Monday, May 20, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

I sincerely, hope everyone who is a mother out there had a nice Mother's Day. : ) I had a nice Mother's Day also. Granted you all know mostly everything that happened already. But I wanted to just post it up here and tag it under "Mother's day 2013". That way, years from now, the boys or I can come back on here and remember. And go, that's right, we saw Iron Man 3. That's right, you know that type of thing. : ) Noboru asked me a month in advance, what would I like for Mother's Day. And you know, to be honest, I couldn't think of a single thing, I needed. I sat and thought. Thought while hanging the laundry. Thought while preparing dinner. And finally, I started thinking, why not pick a gift we can all use. Something we can all enjoy. And I thought popcorn maker. Not an air popper type one. But those newer ones with the moving arms, I keep seeing in ads and whatnot. First thing I did was check $28-$30 US. Type price. Okay. Then I checked don't faint or anything but it said, 13,000 yen or something like that. That's about $130 US! @_@ Now that is an extreme mark up in price. No way. And then I checked and not only did they ship to Japan, theirs was only like $28 US. Much much better price. So, about a month ago, I put it in the Amazon cart and Noboru purchased it for me for Mother's Day gift. With the shipping it came to like $40.
It came, and it's great. : )
My Mother's Day breakfast. : )
Mother's Day movie with my whole family.: )
Plus Noboru took us to Guam in the first place and made sure I was nicely stocked up with things I might need. And that is so cute he does that. He's such a good and thoughtful husband : )
My eyebrow wax, Noboru got me for Mother's Day also. And my cheese stick for my Mother's Day lunch. : ) Again it wasn't a fancy shmancy Mother's day, but it was exactly our speed. Very low key. Quiet but nice. : )
My Mother's Day ice cream cup. "This is How I Roll" : ) Cinnamon roll basically with cake and pecans and cinnamon and everything. : )
They all took me out to dinner. We had a really lovely dinner. People all day long told me....Happy Mother's Day" since I was with the boys all day. And I'd say thank you. I was just really appreciative all day long. : )
My Mother's Day actual meal.
My dad gave me a Mother's Day card. Granted, he's my dad, so he really doesn't need to. And he knows that. He's just really kind. And with my grandma gone. I'm the only one to celebrate this day with. So, I was glad we could spend the day together. : )
The outside of the card says "Love you daughter" on the banner. And then it says "Three Little Words, "It's a Girl"-and you made my world pretty and pink."
Three Little Words "That's my daughter"- and you filled my heart with pride. Three Little words "I love you"-and I hope you know that's how I'll feel forever Happy Mother's Day.
And $140 US. Again, I try to give it back, he gives it back to me and we go back and forth for about 10 minutes until he says, just accept it. : ) Hahaha. So all in all. I got to spend my Mother's Day with my 4 favorite people so near and dear to me. I was spoiled by my family. Thank you dad for the card. And the money. Although not necessary at all but thank you. Thank you too Noboru for taking me to Guam. Stocking me up with goodies. And for the popcorn maker and eyebrow wax. Thank you Branden and Noah for being such sweethearts.  Anyway, that was my Mother's Day 2013. : )