Friday, June 07, 2013

Making ume jam from scratch

Yesterday, June 6th, 2013. Was another cooking day for Noah. Ume are in season right now in Japan. And if you're not living in Japan and are curious what they are, they're fruit and I'll link here right now and you can read about them here. Noah and the rest of his class had to show up yesterday, with an apron, a head scarf and a mask. Noah was very excited about making homemade ume jam all week.  On Wednesday his teacher brought a huge crate/box of them. And Noah kept saying, "we are getting ready for jam!" So a very excited 2nd grader. : )  And if you remember from when we decorated Christmas cakes last year, Noah does have the matching chef's hat to go with the apron. But, you know, I know kids do have a tendency to want to wear what their classmates do etc. Ykwim. And so since all of his class wears the head scarves and Branden does in his class also. So, I did give Noah a choice yesterday morning. I asked him, would you like to wear your matching chef hat that goes with your apron or would you like to wear a head scarf. Noah picked the head scarf, yellow head scarf. And that's more then fine. I understand no kid wants to stick out and wear big puffy chef hat while all his classmates are wearing head scarves. : )  I get it..I totally do. So head scarf it was. I packed this all up nicely and they left to school yesterday.
And when I picked both of the boys yesterday up at 3pm after school. A beaming Noah came running down the hill into my car, with this in hand. A small tupperware type plastic container wrapped inside a plastic bag, to make sure no possible spillage happens here. : )
This says Noah. Yes this is Noah's homemade from scratch ume jam that he and his classmates/friends made with their amazingly cool teacher. Everyone got to bring this amount home. We all had it with fresh bakery bread this morning, toasted with a little bit of butter first and then a nice spread of this jam on after. And it's so good! Sweet but with a little bit of tartness in there. : )
These are what ume look like. Anyway, that's what Noah did yesterday at school, he made ume jam from scratch. : )