Thursday, August 08, 2013

Pool Duty

July 30th, I had pool duty. Four 6th grade mom's at a time are sent to go and watch the kids swim in the pool. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade kids swim from 8:50am -10am. And the 4th, 5th and 6th graders swim from 10:10am-11:20am. It's finished for the season now of course. However for July 30th like us 4, whoever has the pool duty for that particular day, must get there by 8:30am and be standing at a table and collect the pool cards. 1st graders goes in the 1st graders pool card plastic basket however before that, we must check the card and see if the parent circled and stamped the card for that particular day and then if they did... then the kid can come into the pool and swim. So, us mom's were a little busy getting the cards all looked at, stamped with the school stamp and then put into the correct (by grade) basket. Then after a certain time we put the table away and then we sat on the 4 corners of the pool to watch the kids swim. This pic is of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd graders swimming in the pool for July 30th. The weather was partially cloudy to sunny, we did have nice cool breezes here and there though and it was about 88 degrees but felt like 93, if I were to take a guess. : )
Noah in the yellow cap of course. : ) And Kaito-kun in the green cap, his big brother is Kouki and is in Branden's same class/grade. His mom also drives a little red car and she was the one unfolding that table on the morning the kids pulled the dashi. And for what it's worth, Noah was born ( or cursed, lol) with my pale/fair skin coloring and he doesn't do well in the heat #1. And he also gets bad sunburn if he's left outside without hat or sunblock or rashguard type stuff, so the poor kiddo must wear a rash guard. For example, if he goes outside with me to hang the laundry and is only outside for 5 minutes without a hat, then the poor dear comes inside with pink cheeks and the whole shebang. So he must always be really careful.  Anyway....
The boys on one side and the girls on one side. and they separate by grade, 1st graders sit with 1st graders, 2nd graders sit with 2nd graders and so on.
To kick start swimming, for fun the coaches threw all sorts of balls and whatnots into the pool and then they all got out and checked to see how many did each person find. Noah found four. : )
Then the kids were separated by swimming skill. This way the ones needing help could get it and ones who wanted to go farther and test could. Noah's in the hardest or best, however you want to call it swimming level.
This here meanwhile is a middle swimming level group and they were learning some cool stuff. I enjoyed watching them.
And this was the beginners group and heck, that's fine too! Everybody's got to start somewhere, right. : ) And it also shows how these kids would like to go and learn some new skills every single morning. Also at our particular school it's not mandatory for the kids to come swimming it's optional. But a lot still came and they played and they learned new stuff and had fun.
I think you can see someone's mom in the corner way in the back. Anyway, Noah, S-chan and Kaito were testing that day. All 3 passed.
Noah, Kaito and some other little boy taking a rest after passing. After a minute or two they were back in the pool having fun again. Then they finished swimming and Noah came and sat next to me, with big floppy hat and thermos after he showered and dressed and watched the 4th, 5th and 6th graders swim with me.
Now it was my turn to enjoy watching Branden swim. And that's another fellow 6th grade mom's legs wearing the jean capris.
She was taking some pics with her phone. All of us mom's were taking pics. : )  Do you see a ball on top of the water, I was pleased that they threw the balls out for the older grades also, because yes they're still kids too. : )  And the kids would scramble for the balls thrown into the water. It was fun to watch.
Branden and Keita having fun! These kids have a blast for that 1 hour of swimming at the elementary school.  And then it was time for the 4th, 5th, and 6th grade kids to go home. Except the swim team had to stay. Three of the mom's left and I was the 1 mom who stayed because my son's in the swim team. Then after a few minutes my fellow swim team mom friends showed and we stood there poolside and enjoyed watching the swim team.
These kids were practicing every morning.
Keita and Branden.
Branden and K-kun.
Left to right in the water, Keita far left, Branden in the middle lane and K-kun far right lane. It was a hot day for me also being outside. I don't do well in the heat either. Hahaha. : )  It was noon, so after Branden showered I took the boys to get some lunch to bring back home. Take out KFC, those 500 yen lunch box deals are so great.
This was my official last task for the summer. I honestly actually high fived both the boys in the car and was like..."I'm done!!!" We brought our lunch home, we ate. I brought the laundry in from outside. Did some light cleaning, then sat on the couch watching TV for about 45 minutes before starting/prepping for dinner. : ) All in all, I actually really enjoyed my pool duty for the day, I got to enjoy watching the kids swim, see what sorts of things they did. It was fun. : )