Thursday, August 15, 2013

Summer family fun at the wave pool and the picnic lunch we enjoyed there that day

August 7th, 2013. The day after the swimming competition. And first real day of our summer break, our family went to the big wave pool place, that our family goes to a few times each summer. We get free tickets to this particular water park as part of some of the benefits from my husbands company, that he works for. So for us, it's a nice free way to spend an entire day during the summer. : ) It was so SO nice to just sit back for the day and relax, play and go from pool to different pool to different pool. Wave pool, lazy river pool, big huge normal pool, and so on. : ) We really needed a day like this, to kick start us into summer!
Hi Noah! Hi Branden! : )
This is our pop up tent. That's my beach towel right there! : ) Flip flop city going on...on my towel! Hahaha. : ) I bought this at Target in Hawaii, 2 years ago? I think it was 2 years ago and it was on sale and I think I paid $5.50 or so for it. Regularly $12 but a good deal. And I really like it. I put my towel there so it can get dry and then I can dry my body off after another pool and then hang it there and it does get dry super fast from the sun. Branden and Noah started doing the same with their towels throughout the day too. Costco bag free gift for going to Costco Tsukuba opening day, lol. The Coleman cooler once again. : ) What a good life this cooler has, he gets to cruise with us everywhere. lol. : ) Anyway...
This particular "pool" or area is suppose to give you a river type experience, lol. We set up our tent in this area a lot of the time, we go here. Look at Noboru in this picture. Just laying down, taking a load off, just enjoying himself. Taking a nice break. We played for about and hour and a half and then we decided to break for lunch.
Breaking out our lunch.
Almost identical to what we had for lunch the day before. The mini rotisserie chicken sandwiches with miracle whip, crunchy lettuce, provolone cheese, sliced rotisserie chicken, lightly sprinkled with salt and pepper, each sandwich. I also had a bit of chicken left, so I made 1 sandwich but used a wrap/tortilla instead. Just wanted to make sure we had plenty of sandwiches and we did, we had plenty. We also had potato salad and grapes. And chips, Lay's and spicy chips. I also brought a couple packs of Nutter Butter cookies for anyone needing an extra snack since swimming makes people hungry. It really does. : )
I was getting the lunch laid out and ready. Noboru was watching Noah.
Hi kiddo. : )
Noah ready for some lunch. We were all ready for lunch! : )
Noah enjoying a sandwich. Darn those sandwiches are good! : )
Filling up some drinks for everyone.
The drinks were icy cold to begin with, but we also had a big huge block of ice pictured underneath the lemonade. And we also had the cubed ice in the other bag. We brought 4 big bottles of drinks and that was plenty. 2 lemonades, 1 Coke and 1 Mitsuya Cider.
Some after lunch play. Branden shooting Noboru, with a water gun. Which it was so hot that day. It was heaven to be shot with a water gun that day. : )
Well, fair is fair, if Branden gets to shoot dad with a water gun, Noah wanted in on the action too. He wanted a turn to wet his dad also. : )
Holy smokes! Noboru gets the water gun from Noah and now he and Branden have a water gun battle.
Noah smiling as his brother pours this on his head. He said it felt awesome! : )
After I took this pic, I went into the river pool area to enjoy myself too. And I just lounged around in there. Lazed around in there. My hair was in a pony tail that day, but I enjoyed putting my whole head and face in there. Boy oh boy, did we really need a day like this, I tell ya. : ) It was so needed and so appreciated. I put the camera a way for a few hours and we just enjoyed the day. However, I did pull it out again to make a few short videos like 6-12 seconds long type videos or a few extra pics down below. But for the most part, we just enjoyed our day.  : )
The wave pool. The cool thing is, that they announce every 45 minutes or so when it's about to start. They say on the PA system, in 10 minutes the next waves will be coming. That type of thing. So we always knew when they were coming and they give you 10 minutes ahead notice. So we were able to enjoy the waves all day long. : )
This place is really really big! : )
Close up of what else is back there. There's just so much to do.
Having fun!
Waves are about to start.
Branden and Noah, enjoying their summer. : )
We did stop back to our tent area to get a drink between going from pool to pool throughout the day. : )
My family! : )
All in all, it was such a perfect day. We stood at the wave pool all day long. It closes at 5pm and we stayed until 4:45pm and then walked to our car and stuff. So we stayed there pretty much, right until closing almost.
After we packed up the tent, Noboru gave the boys some money for ice cream. And here they came walking back happily, eating their ice cream when I took this pic. : )
Ice cream, what a great way to end our time at the pool! : )
We all walked back to the car feeling really chipper. Re-energized, relaxed. And ready to go home and enjoy our night! We will be going here 1 more time this summer.  We always feel so refreshed after spending a day here. : )