Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Reese’s Puffs muffin mix, Cinnamon Toast Crunch muffin mix, Cocoa Puffs muffin mix. Red Lobster Cheddar Bay biscuit mix. Summer shoes, face cleansers and other goodies brought back from Honolulu, Hawaii

Things brought back from Honolulu, Hawaii this time around. : )
Can't believe Branden wears a 25cm shoe now! My mom said when we were walking around Honolulu this trip, that Branden is like 1 dot shorter then me but she said he's going to pass me (my height) in no time. I said that is a good thing. : ) So that's okay. But yeah when I think about Branden being no bigger then a little loaf of bread 11 years ago and now here he is. wearing 25cm shoes. It is sometimes the little things like picking out a new pair of shoes when it will hit you, that wow....he's growing up...this kiddo of mine! ; )
We saw many many joggers around Honolulu this trip. And the one thing we all remarked on was, how everyone has bright sneakers! Neon laces. They were everywhere. Impossible not to notice. So when it came time to buy the boys their new sneakers. Undokai/sports day in September you know. : ) So, I told the boys to go and pick up some sneakers if they found anything they liked. Branden found these immediately and we all liked them too. So we picked out his size with a pinch of room to grow and these were the ones. : )
We picked the same for Noah as well. He loves them! : ) They've been wearing them to school since we've been back.
I was debating getting a new bright pair of sneakers also. I wanted a new pair of NB or a new pair of Nike. But after purchasing all the other shoes I already did. I didn't want to buy a pricey pair. Besides I still have my Heidi Klum NB pair that I love still. But I did however find this pair at Target that I liked also. Lightweight running.
A very flexible sneaker.
I am using the bright lime green laces. $14.99, the price was too good to pass up.
Noah is currently in between 2 sizes in Crocs. He's always been 1 size or another, so this was a first for us. But this year Noah's teeter tottering between 2 sizes. Go figure.
The size difference between these 2 is huge! Hard to imagine that these are the next size up! The size on the right are ginormous and Noah's practically tripping out of them....meanwhile the size on the left looks like... he'll outgrow them by beginning of August. So it was something we debated about. We finally had no choice really, but to get both.
Branden has moved to adults size Crocs now. We were both like....whhhhhhat? But he's thankfully not between any sizes. He was this size completely. : ) These pair are like the old school Adidas from the 70's or something. It even says that on their website...mentioning an old school sneaker design. : )
Branden picked these. And Noboru also picked the same pair (different size of course) but same color and design.
1 pair of Havaianas for me.
A simple black pair with a cute blingy accent. : )
These are 1 of my favorite pair of shoes I brought back this trip. I love these! They look so cute on! Seriously cute! Very comfortable and stretchy, but stylish and cool too. My mom was like, "Gina you have to get those shoes!" I agreed! : )
I also picked a pair of flip flops by Crocs also.
And also I picked a brown leather pair.
These are so cute too. And really well made.
So, I was telling my mom and Noboru and the kids, I'm looking for a black comfortable pair of shoes. I kept passing by Dr. Scholl's because well it's Dr. Scholl's. First thing pops in mind is shoes for like old people or something. Lol, sorry! So I keep passing the 5 pair of shoes made by him. Branden picked up this shoe and said try it. I was more like....ehhhh~ but it's made by Dr. What's His Face and.... But I did try and by goodness,  they were so cute on. We were all like, just wanted to say for the record, sorry I misjudged you Dr. Scholl's hahaha. : )
They are actually really cute. And OMG they are so comfortable. I also like the diagonal strap.
These shoes are so comfortable. I always have a question in my mind when picking shoes, my question is always...would I wear this shoe to Disneyland? That's usually a good factor if it's truly comfortable or not. And I admit yes...yes I would totally wear this Dr Scholl's to Disneyland. They are freakishly comfortable. Even more comfortable then sneakers and I usually pick sneakers to wear to amusement parks, but yeah honestly I'd wear these when I have a lot of walking to do too. Increased my choices of amusement park shoes now. : ) Of course I'll wear them more places then that too though. : )
Material Girl, did anyone else think Madonna? When I first saw this... I immediately thought, Madonna, is this her shoe line? However it's Jessica Simpson. But anyway not that I care either way....I bought them because I wanted a T type sandal. Many ladies were wearing this type in Hawaii, my mom also. : ) And I wanted a pair too. My hope was, I wasn't leaving Hawaii without a pair. : ) And I found these.
So cute! Super cute! Wouldn't walk around Disneyland for 10 hours with these on granted. : ) But super cute nonetheless. If I go out to dinner with my family, afternoon lunch date with Noboru. or whether we meet up with my husbands friends and their families to dinner someplace, I'll be rocking these with a cute little black dress or something. I'm ready! : )
Very girly and feminine and cute.
When my mom left, she gave the boys some snacks for their journey home to Japan the next day or their last night in the hotel. : ) And she brought them this. The boys were like @.@ Holy smokes grandma. : ) But they appreciated all the snacks. : ) Yes she is a very doting grandma. : )
10 new pair of underwear for Branden. Walmart had a fantastic sale on these.
6 new pair of undies for me. : )
1 leftover drink form our hotel stay. Of course I pack it in the ziplock and bring it back to Japan. I'm not going to waste it or throw it out. : )
18 boxes of chicken flavor Rice a Roni. Yes, we love these. : ) And the price was great.
Keep seeing the commercial for these. Wanted to try these and we had these the other night! So good! : )
The infamous Red Lobster cheddar garlic biscuits! We saw these at Sam's Club. My mom said, she buys these also. And clearly we love biscuits. So, yeah I wasn't going to let my 1 big chance slip on by! I bought 2 (Sam's Club size) boxes of these.
These are so good! I bought 1 box in Guam one time. We loved these. haven't seen them since, but when I saw them at Sam's Club. I had to buy 2 boxes of these. Very happy to have found these.
1 box of brownies. And of course I had my All-American flag cake on my mind so I bought the cake mix for that. And also 1 chocolate frosting also. I only used 1 white cake mix and 1 frosting for my flag cake, so I have 1 each leftover still. : )
The whipped cream frosting is so light tasting. It's not at all.....all overly sugary and heavy tasting.
Leftover beach snacks. They were leftover so sure, I brought them back.
These muffin mixes were so hot! That as I was putting them into my cart, 2 other fellow American ladies were picking them up also. And 1 very cute blond American woman pointed them out to her equally cute blond American husband. And even let, their child pick which one to buy, he picked Cocoa Puffs to put into their cart. : ) The flavors we grew up with! But in a muffin! Unbelievable. But worth a try! : ) They only make the 3 varieties and I picked all 3 to try. Will they be good, will they make it? Who knows... but at least this way at least I can say we tried them. : )
Coconut and also banana pancake mix,. I gave 1 coconut and 1 banana pancake mix to my good friend Rumi-san. Because I know her daughter loves to cook. And also I know they all have studied English so I know they would enjoy following the directions and stuff too. So a fun gift, I thought. : )
With Summer kicking into gear. BBQ season is upon us. About a month ago, I was reading an article online about the best bottled BBQ sauces in America. And Sweet Baby Ray's was listed among many other brands also. However I take everything with a grain of salt because well, is this a sponsored post or? You know that type of thing. However I read the comments....and funny so many folks in the comments section said...Sweet Baby Ray's all the way! I mean a lot! Granted truth be known I usually pick BBQ sauce based on what's cheapest, yikes sorry. But with all the comments saying thumbs up for Sweet Baby Ray's. I wanted to try. Just to try. So, we picked up 2 bottles. The one of the left is the award winning one. And the other one is a honey BBQ sauce. Our family likes sweet sauces. I also picked up BBQ rubs from Sam's Club.
I am most excited to try the Kansas City style rub on some pork baby backs. But I am glad I bought 3 different ones to try and then we will know which one is our favorite.
You ever go to a place and buy their rotisserie chicken and think, boy they make great rotisserie chicken, wish I could make mine just like theirs. Well, I bought this one on the left and it's the same exact seasoning they use on their chicken at Sam's Club. We tried this one and OMG it's so freaking good I should have bought 2 of these! It's THAT good! I also bought poultry gravy and the usual chicken seasoning I usually buy for roasted chicken at home on the right. However, I should from now on.... only buy the one far left! So freaking good! If I could go back in a time machine I'd return the one far right, granted it's good too.... but the one far left is like amazing... from a store type flavor. And I'd buy 2 of the ones far left. And the gravy I always need and use.
This is my new favorite for roasted chicken.
And the seasonings last for like 2 years. So a great deal really.
Corn tortillas.
Buffalo wings and fajitas seasonings and buttermilk ranch.
Popcorn stuff for family movie night. Popcorn popping oil far right, popcorn butter flavor in the middle and popcorn kernels.
I enjoy 1 hot coffee every morning. But I do enjoy a good flavored creamer. Caramel machiatto and also Almond Joy. The Almond Joy is so good! They're both good though. : )
Again BBQ season is upon us. However these are as heavy as all heck! I now have 3 hiding in my pantry.
S'mores Goldfish and French toast goldfish. We will be taking 1 of these to the pool when we go this month. : ) And carrot cake cookies. With nuts and cream cheese frosting hunks in these.
Ritz, cheese and crackers and peanut butter crackers also. Perfect for an after school snack. Or weekend snack while playing outside.
Cinnamon sugar pita chips Walmart store brand. Super cheap and super delicious. Should have bought more. : ) And more flavors also. Darn it. : ) Coffee mocha almonds from Target. These were yumm.
Big honkin' Miracle Whip, because with sandwich season, potato salad season and macaroni salad season. And Kool-Aid stuff you can squirt into a 500ml of bottle water if you want and shake.
Body wash, Coconut water one smells so light. I don't like heavy scents or heavy anything in Summer. And the one on the left sorta smells a wee tad Gain-y to me and I love the smell of Gain. And Target brand shaving cream. Smells so great, I wish I would have bought 2. Oh well bright side is, I have 1. : )  
Sleek and Shine Flat Iron perfecter on the right (smells heavenly) and the Sleek and Shine blow dry stuff on the left.
Love the Fekkai products $26 bucks for this, but totally worth it. I do like my hair a lot, take care of it well. And this makes my hair look fantastic! I have repurchased this about 4 or 5 times so far. This does great stuff to my hair. My hairstylist in America turned me onto this stuff years ago.
Febreeze house spray but in Gain scent. Love this and was happy to get the bonus packs at Walmart.
I'm currently over Tic Tacs, but I'm still loving the same flavor Wintergreen I'm just using the Breath Savers and Ice Breakers kind. : )
Advil, bought 100 and also received 24 in a smaller bottle as well. The price was like $7 or so..... A great deal. And we picked up the Listerine cinnamon for our flight. With a flight that long you need to maintain the ol' fresh breath.
Sandwich cutter for my stars here at home. : ) And 2 whistles. These were in the $1 bins at the front of the Target store.
My mom bought the boys cool colored pencils each color says a different name of a Hawaiian island. : )
Travel face wipes left and hand wipes on the right. Again for the flight.
The cool dresses my mom bought me. The front 3 are short, well knee length or above knee length. Purple with black hibiscus, black with yellow hibiscus and black with blue hibiscus. We wore these to the beach and then took them off when we went to play in the water. I will be wearing mine to the pools this summer in Japan also. With a black pair of flip flops and a pony tail. The one at the back, the black with yellow hibiscus is a maxi dress. My mom also bought me a lei and a flower for my hair. Clearly I won't be wearing the lei at the pools this summer though. Just the cute dresses.
Dole Pineapple Plantation. A grocery bag it has the silver lining to keep things cool. And 1 lip balm pictured and 1 box of chocolate covered pineapple for grandma next door.
Spf15, good thing because the weather here has been melting hot in Japan since we've been back. Just about everything on me needs SPF, it's just so freaking hot outside. ; )
Hope Floats and Beaches were just $5 US each. And also picked up 21 and Over, Warm Bodies and The Call.
My mom bought me this bag. A travel bag to put my magazines and airplane snacks in and stuff she said. It's huge and still has the cute factor, so I love it. I'll be using this when I fly to Guam this month.
This is so cute and the strap is so long, I wear this across my body . They asked $10 and we got it for $8.
One stand in the International market place area had fake stuff. I picked 2 clippies for my hair. You know if I am making supper for example and want my hair out of my face. And 1 pair of the double C's. Chanel earrings. They're quite small and very unassuming. While I'll just wear the clips at home. The earrings I wouldn't mind going out to dinner wearing. Very conservative. Little clear "diamonds" rhinestones whatever you want to call them.

Shark tooth necklace. They each picked their own necklace. Branden picked the one on the left because he felt it looks really old. : ) Kids. : )
Love the Bath and Body Works hand washes. If I lived in the US I'd always have these. But since I don't... I get just a couple every year and enjoy them! : ) The coconut lime verbena one is in the laundry room upstairs now. And the other 3 are for downstairs in the kitchen, 2 are under the sink as we speak. And 1 lemon is being used right now. The tiny bottle is instant sanitizer.
Tony Moly foot peeling stuff. Love this stuff. This one if you look real close at the upper right hand corner says limited edition it has 4  total and enough for doing your feet twice basically. The other is the eye stick. I bought the last eye stick.
And they gave me these 2 Tony Moly whitening masks.
The Face Shop stuff. Two cleansers to the left and 1 peel to the right. The one far left is the one the lady told me is new and their shop of gals all used it and it makes your face 1 shade lighter. And it's good for combo/oily skin.
Rice Water cleaning foam natural brightening/whitening. This smells so good, I got the face wash one without beads. I love this cleanser and yes I will rebuy I have used this since we came back to Japan. But will also keep you updated if anything changes.
This is the cleanser top left that the shop girls like. It's called the Fermented White Tea Foam Cleanser. this smells amazing. And my face feels squeaky clean after I use this. Perfect for my skin type.
I appreciate how the ingredients and directions are on the back in English.
Direction of the green apple peel.
More things from The Face Shop.
Green Tea face wipes. The Face Shop I went to, had little signs in English next to each product and what it does and who is it for, meaning combo skin, dry skin, normal skin ykwim. Anyway they had a ton of variety of cleaning wipes. They have tea tree oil ones for oily skin. However I am not crazy about the smell of tea tree oil. But these were for combo skin said the sign. Anyway so I am there in the shop debating should I get the combo skin ones or the oily skin ones. Anyway there were only 4 packs of the green tea (combo skin) ones left. And 1 girl came in and grabbed 2 packs of these. She looked beautiful and was clearly a repeat customer. Now there were 2 packs left. And a group of teens just came into the store about 6 of them, 5 minutes earlier.  We all noticed only 2 packs left. Hahaha. I bought 1 of them. I didn't want to buy2 in case they were not for me. But yeah I bought 1. When I put these in my cart the lady told me working there, these are our most popular ones. "I see that" I told her. : )
Kelp, yikes. But if you read the top line in the blurb below it says purifying. With hot sticky sweaty summer in effect purifying sounds right up my alley. : )
Rice water naturally brightens we know that. : ) So I picked up 3 of these.
Mung Bean, for clarifying. They also make a mung bean cleanser for greasy troubled skin. I'll pass on the cleanser. But whenever and if Branden gets greasy puberty type skin, I'll totally be buying him either the mung bean or charcoal cleanser from The Face Shop, lol. : )
For brighteneing/whitening.
Didn't want to try a bazillion, but at least I'll know which ones I do like and which ones I'd skip next time. : )
Free samples. Pomegranate face sheet mask and another rice one, 2 cleansers and a Chia Seed water. : ) An awesome commenter mentioned how she and her husband liked the Chia Seed line and so I was happy to get a sample. Thanks for mentioning it. I really do appreciate it. : )
My mom bought her and I matching bracelets that way we'd remember our trip together. There's a pair of flip flops on there, a pineapple, surfer, palm tree, hula girl, turtle, hibiscus and dolphin It's a beautiful charm bracelet. : ) When she wears hers she can think of me and vice versa when I wear mine I can think of her too. : )
This I had to buy, I loved it immediately. I just love it.
And more shark tooth necklaces for the boys. They are now officially done.... shark tooth necklace wise! Hahaha. : )
Aloha shirt for my dad. And Noboru bought this sticker.
Gossip mags, gives me reading material while I'm at the plaza picking up the boys from school.
The hair on my legs, knee all the way down is pretty much been taken care of by my Tria. It does take forever though. I am going to do my thighs this Summer. Should take forever as well. : ) But worth it I know. Anyway for any light facial fuzz, I use this. Makes any light peach fuzz near invisible. I buy the generic store brand from CVS, only $7.99 for a huge box versus Jolen for $14.99 a box.
Good part of having a pretty cool mom, is having her pass me things, like... here try this. Or try that. Use this. : ) Hahaha. Before she left she told me, she just bought this brand new and hadn't used it yet, but for me to take it and keep it.... the Trish McEvoy travel makeup kit. I have one I said. : ) But she said now you have 2! Take this. : )
Small portable. Alright. I'll try it, I said. : )
It's got all Trish's staple stuff in there.Concealer, gloss...
Other stuff as well. I'm a Mac and Nars girl, I said, but why not. :  )
"Oh and take this Coach travel fragrance, it's a duo fragrance great for traveling" my mom said. "That way you can mix it up Gina!" : ) Hahaha. Okay okay. I will. : )  And yes it is sorta cool to have such an, in the "know" mom! : )
And I also forgot, I did order these shorts and they arrived in Guam before we even left and headed to Hawaii. And I wore these in Honolulu 1 day. They are pretty cute these shorts.  Alright, that's it, sorry this post is like super long. : )