Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Planting red flowers for my hanging baskets, family backyard bbq and the story of the Garigari popsicle atari (winning stick)

Every year we order our red Impatiens from the same flower shop online. They came and they were just as pretty as always. : )
One afternoon last week while both Branden and Noah were at school. I sat in the backyard and started planting them.
And all done. I look forward to when they are big and full of flowers. They are now hanging on the front porch and the 2 white planters are sitting near the front porch. : )
Meanwhile the grass was looking like it needed a trim. So, Noboru cut the grass last Friday morning.
The potato plants are still doing well. : )
The zucchini are doing well, they are a little bit bigger right now, then this pic from last Friday. But it's okay, at least you can see they are indeed growing. : )
Because the boys swim Monday's and Thursday's. That's why you see swim towels hanging Friday morning. Nicely fresh and clean. And every one's pillows also sat outside all day Friday and got very fat from the sun. Two pair of jean shorts , 1 of Branden's and 1 of Noah's. And 1 gym uniform. And a few other misc. But anyway that was last Friday. : )
Saturday we had a bbq. We BBQ a lot in Spring and Summer. It doesn't need to be a long drawn out dinner. Not a 5 course meal. Just something as simple as some hot dogs and some grilled chicken. And some canned beans and macaroni salad from the deli. Easy, but a Summer/warmer weather type meal for sure. It's not unusual for us to bbq 2-3 times in a week around here. Especially since we keep it so simple.
Noboru checking out the potato plants. We are all so curious what's under the dirt. Is it going to be lots of gorgeous potatoes? (we sure hope so) Or potatoes ravaged by bugs? Oh dear, we hope not! (worst case scenario type stuff) Or what if the potatoes didn't take off at all...you know what I mean. To put it mildly, we are eagerly waiting. : ) Some websites say the potatoes will be ready in July, Noboru thinks end of June. But my friends also says July too. Front/beginning of July. But yeah we're so, more then ready to see what's under there. Hahaha. : )
Saturday's simple bbq dinner. We had grilled chicken, Noboru had 1 enormous grilled chicken thigh, we also grilled 4 chicken breasts, we used that Lawry's teriyaki with pineapple sauce that's at the back of this picture. we also had grilled hot dogs. Beans. Cantaloupe, if you recall, I had that weird allergic reaction last year to it touching my hands, which is why we cubed some of it and out it into the bowl. Or they could have sliced cantaloupe also. Either way. But I had some cubed cantaloupe after my dinner. : )
Are you enjoying your dinner Noah?
Hi kiddo.
Aha, and the macaroni salad. It wasn't in the picture above. Must have been on the green counter when I took a pic of it earlier. : )  It was a nice way to enjoy our Saturday. Bbq's are always nice.
Now for the atari story. But before I begin let me start by saying, if you know us in real life. We're a really funny family. We seriously love to laugh. We love to crack each other up all the time. So with that being said. After Saturday's bbq. We all cruised down to the local MiniStop (convenience store) to buy 4 Garigari-kun popsicles. Anyway for those of you living outside of Japan. Sometimes certain things here will have an atari on it. Meaning if you buy a popsicle or 5 yen gum it will either sometimes be blank and say nothing or "try again" or it will say atari/winner. And you can take it back to the store to get another popsicle or whatever you won the atari for. I think our family has only won 5 atari's since living in Japan. So, they are semi rare. Anyway on with the story.... during us eating our popsicle's at the table, Branden, didn't win. Noah didn't win. And Noboru disappeared for a second and came back. Anyway, Noboru passed it to Noah and said, "I won, so go head you can take this back tomorrow to the store Noah." Noah says immediately, "thank you daddy" At this point, I put 2 and 2 together and realized it was a total fake! Noah then did a double take at the popsicle stick and he could see something was a little off by his expression. I kidded with Noboru saying, "ehhhhh, yes a fake and a bad fake at that!!!" He cracked up and yes we caught him! hahaha. : )  We must have laughed hard about this one for about a good 3-5 minutes. Noboru kept saying..."I got you Noah...you believed it!!!" Noah blushed and said "yes. You got me." Oh man! We cracked up so much over this. Branden being the biggest defender of his little brother says while laughing... but now we will never believe you again if you should get an atari next time. : ) That's right Noboru said, and for that I'm sorry. But oh dear....we all could see the humor in this and could see just how absolutely silly Noboru is. : )  But man....we laughed so hard over this you guys. Trying to pass off a fake winning stick (atari) to your son, hahaha. This story is going to be a classic for many years to come for us. Anyway just wanted to share this and hopefully make somebody smile with this one. : )