Saturday, August 03, 2013

Summer fun! The haunted elementary school stamp rally and fireworks afterwards

Time for some fun!!! : ) July 26th, Branden and Noah and I drove to the local elementary school to enjoy the "Haunted walk through and stamp rally at the elementary school"  For what it's worth, Noboru is the one who came up with this idea last year. So Noboru started this fun. : ) And it was such a hit and success last year, that they decided to have it this year also. Our school population is about 225 kids total for all 6 grades. And out of that, 150 kids signed up to partake in this haunted night time school thing. The other school in our town has a school population of like 40 for all grades. @.@ Hahaha. : ) But yes, our school is quite small population wise, if you compare it to a busy city like Tokyo for example. And that's okay, we like living in a town with a population of under 5,000 people in it. : )  Here's Noah at the start. All grades had to line up in rows, according to grade.
Branden in the white and green chattering a mile a minute to his friend Akira.
Still chatting and now their good friend, Kouki in the jinbei is coming to join them in conversation. And fwiw, these 3 boys, their dad's are all in the Father's Club.  Kouki is also in the swimming team. And his little brother is in Noah's class/grade.
The boys and I got there a little early so, we all waited until the rest of the kids arrived. Meanwhile if you look close, you'll see those infamous yellow shirts. The "Father's Club" One of the things I really appreciate about our particular elementary school is most of the extra curricular stuff is run by the actual dad's versus mom's. In yochien, it was all me. Or what I mean is... all us ladies did and handled everything. It's honestly sort of nice to take a load off and let the guys handle things! So in that aspect... our elementary school is awesome. It's not all automatically the mom's job. And the men also enjoy being involved. So it's not like a forced thing either, if the dad wants to join he can and if he doesn't want to join, he doesn't have to.
What a lot of kids! Hi yellow shirt dad's at the back! : )
See the flashlight in Noah's hand? Each child was asked to bring 1 flashlight from home. Because the school was completely blacked out. Meaning all the lights were turned off! Except the gymnasium here. Other then that it was pure darkness. Noboru picked out the music they played the week before. A few dad's were in costume. A few teachers in costume too. And there were questions around the school.  And the questions varied by grade. And also the questions were NOT written by the Father's Club guys because they didn't want anyone to say they gave their kids the answers, so the principal and 2 teachers wrote the questions and didn't show them to anyone. One of Noah's questions was, "go and get a stamp in the room where there are lots and lots of books", clearly they meant the library. : ) So he went there and collected a stamp. And so on.
The first graders got a 5 minute head start. And then they let the 2nd graders go! The 3rd graders and so on had a delay also. This was the first time anyone had been handed the questions. They were being handed out to the kids for the first time, pictured here.
It is pretty dark in here, except the exit sign, lol. I went with Noah. He was fast and read the questions and took off like a speeding bullet from stamp spot to stamp spot. Noah as luck would have it. Was the first person in the entire school to finish first and he also was the first 2nd grader to be done also. Go figure. : )
Branden chatting with 2 of his classmates. Saya-chan in the yukata. She is also on the swimming team this year and she takes the swim bus every Monday with Branden and Noah. : )
Three very good friends, from front to back, we have Kouki, Keita and Branden all three are on the swim team this year and all 3 live in the same housing community. These kids are really good friends. : )
The girl behind Branden in the black and white polka dot suspenders and cute little bob, she was the one who had the biggest crush on Branden last year and the year before that too, she wrote him a few love letters. Anyway....
Okay so the 1st,2nd and 3rd place for each grade has been noted and awards were quickly made for them.  Yellow shirts giving their speech and kids listening.
Collecting their prize. Good job Noah! Good job all of you! : )
Feeling a little shy about the win. : ) Noah walks with his head a little down. : )  Aww, be proud sweetheart! : )
The principal giving a congratulations to every child and to the yellow shirts for doing all the work. Everyone clapped and then it was time for some firework fun! : )
This award says Noah came in 1st place. I did tuck this away some place. For when he's an adult. So he can laugh and say, "I got an award for a stamp rally?" @.@  And I can say yep! : )  Anyway we all went outside to have some fun!
Summer and fireworks go hand in hand, don't they? : )
The Father's Club guys set up metal buckets with water and they had about 12 of them around the field, all nicely spaced out.
Noah and his sparkler.
Noah, Branden and Keita. Branden and Keita are both 6th graders this year.
As the night went on, the smokier it got. Hahaha. : )
Enjoy your youth. Enjoy your kid years! And I'm going to make sure you do too! : )
So many beautiful yukata this year! And Noah enjoying fireworks with Saya-chan.
The very cute, black and white polka dot suspenders girl. : ) A-chan is her name. Branden had plenty of sparklers, so he was giving some to her. : )
Branden giving some to a few other girls too. : )  He's a good kid. Never greedy or stingy or selfish, if he has extra, he'll gladly share them. : )
Nozomi-chan in the yukata in the background with her little brother and Branden and Noah enjoying some fireworks.. : )
Kids all having a blast! Nice way to spend a Summer evening!
All in all, a wonderful Summer night! A slightly scary, yet fun stamp rally and some fireworks afterwards!
A fun night with good friends! : )