Friday, July 19, 2013

Happy Birthday Noah!!! 8 is great!

July 7th, 2013 was Noah's birthday. Our amazing little boy turned 8 years old! Wow, hard to believe. It truly does go by so fast. What's that old saying? "The days are long, but the years are short" so true, so true! : ) Anyway here's the post about Noah's birthday.  We had ordered Noah's birthday cake as soon as we got back from Hawaii and set the day to be delivered 1 day in advance so it was delivered July 6th in the morning. This is our second time ordering from this ice cream/gelato shop and they are the best! The flavors they make are delicious. They are same prices as Baskin Robbins ice cream cakes and about 2cm bigger then the Baskin Robbins cakes according to online. The flavors YOU can choose, you can also choose which layer for each flavor on top which flavor on bottom. And it has real cake also. Gelato flavors like Calpis, Nutella. Pumpkin. I mean the list goes on! Banana, maple walnut. And so freaking delicious! Definitely a high quality cake with handmade ice cream! So that's what we ordered Noah. Noah chose Nutella ice cream. It says on the website Italian chocolate with hazelnut flavor and yes! It tastes exactly like Nutella. best chocolate gelato or ice cream, I've ever had in my life! And Noah also chose maple walnut. OMG! Needless to say, we were excited when it arrived. : ) In case any one is interested in this gelato shop it's based in Nagano but you can buy online and have it delivered. Here's the link to the shop, Hanairo.
The Happy Birthday part on the name plate for this particular cake has to stay in Japanese (which is totally 100% fine) but the name part can be put in English. Another cake has Happy Birthday in English now. We are ordering one of these delicious gelato cakes for Christmas btw also. : )
We also ordered a small 6 pack of variety cups. We enjoyed these a few days after Noah's birthday.
A card from grandpa arrived 2 days before the big day! My dad also skyped Noah after I left him a message that we returned from the restaurant on Noah's actual birthday evening. : )
I love that my dad writes grandpa in cursive and in print since Noah's at the cursive/print transition age. hahaha. : )
An envelop arrived from Osaka with birthday well wishes and money as well. : )
The trouble is Noah really doesn't need "need" anything if that makes sense. Like he has new shoes, he has summer clothes already. So most of his birthday money... he will save or he can spend some of it when we go to Guam in July. But he did want to buy a new pair of as he calls it "shiny goggles" Hahaha. : ) So we went to a sports shop and he picked these.
We also ordered Noah a bike online. It was just released in July 2013. We got an email from the shop in Narita that the factory had shipped it such and such day and was being delivered to their shop in Narita and they'd put it together. We were worried if it would arrive in time. But lady luck was on our side, I guess because we got a call and we drove down and picked it up on the Friday before his birthday so just 2 days beforehand! Noah was so excited in the car all the way there, "are we almost there...are we almost there?" Noah was so excited! : )
Branden was so happy Noah was getting a new bike! We were all pretty happy! Both boys held the bike tightly in the MPV for the ride home!
Happy Birthday Noah, we sure do love you lots kiddo! : )
Noah's actual birthday,  Sunday July 7th we all went and had dinner at Capricciosa Italian restaurant. We had a great big garden salad.
Huge deep fried rice ball with mozzarella cheese inside. Yumm.
2 pizzas
Then the actual cook came out. And he started bowing and he brought us this regular bowl of pasta. He said, we made a plate of pasta but we didn't make it the larger family size as you ordered. We are making both of them right this second but please take this for free of course and eat this smaller portion while you wait. Free gee accidents happen! No problem we said so we had this one and by the time we had finished this one.  Our ordered pastas came.
Out came these 2 larger family sized pastas. We were so stuffed by the time we left! : )
But we had a lovely time! It was just a nice quiet low key birthday! Our favorite type of birthdays! : )
About to put the candle on the cake! And the number 8! Oh how exciting!
Noboru lighting the candles for Noah.
And then we all sang Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday Noah!  We love you so much. : ) Slide show underneath! Don't miss it please! : )