Thursday, July 04, 2013

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July! I hope everyone had a nice celebration, if you celebrate it! : ) Celebrating American holidays in Japan can be a bit tricky, but that's okay. I still do my best. Granted if we were living in the US, we'd surely be having a huge family BBQ. It would be summer and the boys would be on summer break already. However we live in Japan. And school is still in session. And given it's not a holiday here. So the boys had school and swimming school yesterday. Noboru was off work, which was nice. And get this, the weather forecast said yesterday would be thunderstorms where we live. : ( However it was *very* windy, but no real rains or thunder to speak of around here, so we lucked out. But, I still wanted to celebrate. Even if in a small way. So, I had decided while in Hawaii I would bake an American flag cake. You can google about a billion images for these...these were quite common growing up, You can even buy them at grocery stores etc. : ) But, I wanted to make one. I think it came out very pretty but I can tell you 1 thing. Strawberries are out of season, so I had to use frozen. And they melted and red color ran a bit, not huge amounts granted, but yes it did. It wasn't a huge deal in the long run. But perhaps next year I'll use a jar of maraschino cherries. : ) Anyway, no matter, I still think it came out cute. The cake mix used was white cake mix and whipped cream flavored frosting from Pillsbury. It was light tasting and pretty delicious.
It may just be the little things, but out of respect, I made sure to hang my flag outside all day yesterday. But took it down before supper though. : ) Didn't want my flag to get all gross in case it rained or anything.  : )
The boys came home from swimming school starving! I was happy because I had everything ready! So they ran upstairs and quickly changed into their comfy clothes.  We had buffalo wings with ranch dressing for dipping. We had potato salad and macaroni salad. Fresh cantaloupe. And there was corn steaming on the stove when I snapped this picture. It was a great meal. But weather appropriate also because a BBQ would have surely blown away in those heavy winds yesterday. I bought the meat a day before, I was deciding between bbq or wings but given the forecast...I went with the wings. Hahaha. It was crazy windy yesterday, I tell ya. : )
You can see a slight red run down on the side of the cake pictured here, but you know it's was okay. It tasted amazing. Everyone had a second slice... so that speaks volumes right there. : ) It means it was good. : ) lol. Aha, the corn makes an appearance. : ) And that extra plate of wings on the American flag plate was extra for whoever wanted more.
Branden enjoying his meal.
This was my meal. Some macaroni salad and potato salad. Noboru used extra tabasco on his and he said his was fire! He loved his. Hahaha. Ours wasn't so hot but flavorful though, really flavorful. Anyway, just wanted to say I hope everyone that celebrates it, had a nice 4th of July. And to share the small way our family celebrated ours here in Japan. : )

Today is Friday, July 5th. I have an observation day today. It's the last class type. @.@ Grrr, those are my least favorite kind! And Noboru will be at work, so I will go to half of Noah's and half of Branden's. : (  I wish I could duplicate myself or something, ykwim. Or do more. But what can ya do really, ykwim. I am only 1 person and must break up a 50 minute class between 2 kiddos. The bright side is.... it's Friday! I am so ready for the weekend.

I am still working on my Hawaii posts. But they'll be delayed and I didn't want my 4th of July post going on July 12th or 15th hahaha. : )

Also, Noah's birthday is this coming weekend. Yay! We had ordered him a gorgeous ice cream cake online. Nutella flavored ice cream, it says Italian chocolate with hazel nut flavor. So yumm-o! And maple walnut, is Noah's second layer choice. So his cake will surely be fantastic! It will get here tomorrow. A day before. And we also ordered him a very cool new bike. And a few other things. But....yeah we have a lot going on. Plus the Summer festival is coming for our housing community. And given our family is one of the heads this year. We're sorta... up to our eyeballs with details about that also at the moment. So....I better end this post now. Happy 4th of July if you celebrate it! And have a great weekend everyone! : )