Friday, July 12, 2013

Bits and pieces

The school's corn was ready and each class/grade has been using it and cooking with it. And with the eggplant and bell peppers the 2nd grade class grew. Noah's class cooked together in the big cooking room at school. They each pulled veggies off their own plants. Cleaned and cut them and cooked together with their teacher. They made this veggie and sausage stir fry. They ate it at school and this picture here.... was what each child also brought home for their parents to try! We each tried this, Noboru and Branden and I. Remember Noah grew bell peppers. : )  And we told him, "so delicious Noah. I could taste the bell peppers especially. You really grew good ones kiddo!" Noah was so happy hearing that.... he was all blushing and red faced. : ) But yeah he really enjoyed cooking with his 2nd grade class. They cook about once a month Noah's class. : ) All of the veggies tasted so fresh and good. Great job class/kids. : )
Yes this is from a Chinese restaurant. : ) Meanwhile Branden and his class. All of the 6th graders were to go and work for a day at a local place. 1 set of kids went to work at a local farm. And I heard they scooped poop for a good part of the day. : ) But bright side is they got to eat free ice cream. : ) Another set of kids went and spent the day at the police station doing ride alongs and that type of stuff. Seeing how it is to be a police officer, basically. They got no snacks but they didn't have to pick up poop. So, ymmv. : ) Just depended on what the child picked/chose. Branden on the other hand along with Saya and Genki picked working at a restaurant. The choices of jobs weren't all too many, as far as choices go. But it seemed fun, so they picked that. The kids who picked working at a restaurant got free soda for the day. Hahaha. : ) Branden said he had to dice veggies. And he also waited on customers! Seriously he said he waited on 2 customers/tables! And they got to bring this home too! So Branden had a great time with his practice/try out "work" experience for a day. : ) Oh and 1 girl was absent the day the kids got to pick where they'd like to "work" and so she got stuck with staying at the school and interviewing and watching the teachers. Word on that was, she was disappointed. : ( Poor girl, she's a sweetie pie though. : )
Still growing zucchinis. : )
About twice a week, Noah brings home bell peppers from his plant at school. We wash them, dice them and put them in salads, add them to omelets, etc.. Today/tonight in fact I am making spaghetti and meatballs and am using some bell peppers (from Noah that he grew) and mushrooms from the store. : ) And he can't wait! Noah's enjoying watching us use them and eat them.
According to my pic here we went to Narita mall  July 3rd. I thought it was the 4th afternoon, but if the pic says (date taken July 3rd) then it was July 3rd.: ) My dates right on my camera. : ) Anyway so July 3rd, Noboru and I wanted to go and have some lunch at Narita mall. We haven't had Thai food since we were in Bangkok. So we wanted to go there for lunch. Anyway before we went to lunch, I wanted to check and see if The Face Shop was there at Aeon. And sure enough it was! Yippy! : ) A very nice sized area.
I took these pics so you could see the prices. I see my Rice Water face cleanser for 900 yen. About $9 US. It was $10 or $12 in Honolulu. So a pretty great price.And nice knowing I can buy it here near-ish where I live. So no having to stock up on it. : )
What is this price, bottom row, can barely make it out.... 480 yen? The lemon one and Acerola are supposed to be VERY good!!! And the price was rocking! I think in Honolulu this was $9 or $10 US. So again, I was pleasantly surprised with the prices of The Face Shop stuff in Aeon!!!! And online apparently all Aeon's are getting The Face Shop stuff. So yay for us living in Japan. Well if you're into stuff like this. :  ) Oh... one thing I did not find at Narita Aeon was the cleaning wipes for oily skin,Tea tree cleansing wipes or the combo skin wipes in Green Tea. But they did have the other wipes for super cheap at Aeon just not those. Hmm. Maybe next time I go there... I'll ask the lady where they are. :  ) And sure next time I'm near another Aeon I will be sure to check for the cleansing wipes. Not that I need them right this second or anything. But yeah everything else was there at the Aeon Narita.
Korea Beauty, also at Narita Mall. I keep wanting to say Korean Beauty, but the stores name is Korea Beauty. Anyway I went in there and they have misc different lines. Not 100% complete of any line. But like 3 best sellers of this brand...and top 3 sellers of another brand and so on. Also the prices were marked up a bit. A BB cream listed for about $25 US was listed around 3800 yen-ish. So I did see a mark up. Some things higher marked up then others I bought a mascara for 900 yen. And later found it at my local country mall for 600 yen. So yeah this Korea Beauty does have a bit of a mark up. But it is nice to know it is here if we need it. : )
The masks were cheap but the brands were not like the main well known lines. But again nice knowing they're here though. : )  And then we went to lunch.
Noboru and I, each had the curry. The meat is all white meat. Which was great for me. : ) Noboru got a spoon and a chop stick. They gave me a spoon and a fork! Ha! : ) We chuckled at this one for a bit quietly. I know...see a westerner and give them a fork right away. hahaha. : ) And it's okay I don't take it seriously or personally or in a bad way. In fact it was appreciated. : )
Tea was nice and cold.
I picked from Etude House a liquid eye liner and from Tony Moly the Cat's Wink mascara. By the way, I checked my local country mall (like I mentioned up above) and sure enough they had a Korean beauty products section go figure! And they have this very Cat's Wink mascara for only 600 yen! Where as I paid 900 yen at the Korea Beauty store. Ah well, now I know. So that's the bright side. : )
What I bought from The Face Shop at Aeon Narita. 3 things. Face blotting papers, these are so good! And the honey black sugar scrub. And a face cleansing sponge. I tell ya! After watching a billion videos about Korean face cleansers on Youtube since before our trip. I noticed so many girls/ladies/women used this very face mesh thing. it looked so cute when I saw the many videos using this. I didn't know the brand, so when I was at the Face Shop Aeon and I saw it. I was like wow! I want that.... it was only a couple hundred yen. So I was pretty happy. : ) And now I am all set skin care wise for the Summer now. : )  Oh I did order 3 things online though.
Directions behind the bubble mesh sponge in English. It says when the pink and yellow hearts and stars fade out, that's when it's time to replace it. Cute! : )
The lady at Aeon gave me some very interesting samples. : ) I'll use them granted, but I wish she would have given me something I was remotely interested in. ; )
We had to walk Noah's bike down to the trash area last week. : ( It's a 20inch bike tire size... so it's too small. According to online 2nd graders to 4th graders need a 24 inch bike. So we bought one for Noah in 24inch. I was sad the day we got rid of this bike last week. I remember when Santa brought this bike to Branden. And how much he loved this bike. How he used this for years... until he outgrew it. And when Noah outgrew his cool yellow bike  Santa brought him. He started using this one. The basket on this had cracked in a spot that you could no longer keep things in the basket. Plus Noah started to look like he was outgrowing it and he was. So we searched high and low to find Noah a bike, we really loved and he really loved. We knew we wouldn't be looking for a blue bike, since this bike was blue. we were looking for green or yellow. : )
Dinner one night. I fried up 10 pork chops total. American style.
Pork chops, rice a roni, broccoli, I also made a simple salad and we had sliced watermelon.
On July 4th the SyFy channel had their annual Twilight Zone marathon! I enjoyed this so much! This is the one where the lady is really pretty, but she wants and wishes to be a pig face.
Nope she's still gorgeous, the operation did not work.
She feels hideous. : (  But she's beautiful.
In their world... the standard of beauty was too look like these pig face people. @.@ Anyway...the Twilight Zones are always fantastic! And I enjoy watching these with Branden and Noah. Because I grew up watching these with my dad. : )
I spend about 2 hours or so a day cleaning the house. And on top of that,  twice a week I take on big tasks. Either cleaning out the entire inside of my fridge or cleaning out the boys closets or ykwim. Last week one of my "big" tasks was cleaning my upstairs hall closet. I keep all our stuff in these plastic baskets. No container store here. hahaha, bummer. : ) But these are from the Daiso bought wow....bought when we lived in our old house rental. So these baskets are older then Noah, lol. I took everything out of the baskets. Wiped the baskets, to super clean.
All samples and travel sizes of stuff I keep in these ziplocks. Easy to find.
All girly (ahem down there) type meds, as the ziplock says. Yeast infection creams from Kmart, Augmentin and Cravit for a bladder infection/UTI (urinary tract infection), AZO for UTI pain. And various creams and what not. Granted I do go to the docs here, but if it were say Golden week or New Years and the doctors were closed for say a week or so, I could at least feel better and not have to be in pain. So peace of mind. : )
Meds for the family basket. Bandaids, cold sore, mucus or headache? Cough? Allergies got you down? lol. Sinus trouble? No matter, I got you taken care of. : )
This here not in the basket is always in my cabinet downstairs. Because if someone gets a cut, I have Bactine, heartburn, headache again for kid or adult. Cough is the Deslym for the kids.
I've got again just enough to make us comfortable should anyone come down with something. Knock on wood they don't. But ykwim. : )
Pink eye, ear ache. Again we would go to the docs for this... but again if they should be closed at least I have something on hand until we can get to the docs. Smart Sense chest rub which is store brand Vick's chest rub.
It's nice knowing all my meds are in 1 spot, 1 basket and I can pull this out. I also keep stuff in our medicine cabinet in the upstairs bathroom also... but this is just extra.
Body washes and body soap. Again easy that's it's all lumped together.
Face stuff all in 1 easy basket as well.
Masks and cleansing wipes.
Zit cream, I tell ya I'm stocked and ready! lol. : )
Again just easy to see what needs replacing, also super easy to find something I am looking for.
Girly meds and girly things in 1 basket at the back and all lotions in 1 other basket.
My deodorant again, does something need replacing? Just easier that's it's all together. And I did put something on the other half of this basket as well.
This looks messy but it's not really. It's toothbrushes and tooth paste and the samples in ziplocks pictured above, lots of Kiehl's and Peter Thomas Roth and Paul Mitchell samples. Really good samples.
Snapped a pic as I was putting the baskets back into my hall closet upstairs. I also have 1 shelf for towels, 1 shelf for toilet paper and tissue boxes. 1 part of another shelf has tampons and other things. But it's safe to say my closet upstairs has been finished and it's spic and span. Not cluttered. Very sorted. And any out of date stuff I tossed. : )
Towels and pillow cases.
Every body's pillow cases.
Towelket or whatever... used for a light weight summer blanket by the boys.
Watched the Anna Nicole Smith movie on the Lifetime channel. Also caught the Jodi Arias movie Lifetime made also.

The Lifetime movie on Anna Nicole was sad. : (

TV Talk: I have been watching, Dance Mom's as usual. The TV show called, I Survived ,on the Bio Channel. I am always enjoying My Ghost Story and My Haunted House also on the Bio Channel. I am also still watching Dr. Phil. I am also enjoying a new show called House Of Curves. And I am also enjoying watching Hollywood Exes still. I enjoy shows like the First 48. Bob's Burger's and Family Guy still crack me up. And the Client List. I also watched the Breaking Amish second season.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West had a baby girl and named her North. I know many are waiting for a glimpse of the baby. : ) I wonder if she'll debut on her grandma Kris Jenner's talk show or?

James Gandolfini passed away. Tony Soprano. Very sad to hear this! : (

Branden and Noah's last day of school is July 19th! So this week is their last week of school. Also Monday is a holiday. So no school July 15th! This last week of school. Noah is going to go zarigari catching with his entire class and teacher (he's super excited : ) Also they are swimming nearly every day this last week of school too. So last week until Summer break is exciting and so fun for the boys! Also means many days are half days or days they get out earlier then usual so I need to keep on my toes this week and read that schedule every morning. : ) Also Branden is going to be representing our town school in the county wide swimming competition this year. So he will begin training for that soon. He's our school's swim captain this year for that! Go school go! : ) Go kids go! : )
Now I only have 2 more posts to hopefully catch up on. The observation day post and Noah's birthday post. Gee, I better hurry and get a move on! Oh yeah the Costco Makuhari post too. @.@ Ah well, I am getting there. : )