Monday, August 05, 2013

Summer festival fun and the dashi pull!

July 27th, was going to be a very fun day and night for Branden and Noah and Noboru and myself. Slightly busy for Noboru and I, as well, but the fun totally outweighed the busy so it was all good! : ) So, Saturday July 27th, I woke up, the boys and I had toast and Honey Nut Cheerios for breakfast. Then we all got dressed. The dashi pull was to start at 10am, however us 6th grade mom's/kodomo kai heads, which is me included. All had to be there at 9:30am. The feeling was very fun, all of us mom's all know each other. We already knew way in advance who was doing what job. We all brought our kids with us early, so the kids were playing with their classmates.
The older classes hold this. That's Saya-chan in the hat and pink shirt. She is such a cutie pie. : ) And a very sweet kind girl. And this is the last year the 6th grade class will get to participate in this.  So they made sure to have a lot of fun, so they chanted and cheered extra loud as they walked.
The younger classes pulling the dashi.
You can see the white tarps in the background, one was set to be our food booth already, for the summer festival later that evening.
The boy next door in the gray and green shirt, then Branden, then G-kun, then K-kun. Excellent job guys! : )
So the Jinbei Boy's mom and I were walking with the crowd. Happily shouting, "wasshoi" (sp) we had been asked to make sure, that no kids fell or looked like they had heat exhaustion, ykwim, that type of stuff. But, honestly all the kids looked fine and happy. So her and I got a good little work out, we walked along the path and got the kids pumped! Hahaha. Then when we were about half a block from the drink station her and I would haul booty/run to the drink station. And her and I would be filling all these paper cups as fast as humanly possible before the kids got here. Poor Kouki/Kaito's mom, she was cruising her little red car from drink station to next drink station, unfolding this undokai/camping table, she packed and unpacked this table so many times that morning.... she'd throw all the used cups in a trash bag and zip to drink spot #2 and so on!!! We did this about 4 times. We'd walk happily, then when we knew we were getting close, we'd run... her and I quickly fill the cups. 77 kids, plus parents, we took head count that morning and it matched the count we all got from the keiran ban numbers we took weeks before.... we were filling over 100 cups easy, each stop. And most wanted a refill. However it was not in anyway stressful or exhausting in anyway. We mom's actually had a blast. We were flat out laughing by the time we got to drink station, 2, 3 and 4. It was fun for us mom's. It was so funny. On 1 of our stops, we nearly arrived before K's mom's red car did. And she was like....OMG! You guys are here almost before me. She was laughing and unfolding this table lightning speed. Jinbei Boy's mom and I were cracking up laughing! All us mom's had a fantastic morning. It in all honesty, it was as much a blast for the kids and us!
Now we were nearing the end and her and I once again,  hauled booty back to the start/finish area, I mean we literally ran as if we were running in a sporting event, lol.... meanwhile the mom's had set up everything there and were waiting for us. We quickly got behind the tables. Boy next door's mom said to everyone, if you turn in the bells and stuff you will get a snack bag. So everyone lined up to return the bells.  Jinbei boy's mom and I, handed out the snack bags and the boy next door's mom and K's mom passed out the Coolish ice cream.
This is what each person brought back. Branden and Noah each got one. : ) Then us mom's cleaned up and we headed home. I got home around 11:30am. The boys rested and I rested. And at 2pm, we started to get ready to go and get ready for the summer festival for later that night. The summer festival started for folks around 4pm. But for us who had booths we started setting up around 2:30pm. And why did we decide to have a booth this year? Well, Noboru being the fuku kaicho this year , all the heads were expected to have or work in a booth. Or you could have your own booth. But they wanted the heads visible to the community this year. Meanwhile, the kodomo kai has a booth for all 6th grade mom's also. Again unless you have your own booth, which that counts too. But again they want all 6th grade mom's visible to the community, that's all. Just be visible. So since Noboru and I were both needing to be out and about and visible this year. We decided, why not just do it together and have our own family booth? That way, we're both visible this year. It just made sense. And at least we can stay together as a family. Plus Branden and Noah would be able to sit under the shade. Yadayadayada. It just made sense. So, we had made this decision back in June. Way before we went to Hawaii. We were already written down... that we were indeed having a booth. Then Noboru and I started to come up with a loose time table/plan....for example, what day should we go and buy the hot dogs? When should we go and buy the buns? I have to fly to Guam and buy lemonade. No worries though, because, we can see movies at the same time. Just so much planning. It actually turned out very awesome though! Everyone loved our stand! : )
Two of our signs. We had 1 more sign pictured below somewhere. Branden made the signs. I think his signs came out awesome!
Sign close up! It was colorful and a few people actually took pictures of us behind our stand and of the sign! One older man actually came up and asked Noboru, if he could take some pictures and he wanted me standing behind the stand. We think he works for the town, so we might end up in the town bulletin now, hahaha.  He was quite happy! @.@ Hahaha.  We kept our stand super simple, we sold only 3 items. We sold out of everything! But the hot dogs were first to be sold out! : )  We saw many classmates of Branden's and Noah's, many of my kodomo kai mom friends, so many parents of the boys classmates came to wave or say hello and to also buy! And neighborhood friends. We also got a lot of people coming up saying...their daughter or son studied in America. Or they visited America once and they'd reminisce with us for a minute or two. : ) For whatever reason...they just liked our stand. They wanted to talk and relate and share some story about America, and that's cool, that's fine. It was seriously such a cool day, you guys. We were smiling non stop all day. Greeting people. Selling hot dogs. Lemonade. Etc. And it is true, I am very involved in my community and town. And I really enjoy being involved also. : )
Branden also made this sign also. Everything he drew free hand. The American flags were from leftover napkins from the 4th of July! : )
You know what's in those 2 Costco bags already, the hot dog buns!, And only you reading know we got that cooler cheaply at Kmart this year, hahaha. And if you read regularly you know that Crock Pot from this blog, I use this a lot in Fall and winter. : )
The head of the community was about to speak giving his...please have fun and enjoy the summer festival speech (which is Noboru, since the actual kaicho is away doing tanshinfunin, though he tried to be here, he couldn't). The man just about to announce the fuku kaicho 2013, Noboru. He also announced the fuku kaicho had a stand and to please go there and buy! @.@ Hahaha. : )
Branden and Kouki going up there.
Branden smiling and answering all of this guys questions! : )
His mom was driving her red car from drink spot to drink spot and unfolding the table earlier that morning. : ) His dad came and bought hot dogs from us later that evening and K-kun, came and bought chips and salsa from us right after being on stage. : )
A smiley Noboru. He's irl very smiley, unless you point a camera near him and he sees it, then he gets a very serious face. But he's a very funny guy irl. Very funny! : ) See the American garland? It had stars on it too. I bought a blue one and a red one. Oh and the chips and salsa on the table were free samples, lol! How funny! : )
Aha, there's the red garland. The garland was found at the Daiso. We had a relish, mustard and ketchup station/area. We were ready! Ready to interact with the folks from our neighborhood and town. That way they know us and we know them. Though we know them already of course, but it was just a cool thing to do. I didn't take too many pics this time, usually I am pretty good about it. I usually try to take pics first 10 minutes or so and then enjoy the rest of the time camera free pretty much, unless it's a quick pic, important enough I want to capture it iykwim.. However, we did get so busy with customers that my chance or opportunity to take pics were very slim.
One of Noah's best friends, who doesn't live in our housing community (doesn't matter just giving you the info) but he does live in our town. Anyway, he came with his mom and sister to our housing community's summer festival. He was so happy to see and play with Noah. So happy! And he was also happy we were selling chips and salsa. lol. He bought a chips and salsa. They went across the street from our stand, which was blocked off to cars. And they enjoyed chips and salsa together. He bought them and he shared with Noah. Which was very kind and I took notice. So when I saw he was running low, I called Noah back and had him refill the boys chips and salsa for free and I also gave Noah a chips and salsa for himself. : ) The boys were so happy! These 2 boys played for the majority of the festival together. They'd go and buy shave ice together, each buying their own. And they kept sitting in front of our stand the whole evening. It was so cute!
Any friend of Noah's, is a friend of ours! : ) There were more people around, I just zoomed up in this pic.
Once the hot dogs sold out, we were way less busy and we sorta enjoyed the less busy time. It was cooling off temp wise, warm but a nice cool breeze. Perfect weather for a summer festival. Noboru doesn't really drink, maybe 3-4 times a year at Father's Club dinner/gathering or something..... but he had a beer that night from the beer stand and he sat relaxing behind our booth, I also went and got myself a lemon shave ice. Both Branden and Noah had pocket money to buy treats at the various stands also of course.
Look at that empty jar of relish, yep we totally sold out of everything! Branden would go and play with friends then come back and chill with us some, then leave again. Noah meanwhile, in the background still eating chips and salsa with his friend. Hahaha.
Then the karaoke started getting good! And we did have a prime spot for watching it, from our booth! : ) So we invited Noah's friend to sit inside our booth. What are these 3 doing? Eating chips and salsa, listening to karaoke and getting ready for bingo! : )
Noah won something at bingo! Go figure. : )  Then we cleaned up and lugged everything ours back to our house. The festival ended at 9pm. We got home around 9:35-9:45pm, because we had to pack up our stuff and go home. The only stuff left were the tables and white tarps which were taken down the next morning. When we got home, we were exhausted. Was it fun? Yes!!! Totally fun! Next year though, we just want to be customers of this festival though. But the bright side is, we did what we were supposed to do. We were most certainly visible. Right?! : )  And also, another silver lining is we shouldn't have hancho/block leader duty until 14-15 years from now! So we are done for while. : ) When we got home... we all realized we were starving! None of us really ate. Noboru and I didn't eat all night. Not since lunch. Noah snacked on chips but he didn't eat a proper supper. And Branden was hungry also. So we phoned an order into Cocoichi Curry. The boys and I ordered the breaded chicken tenderloin curry, Noboru picked dinner from a beef bowl drive through and ordered a huge beef bowl, I drove but, he needed it... poor guy was so hungry. And we ate here at home at the kitchen table. Talking a mile a minute. "Wasn't it fun?" Yes! "Aren't you tired?" Totally!! : ) But bright side is, we did it...we were done! Nobody could ever say...they avoided doing their duty/job. It's done! So we felt so happy afterwards. We sent Branden and Noah to shower first right after they ate. They shampooed, washed their bodies and brushed their teeth. Went to bed. Noboru showered next. He said I should go, but I knew how tired he was, so I had him go first. He showered and felt tons better afterwards. I went and showered and shampooed and soaped up, rinsed, then dried off and wrapped my hair in a towel, put my night gown/tee on and came downstairs. The kids were in snoozeland. We stayed up sorta unwinding a bit from the day and about 20 minutes later we went upstairs and we crashed. We were all so exhausted. But boy were we happy! We did it! Job done.
Our curry's looked like this, this was mine from that night. : ) Anyway that's the morning dashi story and Summer festival story as well for July 27th, 2013. : )

I have a few more posts to get up and I am trying like heck to catch up. For example, my last task for the summer was having pool duty/watch and I did that already, I took good pics from that day too. And I'd also like to share the pics of what Costco Inzai looks like also. It's cool! However tomorrow, August 6th is Branden's swimming competition. I ran to Costco Inzai this afternoon in fact, my 2nd time going there...this time to get a rotisserie chicken and provolone cheese and those dinner rolls to make mini roasted chicken sandwiches to take to tomorrow's swim meet for part of our obento/lunch. Also, today I, zipped to my local shop to buy fresh grapes and fresh pineapple for fruit to also take to the swim meet tomorrow for our family lunch I'm packing. The note says every family is to bring their own lunch and drinks, fair enough and we did that last year also. Noboru is off tomorrow. I have a lot of drinks in the freezer, as I type. Branden NEEDS to be there by 7:40am tomorrow. It's 40 minutes away. And plus parking and setting up. We will probably leave around 6:10 am-ish-6:20am-ish tomorrow morning. But, Branden loves swimming. So as long as he loves this sport and he's having fun with it. We will be there to cheer him and the rest of the team on. Go little country school go! : )