very nerves. He wanted to make sure we were still there, we weren't going to leave him and we were watching. ; )
Noah took to water so fast! Both Branden and Noah have a complete and total love for the water. Which is a good thing, since Noboru and I love the water too and enjoy spending beach time or pool time. So having our boys have a love of the water like that is really great. As time went on, Noah waved a little less and less.  When he was 4 or 5, he would wave about 10 times during 1 lesson still. So it did dwindle. And even now, if I go watch the boys, Noah will still wave a few times. Way more waves then Branden will though. And that's okay, it's just Noah! : ) And I still smile and wave. : ) 
August 15th, 2008! Is when Noah received his swimming bag for the very first time and his first swim trunks and swimming cap!
My little one, you look so unsure! Your mama, was and is so proud of you. And she knew you could do it and you did it! : ) And I knew you could Noah! Even way back then! : )
Two swimming bags. When Branden was downstairs in the water swimming, Noah would be with me upstairs. And when Noah was downstairs swimming Branden would be with me upstairs doing Kumon homework or having a snack or playing with his friends upstairs. 
Snacks I'd pack for the boys at swim school. Pretzels, granola bars, and peanuts with the clip. I'd bring water or juice box also. : )
This is how little Noah was when he first started swimming, you guys! Age 3. And he is now 8 years old! Still just as silly as ever and very kind. He is much more confident now as he has gotten older, but I still see those twinges or moments when he's still just a little unsure or a little nervous perhaps. Anyway you did it Noah! And we sure do love you! : )