Sunday, June 16, 2013

Bits and Pieces

Fruit is pretty affordable where we live! Great for us, because we eat tons of fresh fruit all Summer long. We also have a freakishly good cheap meat store also. I think groceries are cheap in our area because we live way off in the countryside. Or maybe a lot of fresh farm produce comes from Ibaraki and we live literally teeter tottering along the border between Chiba and Ibaraki. Or I don't know really...but I do know our veggies, fruit and monthly grocery bill in general is quite low. 500 yen for 3 cantaloupe. It says the name for cantaloupe in Japanese and in parenthesis it says where it came from, it says in parenthesis Ibaraki. Remember the cantaloupe ice cream we had during Golden Week. Well melons in particular are dirt cheap around where we live, since Ibaraki and melons go hand in hand : ) Anyway.... 
Three farm fresh large sized cantaloupe, for 500 yen. We buy this a lot. And a few days after this, they had small watermelons 3 for 500 yen also. And of course they have 1/4 of a big watremelon always for dirt cheap also. The 3 mini watermelons fit in this box type size. : ) They were *so* sweet. They have honey dew and all sorts of yummy melons. : )  Anyway moving on....
I buy a head of lettuce twice a week. And wash it real good, rinse it and throw it through the salad spinner to dry it. Ykwim. Chop of a cucumber and green pepper and then place the mix into a ziplock. And when anyone wants salad it's there already basically (I make salad twice a week). I have been having salad for lunch off and on the whole past week. The 2 zucchini in this pic are from the garden. Oh and this avocado had a few bruises so that's why this avocado was not diced up cute like. Hahaha. : )
Lunch one day for me.
With us about to leave on vacation, I am trying really hard to get the house in order before we leave. And with the rainy season here and some days are rainy and some days aren't. I try to take advantage of the nice days. So one day after the laundry was brought in from outside. I decided to use some sunshine and so I threw the couch cushions outside to get sun. Meanwhile I vacuumed under the couch cushions. Boy did they need it! : )
After these 3 were done and fluffy, I tossed out the rest. And just rotated them out.
Diced fresh pineapple is so cheap and really in season. So we've been eating lots of fresh pineapple, many types of melons. Just lots of fruit basically. : )
Fanta Ume. remember the jam Noah and his class made the other week? Now there is, plum flavored soda. : )
When Old Navy and Gap had a sale, I bought a few things and didn't get a chance to post them until now. Kool Aid T for both Branden and Noah.
These short sleeve T shirts from Gap, I really liked.
This color is my favorite for the boys.
I meanwhile picked up a Rolling Stone T, 1 pair of jean shorts and 1 pair of olive green shorts. That's all.
All these are just from 1 zucchini. These were so good. All of us loved these.
1 navy blue rash guard for Noah. Swimming at the shogakko/elementary school starts this week. And I had the boys try on their swim stuff from last year. Noah could wear his swim trunks from last year, he's just that skinny. Too skinny. @.@ Branden meanwhile needed a new pair of swimming trunks for school. So between getting ready for our trip, I also have to make sure, the boys are ready to start swimming at the school. And all the little bits and pieces in between. Which isn't bad. Piece of cake actually, it's just I need to write myself lists, notes. And it all manages to get done. Knock on wood. : )
I made homemade pizza from scratch. We had that before movie night.
About once or twice a week, we'll make an evening trip to 7-11 or Mini Stop and pick up some ice cream. What do we have here.....minty choco chip Crunky (for Branden), Kiwi Garigari (Noboru), says Black Thunder but it's like a triple chocolate ice cream clearly Noah the chocolate lover of the family had picked that one on the top. : ) And I had the choco banana ice cream. Very good. : )
Okay, not the most good looking picture of breakfast. Granted. Just a simple bacon, egg and skillet fried potato breakfast. The reason I'm sharing the pic, is because those potatoes came from? Yep, our own potatoes. : ) I tell ya, we've been eating them so many different ways. We had french fries, added in curry...baked...steamed (jaga butta)....we're indeed using them. : )
Usually I just vacuum the binds with a vacuum attachment and it's easy peasy. But last week, I just manually wiped all the blinds down with a hot wash rag (and it wasn't so hard either). And kept ringing it out and rinsing it again. Again...just trying to make sure the house is in order before we leave on vacation.
Two Wii games arrived via Just Dance 4 and The Hip Hop Dance Experience. We've been having fun with this, this past weekend, since the weather was rainy and the boys couldn't play outside with friends, in the day time. They're so fun! : )
We watched this movie and loved it. The only other DVD, that's on it's way to our house right now, is Oz the Great and Powerful.

Any other tid bits to throw out here. Hmmm. Oh yes! I do. My feet started peeling like crazy last night. My feet look like brand new feet underneath the parts that have peeled. So, I really am happy with that foot treatment.

Also, Noboru, took the boys for their haircut on Sunday. I mentioned to Noboru the boys have to get their haircut before we leave on vacation, their hair was getting way too long. And so I asked what day was best for him, he said Sunday, so he took them Sunday morning. They look much better now. Phew. : )

Also, I am really iffy on that Innisfree face cleanser right now. I have now used it for a week. Maybe 5 days. I am worried that it could be too gentle on my skin. And what I mean to say is.... I like a face cleanser that makes my face feel squeaky clean. Granted not too overly stripped and tight. But yeah a nice squeaky clean face is what I personally prefer. And point blank, my face can tend to be a grease pit in Summer. Otherwise, Fall, Winter and Spring I'm combination skin, but Summer I'm grease pit central. So, anyway....I wash my face with the Innisfree apple face wash. And no it doesn't feel squeaky clean, but it feels so so. But this is the kicker, about 30 minutes to an hour afterwards, my face feels moist...sticky, dare I say greasy? So the past 5 days or so. I rub my pointy finger near my nose area, creases around my nose to feel for grease. Let's put it that way. So yeah....5 days later and I don't want to say...straight up.... I love this cleanser and I don't want to say I hate it. Blech blech, but I am saying....I'm not convinced of a match as of yet. And I am starting to think I will use this up.... but replace it with something else. The cleansing oil and makeup remover are fine though.....and yep, I'm still testing them and deciding still too. But...the cleanser....nah. Not crazy about it (I need something stronger, I think). An considering what my face will feel like mid Summer. Hmm. yeah not 100% convinced on this one yet. I'm thinking about replacing it with Etude House Happy Fresh Foaming in Witch Hazel. For Summer since like I said, I'm a grease pit in Summer, face wise. lol. And also am considering Etude House Melgem Fresh oil control toner, since again we all know how my face is in Summer. ;P Again nothing life threatening to report or say granted. But, yeah I think I need a stronger face wash and I might switch to the brand Etude House. Because 2  women who have combo to oily skin in Summer (like me) both swear by Etude House. And 1 guy on Youtube also says the same. So....again I don't want to jump the gun here. But, not 100% sold on the apple face wash. Plus throw in the whole going to be near a Face Shop and Tony Moly etc. gah, so I hope I don't get too side tracked. With all the choices. And I'm also really worried about making a wrong purchase also, if that makes sense too. Gah!!! But then I know...I am human and it happens : ) Anyway, just thought I should update that.