Friday, May 17, 2013

Our Guam weekend get away, May 2013

So, last Saturday May 11th, 2013 our family flew to Guam in the morning. We arrived around 2pm Guam time (1pm Japan time) The plan was stay at my dad's condo, the purpose of our trip was to do some light grocery shopping, eat some delicious food and catch a movie, nothing too overly major, just some R&R (rest and relaxation). So that's what we did. : ) As soon as we landed, we got our rental car. Dropped off our empty luggage at my dad's, grabbed his spare key to the condo, since he was also in and out that day too. And we were going to go to1 Cost u Less store right away and then to the Payless Grocery store in Agana, however we were all pretty hungry and so we decided to eat we ate a very early 3pm-ish dinner or late lunch, however you want to look at it.  : )Then we ran and did our shopping at Cost u Less and Payless. Then we dropped off the food at my dad's and.... into the freezer or fridge the perishables went. After we dropped off the food from those 2 shops we headed to Kmart. And after spending an hour or so at Kmart, we left. But before I get way way ahead of myself. Let's start at the beginning, after we arrived. This is Noah at Pizza Hut. If you get a drink they have unlimited refills, you can get yourself so that's always nice. : ) This pic was taken of Noah barely 1 hour after we arrived last Saturday. : )
We had 1 large pan crust, pepperoni and mushroom pizza. We all had sodas and then we left. Like I said, we went directly to Cost u Less after leaving Pizza Hut, then the Payless grocery store in Agana and then dropped the food off and then we went to Kmart. After Kmart we were all pretty tired not exhausted granted, but definitely were done for the day, but along the way the boys said they were a little hungry. Granted not starving since we did eat earlier but yes a little hungry, which is understandable since we did eat so early. So we went to Taco Bell for some cheap eats, before going back to my dad's condo for the night. : )
It was pretty dead in there, meaning the Taco Bell, although there were a husband and wife Japanese couple eating behind us, at their own table. They were speaking in Japanese. Noboru and Noah were waiting for the food in this pic.
We keep seeing the commercials for the new cool ranch taco. So Branden was telling us from a week before, "when I get to Guam, I'm going to have a Cool Ranch Taco Supreme" and sure enough he did! : )
Like the wrapper says, cool ranch. Branden had his cool ranch taco supreme.  Mr. Dimples had these 2 different days/times this trip. : ) But Taco Bell, all 3 days.
There goes me and my bean and cheese burittos again. : ) These are so good and so simple. : )
Noah did not get any cool ranch. He said tacos the regular way are amazing and so he's sticking with the regular tacos. No flavored shell for this kiddo. : ) Just a light snack though Noah had 2 plain crunch tacos. And Branden had 1 cool ranch taco supreme and 1 plain crunchy taco. I had the 2 plain bean burritos.....
Meanwhile Noboru had nachos. With many many packets of "fire" hot sauce. This is hotter then the regular hot sauce packet. @_@ He likes to eat super spicy food. : )  We went back to my dad's. The boys took showers. Noboru took a shower. Then I took a shower. I watched TV with my dad and talked. And we made a plan to go and see a movie first thing in the that was the plan for Mother's Day Sunday.
We went to Wendy's for breakfast, Sunday, Mother's Day. They have such great and cheap breakfasts. Crispy bacon, eggs and rice. Branden, Noah and I shared a medium raspberry lemonade. Noboru had coffee.
My dad and Branden chit chatted through breakfast. My dad and I chit chatted through breakfast.
Noboru and Noah chatted through breakfast. My dad and Noboru chatted through breakfast. Noah and I chatted through breakfast. We all basically talked each others ears off through breakfast. : )  There were so many movie choices to see, but you'll never guess in a million years what we saw......Iron Man 3. : ) I know, I know....I saw it already. But Branden had told me, his 2 besties Yuki and the Jinbei boy had seen it separately of course with their own families. However they were all buzzing about it at school. You know how Noah feels about Spiderman, Batman etc. So, he was wanting to see it too. There's just a buzz about this movie, these days. Plus the fact, it isn't playing in English at my nearest theater in Japan. And yeah, at first for like a second... I's Mother's Day. Today is technically supposed to be.... my day. But you know what and I'm sorry if this sounds too cornball or not..... but truth is. I am a mother. And if seeing my kids happy and eyes gleaming makes them happiest then sure...what the heck! I'll see Iron Man 3 all over again. And I'll give up my 1 chance to see a movie in Guam this time, and no, I'm not a martyr, or anything...I just know I'll have more opportunities in the future to see other movies, so honestly it didn't mater in the end what I saw. And plus, well...they're my kids and I adore the heck out of them.: ) And what better mother's day gift then to watch the excitement and happiness of my kids. So, yep......we went to see Iron Man 3. : )  The first showing of the day was....10:15am but we were there at 9:25am. As you know, I'm never late, I'm more of an early bird then anything. ; )
We bypassed the popcorn/concession stand first and grabbed our seats. We were the first family/persons in there. Branden sat to my left and my dad next to Branden.
We did go and buy a huge large popcorn and 2 large drinks, free refills on both the popcorn and drinks. By the way, but we didn't need any refills though. : )
Noah on my right and Noboru on the right of Noah. I was a mom sandwich during the movie. : ) With 1 son at each of my sides and I felt very lucky to be sitting with my family at the first showing of Iron Man 3 for that day. The movie was pretty packed. And would you believe when we left the movies, we heard them telling people waiting in line to buy tickets Iron Man 3 was sold out for the next 2 showings of Iron man 3 already! Yikes. Must be popular. : ) Anyway, Branden and Noah loved this movie so much! And that is what made me happiest on Mother's Day. : )
See how it says the showing is 10:15am, but if you look at the last line we bought this ticket at 9:25am. hahaha. Yep, I could never be blamed for any lateness or for being tardy, lol. So that is the bright side. Freakishly early? Yes, guilty. : )  And we talked and chatted while waiting for the movie so it was no worries. dad went back to the condo. And we went to enjoy the afternoon.
We were on our way to Micronesia Mall. But we drove on "hotel row" first.
Trolley's make things easy for getting around Guam, though we prefer drive, it's just faster and a time saver for us personally. But it is nice they're there though. : ) Very handy/useful.
And here we are, Micronesia Mall. First place we went was to get my eyebrows waxed. She waxed my eyebrows really good, then tweezed any scraggly ones. Gave me a nice little arch in my brows as always. I thanked her and left. And then we went to lunch.
Hot Dog on a Stick is finally open! Happy day!!!
A very happy smiling Noah eating his Hot Dog on a Stick. We shared a lemonade. Meanwhile Branden and Noboru were in line at Taco Bell.
I had a.....
Cheese on a stick! American cheese, so yumm!
There goes Branden again eating a cool ranch taco supreme again. : ) It was not a nacho cheese taco like the box says. It was a cool ranch, anyway..... We all ate a nice and quick lunch and then we went and had some icecream downstairs.
At Cold Stone.
We all had kids cup sizes. It's big enough to enjoy it. And yet, we'll still have room in our tummy's for dinner later. So perfect amount. I had "This is how I roll" the cinnamon roll one! So good! Branden had a cookie dough one and Noah had a birthday cake one. Noboru had a small cup of vanilla. : ) Awww. : )
We had accomplished everything we came to Guam for. We did finish our shopping, we did go to a movie. I got my eyebrow wax. And we had many good yummy things to eat, visited with my dad. Anyway, it was about 5pm, when I snapped this picture. We were heading to dinner. Italian for my Mother's Day meal. And I will be making a separate post about Mother's Day altogether, but, I did have an amazing Mother's Day. From my breakfast, movie, my eyebrow wax. And now dinner. Not even going to mention my card or present yet. That will wait for the Mother's Day post. But yeah I felt pampered all Mother's Day. : ) So anyway,   there we were all 5 of us walking down hotel row and heading to our favorite Italian restaurant in Guam.
Noboru and Noah holding hands, a bit blurry but I like this picture. Branden and I were holding hands, but I let go, so I could snap this pic, real quick. : )
My awesome family. Love you guys. : )
My Mother's Day dinner. I had the lasagna, it comes with garlic bread. You can see my iced tea in this pic, I think. we all had iced tea by the way. : )
I love this picture and it means a lot to me. As you know, I am an "only child" I never had any brothers or sisters. Branden and Noah are my dad's only grandchildren he'll ever have. And he absolutely adores them to absolute pieces. So Noah's smiling at me in this pic, meanwhile my dad is just adoring his grandson to bits in this pic. They're lucky to be able to see my dad every 2 or 3 months. Plus weekly skype calls to grandpa and vice versa. But yeah....: ) Anyway Noah ordered the spaghetti and meat sauce and my dad ordered the lasagna with meatballs.
Hi dad. : )
Hi kiddo. Enjoying your supper, I see. : )
Branden had the lasagna and loved it. Noboru had the lasagna also. : ) We were stuffed and then we walked back to the car and headed back to my dad's. From about 7pm until 9pm we watched TV, and talked. In between TV watching and talking we were taking turns showering. Good thing, my dad has 2 separate showers/tubs/bathrooms. We could all shower rather quickly. We watched TV then we all went to sleep.
Monday morning, May 13th, we were to leave that day but our flight wasn't until 4pm. So we basically had until 1pm that day. So Monday morning we went to breakfast. Denny's. Love Denny's breakfasts so much. I had my usual. : ) The banana pecan pancakes, crispy bacon and scrambled eggs, So amazingly good! I also had hot coffee.
Noah had chocolate chip pancakes and Branden had a kids grand slam (combo). Their meals are free with purchase of an adults meal. So Branden and Noah's breakfast totally free. Right on. : )
Noboru had a skillet.
My dad had an omelet and potatoes and an English Muffin and coffee. We enjoyed our breakfast and had a good ol' chat as usual. And then we left. Back to my dad's. The boys relaxed, watching cable TV. Around 11am, we grabbed some lunch. 1 footlong from Circle K for Noboru. It's a Nathan's all beef hot dog.And 2 plain crunch tacos for Branden and 1 crunchy taco for Noah-chan. And 1 plain bean and cheese burrito for me. My dad got something but I forgot what it was. We went back and ate at the condo. Lazed around some more and around 12:30pm we started packing the perishables, the others stuff we packed the night before. And at 12:55pm we left and headed to the airport. We checked in. Went through the TSA area, cleared that quickly and then went and sat near the gate then boarded the plane, when it was time. We had a delicious meal on the flight coming back to Japan. Curry chicken breast, mashed potatoes, cesar salad, dinner roll and a strawberry chocolate tart. Oh, I almost forget, on the flight to Guam I watched the movie Chasing Maverick's and on the flight back to Japan, I watched Pitch Perfect. Love this movie and own this on DVD, but worth watching again for me in the airplane, just so funny. : ) We landed in Narita at 7pm. But by the time we deplaned and walked and went through all the lines of this and lines of that. Grabbed our suitcases, then called the "car baby-sitter" folks. And they picked us up in their shuttle and brought us to our MPV,  so yeah, gee.... by that time it was nearing 8pm. We went home. And unpacked anything perishable. The boys were exhausted. By now it was nearing 9pm. They brushed their teeth, no shower that night for the boys, which is very rare around here and went to sleep right away. I on the other hand, took a fast 5 minute shower, washed my body and face, brushed my teeth. I pinned up my hair but I washed it (my hair) the next morning after the boys went to school. But I was so tired Monday night. Noboru showered and went to bed also. Anyway, that's our trip to Guam, May 2013 in a nutshell.: )