Friday, June 28, 2013

We’re back!

Hi everyone. We are back. We got back yesterday from Honolulu. Our flight arrived in Narita about 2pm-ish. And we were home by 3:30-ish pm. It was a wonderful week and wonderful trip. My mom flew out to Honolulu, from California to spend time with us and that was amazing and awesome and fun. Anyway, I just wanted to touch bases here really quick. We are indeed back. And I have about a zillion pictures to go through, and back up first. I have laundry to do (from our trip) boogie boards to put away upstairs still. The trip was so fun and relaxing and we really enjoyed our down time (relax time), and our beach time and family time.... we come back feeling energized and ready! : )

Branden came back with 2 new pair of shoes (1 sneakers and 1 Crocs), Noah with 3.... only because he was in between sizes with 1 particular pair (2 Crocs, 1 pair of sneakers). Noboru came back with a new pair of Crocs. And I came back with 7 new pairs of shoes for myself ( to be fair, it's harder for me to get shoes in Japan for myself where as the rest of my family have no trouble buying shoes in Japan for themselves while I do, so while I had the chance I had to stock up, just made sense). They just have great shoes, amazing quality in America and fair prices. So, I came back with a pair of flip flops from Nordstrom, a pair of super cute with big floppy bow sandals from Macy’s, 3 pair of shoes from Famous Footwear. And 1 from the Croc store (not typical Crocs, more like ballet flats type but different) and a pair of sneakers. So yeah 7 total. But, I needed new shoes anyways.... Anyway, I’ll share pics and stuff later. But....will definitely take me a few days still to upload pics and go through everything first. Just so much stuff to unpack and put away and stuff.

Umm, what else. Oh yeah I did go to The Face Shop (it was fantastic and fun to be in there, the ladies working there were so nice and friendly) picked up 2 tubes of face wash from The Face Shop, 2 different types to try and one exfoliator and 1 pack of cleansing wipes and some masks, and they gave me about 5 free samples on top of that. And I did get to Tony Moly (bought 2 things from Tony Moly and they gave me 2 whitening masks for free). Anyway, I don’t want this tiny blurb update to get too overly long. So I’ll just end it here for now. : )

PS, we saw Monsters University, it was great!  Oh well, I have about a million things to tell you guys and funny stories to share, but like I said, this is getting a little too long already, so I'll end this for now. But posts coming soon, I promise but yes, we are indeed back home in Japan. Later alligators!  : )