Sunday, June 02, 2013

Our weekend. Going to the movies to see Oblivion, stocking up on meat and baby back ribs, hanging with good friends and potato and zucchini update

June 1st, 2013 our family went to the movies to see Oblivion. The first day of the month is 1,000 yen all day long and evening for anyone. So that's *the day* to go if you want to see a movie around here where we live. : )  I had went and purchased the tickets and picked our seats, oh geeze what day did I do that? The day the boys had observation day. That was Wednesday, I think. In America seats are first come first serve. But for the most part, in Japan you get to pick your seat. However, when we went to Narita to see that movie last month. Iron Man 3 with my friends the first show was free seating/meaning no reserving seats. So that was new to me, as far as going to a movie in Japan with no seat reserving. I'm fine either way though. Both ways are normal to me now. : )
Stadium seating. The movies are very clean. The screen rolls back when the movie starts making the screen even bigger. The movie was pretty packed. Well, about 30 people, so packed for Japan. When we went to see Iron Man 3, for Mother's Day in Guam, about 98% full movie theater about 150 people in there. But then again for $5 a lot of people will come. A lot of people did come for the 1,000 yen movie day also too though. 30 is a good amount here. : )
A happy Noah, waiting for the movie to begin.
A smiling happy Branden too. : )  About the movie. It was a good movie, I'd say a 7 out of 10. Would I go out and buy the DVD? No. Would I watch this again in an airplane? Umm, no. But it wasn't bad at all though either. It was enjoyable. Our type of movie. Kept all of our attention. We all talked about it afterwards. It was a wonderful way to spend a Saturday afternoon as a family.
We caught the 12:25pm showing. And after we got out of the movie, it was near 2:30pm Meanwhile, the sale starts at 3pm at the cheap meat store. And the cheap meat store is right across from the movie theater. So we had the plan to go and get some meat after the movie and that's what we did. We got in the car, left the movie theater parking lot and parked across the street, closer to the store. And went inside and grabbed a cart. People were buying and picking meat already, but they have to wait to get the 20% off sticker at 3pm. So, we grabbed our cart and hit the meat aisle. We picked marinated miso pork this is absolutely delicious here. That's what the boys and I had Saturday night for supper. Noboru wanted that pork stir fry thing, he loves from here. Noboru had that Saturday night for dinner. We also picked 2 pork roasts, 1 pack of chicken tenders/chicken tenderloins. 2 packs of chicken breasts, 1 pack of thigh meat, and 3 racks of pork ribs. We love baby backs anyway, but plus 20% off. Heck yeah! So we quickly put the 3 racks of ribs into the basket. We now made a line and waited until 3pm on the nose. At 3pm, those who were in line were given 20% off stickers and then we checked out. And it does make our weekly meat bill much cheaper. It's all fresh meat, delicious meat we'd buy anyways, just 20% off though. So a great deal for us. : )
Potato update yet again. The potato plants are starting to look all wilty this week. As you know they did not look like this last week. However it says online, they are supposed to look like this. So, I am remaining calm. Also the rainy season has supposedly started. So we know we will pull them but we want them to have their proper growing time also. So, we just don't want to pull them prematurely, likewise we don't want to wait too late either though. But we are watching and checking them daily though.
Zucchini are growing by leaps and bounds. : )
I'm thinking we'll have zucchini ready this week some time. : ) Yay. Also at the back of my mind, I am thinking what we should plant in the place/space of the potatoes, after they get pulled.  Anyway that's also on my mind too.
Sunday, I baked a cake. Made chili concarne. You know Texas style chili beans. : )  I also did laundry, both Branden and Noah's gym clothes, red and white hat, just a regular full load.  Meanwhile Sunday the boys played.
If you are a kid,and you live in this housing community, this is the house to be! : ) I'm seriously not pulling your leg. We had a full load of kiddos out there, Sunday! They love hanging here. And it's not because we have a huge playground outside. We don't even let the kids from the neighborhood in the backyard much anymore. They just love being here plain and simple. I'm nice, the kids all know me, they all like me. They all love playing with Branden and Noah. And they're all good kids and good friends. So yeah place to have their kid meetings and hang? Our house. Hahaha. : )  Two girls and the rest all boys. Tons of boys! : )
They had the biggest game of kori oni yesterday. This was like a kori oni marathon yesterday. They were running all over, the safe spot, where you want to touch and be safe! That was our front porch! ha! : )
A-chan in the pink in this pic. She is the Jinbei boy's sister, 5th grade sister. She is so pretty. She's so nice. She always chats with me. Always. She also likes to play tennis, her and her brother playing with Branden and Noah during the week also, but Sunday they didn't play tennis.  Since it was their kori oni marathon day.: ) For those of you not in Japan, kori oni is sorta like tag. There is 1 person who is "it" and there is a base to be safe. So sorta like tag. : )
And today, Monday, it was traffic safety and the day to greet the kids walking to school. So the bright side is now I'm done for the year with that. Hahaha. : )  Phew. : ) Anyway that's what we we were up to around here this weekend. : )

Anything else to add? Branden and all the 6th graders are cleaning the school pool today. Also, Branden is making dessert sandwiches this Wednesday. So he needs to bring chocolate sauce and bread, the thin sliced bread with no crusts. I bought the chocolate sauce already and will buy the bread tomorrow. : )  Alrighty, that's all for now. : )