Friday, June 14, 2013

TGIF! My hair appointment today, our bbq ribs tonight, and DVD later tonight, Idenity Thief

My hair straightening and cut went really well today. OMG! It took forever, like 3 hours! @_@ But on the bright side, my hair is as straight as a pin and so freaking shiny. I asked my stylist to barely barely cut any length off. I said less then a trim, type of trim and she "got me" exactly (she has long hair, so she knows).  And she took literally the tiniest dot off my hair. She said I didn’t have many split ends at all this time anyway. Plus she knows I’m growing it out. Anyway, as usual I now can’t wash or wet my hair for 24 hours. So, I will wash it tomorrow night. I usually wash it every night. Aw well, I have a couple shower caps from past hotel stays, so I' guess I’ll just throw on a shower cap tonight when I shower. Hahaha. : )

Right now we are bbq’ing the ribs out in the backyard. It is lightly sprinkling rain right now, not a down pour, but a light mist. It’s fine anyway because we eat inside anyway. We will have baked potatoes from the potatoes we grew and also some veggie, some zucchini (we grew) and corn.

Tonight we will be watching Identity Thief after the kiddos go to sleep. With Jason Batemen and Melissa McCartney (she is so hilarious!) I ordered this from and it arrived this week. : ) Am not sure which movie the boys picked for the family movie tonight, we will watch after supper and showers of course first though. : )

Foot peeling pack/treatment update: Today marks, day 2 on the feet and I see no peeling but I have read and heard it’s normal and that I shouldn’t see any peeling until day 3 or 4. So, I’m being patient.

Have a great weekend everyone.