Saturday, July 20, 2013

Heading to Guam tomorrow, to take the boys to see Despicable Me 2 and Turbo

Is everyone happy to be on Summer vacation finally? We sure are too! Anyway tomorrow the boys and I will go to Guam. I want them to enjoy some Summer kids movies that are new releases in America. These movies are not out yet here in Japan and when they do get here, more then likely they'll be in Japanese and dubbed movies drive me crazy (sorry). Adult American movies in Japan can be either in English or Japanese. But the kids movies tend to be in Japanese for the most part which is a bummer for English speaking/understanding kids. : (  I think the only place even remotely near me that has kids movies in English is at Ikspiari, near Tokyo Disneyland, which is even farther then Costco Makuhari for me. So yeah just easier for me to take the boys to Guam and see it while it's still new and current and enjoy some of our Summer with some cool Summer kids movies. We'll be back in a few short days. Just want to relax a little, eat some good food and let the boys enjoy some Summer movies. : )