Sunday, July 28, 2013

Costco Makuhari run (stuff for the summer festival) A new level in swimming for Noah! Last week before going on summer break highlights

I think before posting about the Guam trip. I better post about the stuff that happened before the Guam trip. That way, hopefully I can get caught up a bit. And when I finally do, it will at least be semi in the right order. This pic, I took of the boys before school one morning. It's date stamped as July 11th. So this was taken July 11th.
Since we had to go to Chiba city anyway to go to Costco. We also went to immigration for me. The system changed and I received a letter a long time ago. To go and get a new card. But since we live pretty far from Chiba city and the traffic in the city is crazy. We held off. But perfect time to finally go and get it, since we had to be in the city anyway. We went July 11th same day as the pic up above of the boys. Also, since I was not changing my status since I've been a permanent resident for a while anyway, my line was quite short and we were in and out of the immigration in under 30 minutes.
Seems they are building a very big Aeon right next to Costco Makuhari.
When we pulled into Costco Makuhari, I said to Noboru, I wonder if this will be our last time going here or not. Since our closer Costco is opening soon. (It's open now of course, but not at the time of this pic or when we were there). We quickly grabbed what we needed, paid and checked out of course and grabbed something for lunch and headed back to our neck of the woods. Before the boys let out of school.
I had a hot sandwich, a delicious provolone and chicken sandwich. This was so good!
Blurry pic of my pineapple smoothie.
This says, July 8th. 1 day after Noah's birthday he was tested at swim school and he passed! I think that's pretty great and deserves to be posted no doubt! Congratulations Noah on becoming a level 3! We are very proud of you baby! : )
Salsa and chips. For our Summer festival booth, our family had planned to have.
Pizza and dinner rolls. The pizza was for dinner the night of July 11th. And the dinner rolls were just for our family since we love them, not for the booth or anything.
Cheese pizza.
Waffles for the boys for quick mornings before school. Or for Noboru or anyone who wants them in our family. Noboru really likes these also.
Mustard and ketchup and relish for the family stand for the summer festival. The extra pack of ketchup is for our family usage though, we go through lots of ketchup around here. And the hot dog buns were for Noboru because he bought an extra pack of hot dogs to enjoy.
Bowl for the chips. Summer festival.
Just basic great cleansers. The Kirkland wipes always rock! And the toilet Duck super rocks also! The marine scent is my fave.
Pork hot dogs. We bought a lot. Total we bought for the month of July was 140 hot dogs. These were for the sale for the upcoming summer festival for our booth.
Cheese not for our booth hahaha. But for our house usage.
Weather wise, it's been a cool Summer so far. It's had super hot days don't get me wrong, but we've also had cloudy overcast days and cool breezy days and cool breezy nights.  Usually it's just hot and sauna like. This summer's been a bit mild. Anyway on the hot days we've been drinking this. It really quenches our thirst. Hits the spot on hot days.
One day, I decided to make karaage for supper. We hadn't had it in forever. So, I cut the chicken and had it marinate all day long. Rolled in plain flour after and then fried it up.
Super sweet fresh corn on the cob. Sweet cantaloupe. Karaage, I had more frying, I make tons this is just the first batch, we also had macaroni salad and potato salad. And the rice was about to be served. When suddenly the doorbell rang.....
A gift for the fuku kaicho. Meaning vice president of our housing community since the kaicho is off doing tanshin funin in Thailand. : ) So Noboru is handling everything. Anyway about a 1 minute walk from our house a new lady moved in. Let me give you a visual, late 30's to mid 40's maybe... short in height and slightly plus sized (again, not meant to be in a mean or unkind type of way, just trying to give you a visual, is all and she is very nice) She has a 4th or 5th grade daughter. And a set of 2nd grade twins (boy and girl twins, how cool!) Which means Noah will get 2 new classmates when Summer break is over. We think, Noboru and I, think she's probably divorced. Because she's handling all the stuff. The name registering to be in the community was hers. No mention of husband. And also she asked Noboru if he knew how to turn her power on. : ) How cute! So if she's divorced we'll have to help her if we can. She seems really nice. Also, this makes me wonder if Noah's class will now be split into 2 classes now? Remember how Noah's class is bursting with kids and they said, if they get 1 or 2 more kids they'd be forced to split it in two classes. So....I am hoping this means Noah's class will be split in 2 now.
This was inside.
Noah meanwhile had been bringing home fresh veggies from the school veggie patch and also from his plant all July. Branden too. Needless to say, we've been having salad city here at our house. : ) I just buy a lettuce and chop the veggies the boys would bring.
This was taken July 14th because it says it on the pic. : )  Just to let you know how the weather was near-ish where we live. Not our actual town of course. But gives you an idea of our weather. It was 88 F that day, but if you look at it under it says, what it feels like considering humidity etc. felt more like 94 F. Yep, I agree. : )
I go to Trial, a chain store about once every 2 months or so. Anyway, I went in there in July and picked up an inner tube for the pools this summer. Keep in mind, when we first moved here, I bought a similar inner tube at Aeon for 1900 yen. But Trial is pretty cheap and this was about 500 yen. 450 or 550 yen. When I saw it, I bought it right away. Just way too good a deal to pass up. In fact I should have bought 2 actually. And they had this obento 3 tier for 500 yen. Couldn't believe it. And plus green really makes food pop/look good. So, I picked this. It was the last one at the Trial near us.
I like the yellow obento boxes we already have, but these are a nice addition too.
A fairly nice sized pack of fireworks for 149 yen, also from Trial.  That way we can do these this Summer.
The actual last week of school for the boys, I kicked butt cleaning house. I wanted the house spic and span by the time they went on break. I wiped down the kitchen counters. I had music playing in the background. An 80's radio station.
A bleaching spray less then 100 yen or 100 yen, but a great price. I use this tons in the kitchen.
Vacuumed the heck out of the downstairs. Kitchen, living room, genkan and toilet.
The Duck did her thang! : ) She and I scrubbed both toilets and they were sparkly and marine smelling. All that last week, I just wanted to get the house in order and clean. I also didn't want to leave for Guam and leave Noboru with a messy house. I wanted to leave the house in perfect order while we were gone for a few days.
Mopped the floors, really put some elbow grease into it!
Kajagoogoo. Too Shy shy hush hush! lol! I was working hard. Jamming also listening to the music which helps me clean.
Geeze vacuuming corners of walls, baseboards. I tell ya! I needed a hot soapy shower after I cleaned. I was a sweaty mess. : )

Vacuumed the area rug in the living room.
Shoot, I even vacuumed under the couch, under the couch cushions. You name it...I cleaned it! lol.
Thank goodness for time stamps, this pic was taken July 17th. One of the days of the last week of school for the boys. We wanted Branden and Noah to thoroughly enjoy their last week of school. So we bbq'ed one night. It was a simple bbq but good.
The weather was cloudy but no worries, it was fine. : )
Yakiniku, lettuce for wrapping our meat with. And fresh corn on the cob again. Just typical summer eats. : ) At this time, behind the scenes. Noboru had about 2 meetings a week. Fuku kaicho stuff. Since the summer festival was CLOSE. And so many things had to be done. When to ask the landscaper to come and mow the lawn before the summer festival day. Whose booth goes where. What hula act to book. One hula group charged 50,000 yen. And the other group is free. Needless to say Noboru booked the free hula group. Just details details details up to your eyeballs basically. Meanwhile me, I am a 6th grade mom this year so we're heading the kodomo kai stuff. And the summer dashi stuff. And which mom is doing what job? My keitai went off every other day with details about it. The Jinbei boy's mom and I were to be partners, which is best since we're closest out of the 6th grade mom's. Although I'm close with them all, we're closer her and I. So we were glad to be working that together as a team. Plus Noboru and our family's stand. Which day should we go and buy the buns? We want them fresh. Yadayadayada. Again so many minute details, that needed to be sorted. Plus it was the boys last week of school. Plus again since I'm a 6th grade mom, I am life guarding at the school pool on July 30th. So like infinity amounts of stuff to do, think about, plan about. Which is why, Noah's birthday blog was delayed. And everything else is a bit delayed. Sorry. : )
Two weeks before Noah brought home a note. It said, the last week of school, Noah's sensei was taking the whole class fishing right behind the school at a little creek. And they each need to bring 1 homemade fishing pole. Not a store bought fishing pole. Again she wants them to think outside the box. And also it shouldn't cost a lot of money. Noboru loves fishing. And so he made Noah's fishing pole no problem. This is what he used as Noah's hook. Noboru taped down the hook and line so Noah could get it to school easier.
Do you remember when Noah needed a gardening stick for his bell peppers a month or two ago? Well, they were sold in sets of 2 at the Daiso. Anyway this stick was not being used for anything so Noboru turned it into a fishing pole, perfect height btw for a 2nd grader! : )
Noboru used 2 rubber bands to keep the line there and Noah's teacher loved Noah's fishing pole! : )
Last week of school, one of the days. First pic on this post, Noah had a swimming bag because he swam one of the days on his last week and this day, he went to school with a homemade fishing pole and a bug box to keep anything he caught. Noah brought back 2 zarigani and he loved fishing with his class. : )
The absolute last last day of school. The boys let out at 11am. I went to pick them up. I was waiting at the plaza from 10:45am, just reading a magazine. And we left. My first plan was to go directly to the city near us to get lunch. But, I saw Genki walking with a massive amount of stuff. His mom doesn't drive fwiw. Everyone else basically seemed to be getting a ride. So, I had Branden go get Genki. And he was so happy and jumped into my car. He went to yochien with Branden and our 2 family's have been good friends forever. It was super hot that day. Plus, I know me and I know I wouldn't feel right knowing he was walking lugging a mountain of stuff all the way home. I just wouldn't feel comfortable. And my heart wouldn't feel right. So we had to take him home. : )  Meanwhile, after dropping him off, Branden and Noah and I headed to Mister Donut. I bought 4 donuts. 1 for each of us in our family. The boys ate it while driving, and then after that I took them to lunch. I did this because I always like to celebrate their last day of school with something fun or yummy. : )
These KFC lunch boxes are super cute. And only 500 yen. The deal is awesome. It's for lunch only, I think ends everyday at 2pm. The box looks like a cute little picnic basket.
Comes with a chicken fillet sandwich and fries and a drink. However it says the drink can be changed/switched to a biscuit or a crispy strip. We have drinks at home so we switch the drink to biscuit or chicken strip. 500 yen. Which for Japan this is an excellent value. I like biscuits with honey, so switched mine to that versus a drink. The boys each picked the chicken strip. Very filling. Anyway we went home and enjoyed our lunch. Around 2pm a group of Branden and Noah's friends came and they went and played soccer until 5pm. I meanwhile started supper around 3pm-ish.
We had fajitas. This was Noah's serving. A very nice and very filling last day of school, celebration meal. : )
We were so glad to be on Summer break, finally! : )
Saturday, the day after going on Summer break. The boys and I made some of those Reese's peanut butter, oatmeal chocolate chip bars.
That same Saturday, after we all had supper and showers. We had a family movie night, we popped some popcorn. And watched some movies. It was nice to relax. Anyway...that's the long and short of it. : ) Of everything we have been up to before leaving to Guam. : )