Friday, August 02, 2013

Swimming team practice and opening day at Costco Tsukuba

Literally the day after we got back from Guam, we jumped head first into a busy, but also fun next couple days.  We arrived in Japan from Guam, around 6:30pm-ish. And the next morning Branden was ready for swimming. All 1st, 2nd and 3rd graders swim together first from 8:50am to 10am. And all 4th, 5th and 6th graders swim from 11:10am to 11:20am afterwards. And then the actual swim team, which Branden is the swim team captain this year for that swims after from 11:30am to noon. Noah has been swimming mostly every morning. But this particular day Noah didn't want to swim that morning. Which is fine. So at 10am I dropped off Branden, it takes them time to switch into swimming trunks, shower and then do taiso/exercise first. Then I swing back around 11:20am and watch the swim team practice every single morning. So, Noah and I swung back around and watched the swim team July 25th. Along with a few other mom's who also wanted to see too. Branden is in the water and wearing the yellow cap in the lane nearest one of the coaches.
Branden is on his way back so he's fastest. Keita in lane six hasn't reached the wall going that way yet. And the kiddo in lane 5 is on his way back also but a few seconds slower then Branden. But we are all on the same side, because we are all representing the same school. It's just friendly practice.
Remember last year, only 3 kids represented our little town country school. This year we're coming with more! A good bunch of kids! Go kids go! I will be screaming and cheering next Tuesday! Immediately after swim practice we left directly to Costco Tsukuba. It was opening day, first day ever opened! We needed the hot dog buns remember. Otherwise we wouldn't have dared go on opening day.
Look at this line of traffic trying to go into Costco! Yep, it's as busy as all heck. Believe you me. We would have not come on opening day, but we needed the longer length hot dog buns. And we needed them fresh. And the next day we were both busy also, so this was our only chance to go. It's about 1pm in this pic and Noboru had a Father's Club meeting at the shogakko/elementary school regarding the next nights, "stamp rally and haunted school walk through and fireworks" So we went to Costco Tsubuka knowing we had very limited time to zip in and out and that Noboru need to be home by 4pm with enough time to eat get ready and go to the school for his meeting. yet we see this line that looked like a mile long! No worries we saw folks walking and parking at the mall about 5 minutes away and we decided to park there and walk.
Yep traffic not moving at all.
This is what Costco Tsukuba looks like. I took a pic and now you guys at least know what it looks like. : )
So like I said we parked at the mall and walked to Costco it was just faster walking the 5 minutes then being stuck in that lane of non moving cars trying to get into Costco. Looks pretty much exactly the same as any other Costco, right? Hahaha. But omg! The people inside, the carts. It was madness in there. Again if it weren't for the hot dog buns, absolutely no way would we have been crazy enough to go on a first day.
The line to get food was insane too. We had Branden wait in this line. While we were in line checking out. Then Noboru went in this line with Branden. Noah and I meanwhile stood with the cart.
Every person with a Costco card got a free Costco freezer bag pictured here. And a free small dish soap.  I was guarding the buns and the Honey Nut Cheerios and my scrapbooking stickers. Some stuff was also in the bag. I also had my other Costco bag that we put the hot dog buns in to walk back to the minivan at the mall down the street. Also, would you believe the traffic had still not budged outside. @.@ We zipped in and out in no time.
Branden, Noah and myself had a hot provolone and chicken sandwich for lunch. With Branden swimming and it way past lunch time we were starving! Noboru wanted a Big Mac, so he got that along the way home.
You know, I saw these at Costco Makuhari a week or so beforehand, we were leaving on the escalator when I noticed these in some one's cart. It was clearly much too late, but I made a mental note of it...if we go back to another Costco to find them and buy them. We really had no time to go hunting for them at Costco Tsukuba but as luck would have it, they were right near us as we were trying to get to the check out area, so I quickly threw these in my cart and said a tiny, yay! : ) Don't remember the price, sorry we were in such a hot dog bun blur and so many people it was nuts in there, but I do remember I commented to Noboru...what a good and fair price they were.
I saw these in the Costco in Yokohama last October or November after we went to Hakone. But as usual we were in such a rush at Costco. I didn't get them. I saw these and bought one. I do make picture books for the boys and these will come in handy. It even says on the left great for scrapbooking.
Two Costco bags full of hot dog buns.
Yep, I just bought 2 of these a week or so before at Costco Makuhari, but we go through a lot of cheese so I needed 2 more.
We had cheese pizza that night. We arrived home, quickly unpacked, Noboru ate and stuff before leaving to the meeting at the elementary school.
What everyone received for free for going to opening day at Costco, this dish soap and a Costco bag. This is my 2nd closest Costco near me. The nearest Costco to us, is Costco Chiba New Town/Inzai. And it was set to open July 26th. But we were full on busy the next day. And yes I have been there since, and I'll post pics of my closest Costco. But I have a few other posts to get up before that one.  But on the bright side, now you can at least say you experienced the opening day frenzy and traffic of a Costco in Japan, opening day even if just via this blog. hahaha. : )

Also, Noboru and I had wanted to get Branden new glasses. There’s just so many new cooler frames out now.  So, I thought it would also be a good idea to get him a new eye exam. So we went to the city nearest us in June, before we went to Hawaii. And the doctor said, even though he sees Branden once a year for an eye exam. Every few years he gives his patients THOROUGH eye exams. And he wanted to do Branden’s this year! @.@  Umm, yeah wasn’t expecting to hear that one. Thought we would zip in and out after a good long 1 hour eye exam...and have a paper prescription in hand, like we have done for years. The doctor said, to come back during Summer break because Branden’s eyes would be blurry for 3 days! I asked him if it was like dilating their eyes type stuff? Nope...something else. Hmmm. Noboru was at the doctor with us and I did google it later and it seemed okay, the eyedrops thing.  Knowing how busy our July looked. Ummm. Now we needed to figure out which days are best for Branden to be slightly blind, not making light of blind people, but ywkim.  I mean, Branden is in the swim team, we can’t have him bumping into the walls here and he can’t be blurry for Guam because he’s going to be seeing movies! Gah!!!! How do you pencil this one in! Granted he is the best eye doctor, all the mom’s think he’s tops, everyone thinks so and he is good. And we’ve been seeing him since Branden first started with glasses back in the first grade so. And fwiw, this doc also says Noah’s eye vision is better then 20/20. So....we came back in July. Trying to find a day or 3 days that we’d have some lee way was *really* difficult. And as luck would have it. Branden's eyes were insanely blurry the first day *but* the good part is he was fine 2nd and 3rd day. And we did take Branden back 7 days later and got his correct 100% eye glass prescription. Never thought it would be such a pain to get a prescription and it never has before. But wow. What a speed bump to getting new glasses right. We have since checked 3 eye glass shops and went and bought them from the place we usually buy them from and his new glasses will be ready August 6th. See, I told you there are so many behind the scenes things happening. So many other things going on. That July was just nuts! But I am glad this doctor cares about his patients eye health so much that he wants to take an extra look and be extra sure about the prescription he gives. He says Branden won't have to get this thorough of an exam for a couple years now. Though his regular exams last a whole hour anyway too and we always go in the back and watch. He is a good doc though. : )