Thursday, May 02, 2013

The first half of Golden Week

Golden Week is broken up into 2 parts this year. If you're living outside of Japan and curious what Golden Week is, you can double click here and it will explain in a little bit more detail. So the first half of Golden Week for us, was last weekend, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Basically nothing was all too different except the boys didn't have school on Monday. They did have school Tuesday, Wednesday and today (Thursday.) And now it is Golden Week the 2nd half, starting tomorrow. But for now, I want to write about what we did the first half of Golden Week 2013. : ) Last Saturday, we knew we wanted to go and buy our zucchini plant. So instead of a leisurely breakfast at home, we went to Mc Donald's. Ate a good breakfast. We all had pancakes and breakfast sandwiches and hash browns. Drinks and then we headed to a home center. Many breakfast sandwiches in this picture and 2 of the 4 hot cakes in this pic as well. : )
It was all 4 of us and we enjoyed our breakfast.
Hi Branden.
So, what was the plan for last Saturday...honestly not much, just looking for the zucchini plant. And getting a few snacks for movie night for Saturday. We also, bought a nice sized amount of seedless grapes.
Strawberry popcorn. This place near us, sells popcorn in flavors like Tokyo Disneyland does. They sell curry popcorn, chocolate, strawberry and a whole bunch of flavors. We picked strawberry. We 4, headed home with the zucchini plant in the car, grapes, and strawberry popcorn. : )
The boys friends were waiting for them to come home! And they went to go explore near the tanbo/rice fields. And just regular exploring, country kid style. Which is why they wore pants and a long sleeve, to protect their skin from any creepy crawlies. : ) Meanwhile, while the boys went to play, Noboru and I went to the backyard to plant our zucchini and check on the potatoes.
We only bought 2 zucchini plants. 
Not sure if you remember but, there were about 3 tiny potato plants. Well 1 is actually starting to catch up some. However these 2 are still just as tiny and puny as before. However, I didn't want to pull them. Noboru said, let's just pull them we can grow something in it's spot. So we were discussing whether we should pull or not pull the tiny ones and he said "let me pull one and see." So he pulled the one far right in this picture and you will not believe what was under there! 2 tiny beautiful potatoes, they were just about the size between an American quarter and a 500 yen coin. But by gosh they were there! Noboru said, whoops. I said, I know right, poor potato. : ) Hahaha. And he reburied the one far right. So, they are indeed growing under ground.
Close up of a regular growing sized one. : )
And the zucchini have been planted.
We had dinner Saturday. Everyone took turns taking showers. An then we got ready for family movie night.
Nice sized bowl of strawberry popcorn. So amazingly good! We watched a great movie. After the movie, the boys went upstairs, brushed their teeth and to bed they went. Noboru and I then watched TV until we both got tired. The next day's plan? Go and clean up the community center near the tennis courts. But the bright side of that is we decided since we were doing that...we would treat ourselves to Pizza Hut afterwards! So not so bad when you know you have Pizza Hut to look forward to afterwards. : )
Sunday afternoon we went to the community center. All 4 of us. Each hancho of our housing community has to clean this. And we went first. That way we can just get it over with and be done with it! And instead of just Noboru going down there or just me going down there. We decided to make it a whole family thing and that way we can knock the cleaning done in half the time! So we did! : )
I opened up all the curtains.
Noboru vacuumed the entire community center. I mean the whole thing and he did an excellent job. Noah helped me wipe the tables down. And Branden was pretending to be a teacher. lol. And then he started cleaning the windows!
Very good job Branden!!!!
Shoes a little messy. Branden took all shoes from this side out, wiped it down in there and then rearranged them. Noah did the opposite shoe area.
Cleaning the toilets was between Noboru and I, but I lost on jankenpoi (rock, paper scissors.) So, I did them. Good thing they had gloves, so I put those on, and got to town. They have all the cleansers there already and rags. This pic is of the men's toilet.
And the ladies toilet. It smelled very freshly cleaned by the time I left!
Hung up the gloves.
Clean and shiny tables. We're not professional cleaners or anything, but we did try our best!
Those shoes look awesome Noah. All nice and straight. The blue slippers with the blues. Very color coordinated! Well done kiddo. : )
And you Branden, working so hard too. I'm so proud of the both of you! You two really jumped in and helped us last Sunday. Both daddy and I were both very proud of you. : )
All the kairanban for our housing community. We pass information from house to house this way.
Your side looks very nice too Branden. The Crocs are Noboru's. And then we were done. We were finished! We left the community center. Locked it up. We keep the keys at our house, well one of the sets anyway. And we went home. I jumped in the shower first. I shampooed my hair, washed my body from head to toe. And considering we just cleaned up the community center we felt better about showering before we went to pick up the pizza. I only took about 5 minutes. I came out, got a fresh set of clothes on. And the boys meanwhile showered real quick, shampooed, and soaped up real good. Noboru at this point, went online and ordered our Pizza Hut order online. And then he went upstairs real fast and showered real quick. I quickly blow dried my hair. Not a stitching of makeup on, as usual, for most days. Put my clean hair in a pony tail. We drove to Narita City to pick up our order.
Two large pizzas and 1 large order of fries.
These taste baked. Either way, they're so good always.
These are sized large but in America this would be a size medium. But that's why we buy 2. So we have more then enough to eat.
We had sodas with ice with dinner. Last Sunday evening. And it was sort of nice knowing we didn't need to wake up early Monday and get the boys sent off to school. Since this past Monday was a holiday. So, after dinner, we went and watched TV.
We watched TV and ate a bowl of cold crisp sweet seedless grapes. All in all, it was a nice Sunday. Sure we had to go and clean the community center, but with all 4 of us, we were done in no time. Plus we did enjoy the pizza and fries and sodas as a treat for cleaning the community center. So yeah definitely a great Sunday. : )
Monday, the boys were set to play their brains out! From 9:30am-5pm when the bell rang, Branden and Noah played. Of course they came home at 12 noon when the lunch bell rang. For lunch. This pic was taken this Monday. Genki in the pink shirt, Branden in the middle and Noah on the left. Anyway, that is what our family was up to, the first half of Golden Week 2013. : )