Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Aloha, heading to Honolulu, Hawaii at the end of the month

I'm sure many of you reading have already made Summer plans. If you're reading in Japan, maybe you'll be going back "home" for a visit. Or if you're reading in the US. Maybe you'll travel abroad or hang out stateside some place fun. Awesome camping trip maybe. Or maybe a trip to Hawaii.  What I'm trying to say is, wherever you may be, you probably are starting to think vacation and what not. : ) We think the same stuff here too. : ) As for our family, we as you know try to get ourselves to Honolulu, Hawaii, once a year for a very nice long relaxing vacation. And of course that's what we planned to do this Summer also. Back in February, we reserved our hotel. So this June, Honolulu vacation, is a trip planned long in advance. But we've been keeping it on the down low all this time. Well until now. : )  As many of you know, we used to live in Hawaii, for a few years when Noboru was sent there by the airline my husband works for. In fact as most of you know, Branden was born in Honolulu and spent his baby time there. : ) However, since living in Japan, we still like to go back like I said, once a year and just relax unwind, swim, soak up all that good sun. And just chill for the time we have. Here are some pics from trips before, In Honolulu, Hawaii. This picture is of Noboru and Branden and Noah at the Dole Pineapple Plantation. Noah looks to be about 1 year old by the pic. Maybe 18 months at the most. We carried both our kids in a Baby Bjorn when they were wee babies, but when Noah got a little older, we bought this cool  and sturdy backpack carrier. It looks like a backpack from the back and even had a backpack to carry diapers, spare onesie etc. Noah loved being carried by his dad in this! : )
Baby Noah enjoying his day out at the Dole Pineapple Plantation wearing his navy and red hibiscus sun hat. : )  What a lucky baby, we cruised Noah everywhere with us, same with Branden too, he cruised everywhere with us also. And we still do take them everywhere with us and to enjoy travel as a family! : )
And now they are getting a little older. But right back to Hawaii we went! Awww! : ) At this age, I had them carrying their own backpacks (1 spare change of clothes and their swimsuit and DS games and stuff, light but still a help) to save me from carrying everything myself. I figure it would be good training for when they're older and I'm glad I did that. Because they carry their own stuff now, no problem. : )
At Kailua beach having the time of their lives. Who wouldn't want to grow up getting to go here once a year! Ne~: )
And yes we will spicy garlic shrimp ourselves like crazy when there. : ) I can't wait! : )
Noah needing a "big hug" that's what Noah used to call it when he wanted to be carried at that age. : )  At the Dole Pineapple Plantation.
Between all the family pictures and family movies I make, they will have a ton of memories of our family trips taken. And this year we will be back there to make some more! : )
We will no doubt bring a lunch with us everyday we hang out at the beach. And just chill basically.
Pineapple ice cream. We're ready.
And this was taken March 2012, just last year. For Noah's graduation from yochien trip. Both Branden and Noah were holding a very large size coconut ice cream. OMG! That ice cream is so amazing. Anyway, last week-ish of June that's where we will be. Noboru already requested and was given, 11 or 12 days off. We will fly to Guam for 1 over night and spend a day/night with my dad. And then we will head to Honolulu, via KIX (the flight is a little full to go directly from Narita to Honolulu if you're wondering and it's dead open going via KIX in Osaka to Honolulu, no worries though we know the flights we can get on and that's why we're going this route and when we come back to Japan we can fly directly back to Narita, plus the boys get to see my dad for a day and me too, so that's actually sorta cool the way it works out, plus the seats in first class/business class are very comfortable and the meals are mostly pretty good, heck the flight to Honolulu we get icecream sundae's even and the free on demand movies so the extra flights are fine and comfortable for us). We will be in Honolulu, for 7 full and fun nights. 8 tropical days.  We will be swimming and being at the beach most days. We also will be heading back to Dole. Target too, lol. Bath and Body Works. Sephora. We also will be going to a movie or two. Monster's University for sure. : )   Things we want to eat are Bob's BBQ,  and of course lots of spicy garlic shrimp too.  The Red Lobster, no doubt also. But most importantly to enjoy our down time and have our beach time, which is like something we enjoy a lot as a family.  Anyway that's the family plan for the end of June. : )