Monday, May 27, 2013

Lunch date with the hubster. Pizza Hut and enjoying the weekend. Potato and zucchini update. Upcoming...Observation Day, Big health exam and Oblivion at the movies, this coming Saturday

Last Thursday, May 23rd, 2013. Noboru and I went on a lunch date.  We went to Cocoichi curry. It was great. I had the basic pork curry (you can have a choice of pork or beef) and I had veggies. So pork and vegetable curry for me. And Noboru had tonkatsu curry. And fries were 100 yen and so we munched some while we waited. It was a nice lunch last Thursday. : )
The new Dexter seventh season was just released on DVD mid May and it was shipped to me as soon as possible. Quite happy to catch up with these. : )
Last Friday was trash day and so I decided to also clean the heck out of the trash can. : )
Rinsed the trash can, then I filled it up with about a half cup of Gain scented Mr. Clean and a whole lotta water, let it soak and then I rinsed it twice. I Clorox wiped the lid, Orange Cleaned the lid and then Clorox wiped the lid one more time for good measure. ; )
Let it dry on the back patio, then ran upstairs to wash my hands and get the laundry out of the washing machine.
First load from last Friday. Swimming towels and bath towels of Branden and Noah's. 1 pair of shorts each and 1 shirt/top each, basically what they wore from the day before.  The trash can was on the patio also at this time. After the trash can dried though, I brought it back into the kitchen.
Second and last load of last Friday. Every body's pillow case in the entire house, including the 2 pillows we keep on the couch. Noboru's bath towel (yellow stripe) my bath towel (blue stripe) and both Branden and Noah's swimming cap and swimming trunks (swim school uniform). And Noboru's gray house shorts with orange stripe on the bottom pole. House was cleaned and ready for the weekend.
Friday night, Noboru went to his Father's Club gathering. And the boys and I had the frozen lasagna, a simple salad and 1 baguette from the bakery, which I made into garlic bread. Meanwhile, Saturday, Noboru wanted to relax at home with us and have movie night, and we did too. So we decided what the heck. : ) And we ordered some Pizza Hut for dinner Saturday evening. Weekends are for relaxing, and I couldn't agree more. Monday through Friday I'll go back to the ol' grind and cooking regular meals and cleaning up. But yeah, a weekend for enjoying some pizza and whatnot. For sure. : )
We had a large order of baked fries.
We had 2 large pepperoni and mushroom pan pizzas. Japanese size large/ American size medium. And we even bought a couple bags of curry potatoes chips and we also had a nice sized bowl of fresh crunchy sweet grapes for movie night also, after everyone took turns showering and stuff of course. Saturday night was awesome. Very relaxing, very fun.
Sunday was a bit of a time crunch. From 9am-10am we did community street cleaning. Yet at 9:30am to 12 noon the boys had the kodomo kai (like a kids party for the kids that attend our town/local elementary school) at the plaza. So, I went out and pulled weeds in the empty lot next to us and swept the street, chatted with my neighbors etc from 8:50am. And then at 9:17, I left, went and dropped off Branden and Noah at the kodomo kai. And then I came back home. By now it was 9:45am-ish. And it was ending as I was pulling the car back into the drive way. The boy next door and his brother are quite shy in real life and so they prefer stay home inside most days, so their mom told us, her sons weren't going to the Kodomo kai, which is fine every kid is different and that's okay. And Rin's dad was dropping off their 2 boys, they're pretty out going. Branden and Noah wanted to go too. And you had to check it off on the kairanban weeks in advance, about the kodomo kai.  Meanwhile. Noboru being the hancho (block leader) and Fuku kaicho (community VP) he was busy so I was the only ride for Branden and Noah, so yeah I did have a 20 minute absence but all my neighbors understood. I was actually talking to my girlfriend on the next block last week and we both were both wondering about these 2 things, community cleanup and kodomo kai all happening on the same day virtually similar times, maybe someone didn't realize it until it was too late. I know many mom's could not street clean at all which is because they were working the kodomo kai. Anyway, not really a big deal really.... when you think about it, but was just unusual both things fell on the same day. I'm lucky all my neighbors are cool and the grandma next door knew about the kodomo kai and they all said, "no we understand you go ahead and go, we'll take care of the rest" : ) So....I cruised there and back.  Anyway....this is Noah's stuff he brought back from the kodomo kai. Each child gets a card it has many spots to stamp, 1 is for  a free soda, when you get it they stamp your card. Free hot dog. Free balloon... fishing game and if you use it, they stamp your card. That type of thing. And at the end... everyone gets a bag of snacks. So this is Noah's. Corn and lemon eraser. There was also popped popcorn and everything for the kids to enjoy for free. The mom's handling this event always do a great job.
These were Branden's things he brought back. And his 2 erasers were a chocolate ice cream and grape eraser. Anyway the boys had themselves a blast. I went and picked them up, when it was over. And brought them home. : ) The Jinbei boy was at the kodomo kai event too. And around 12:30pm. After everyone ate lunch. he rang our doorbell. Jinbei boy and his little (5th grade) sister wanted to play tennis with Branden and Noah. They came with rackets. The boys were like, right on! They grabbed their hats and their tennis rackets also and cell phone and went to the tennis court area in our housing community. They played for the afternoon. I meanwhile watched a few episodes of Dexter. : )
The weekly potato progress report. hahaha. Update. ; ) They are pretty big. They flowered already. Their leaves look healthy and green.
Really tall.
Did the zucchini not double in size, since last week? I'm right, right? lol. I looked at that pic from last week and yeah it totally looks twice the size. And also look at the plant to the left, see a small yellow flower? : )  Yay.
Many teeny tiny zucchini on here already.

Anything else to add, hold on, let me rack my brain here for a second. : ) Ah!

I have my great big health check up this coming Thursday morning. Barium anyone? Blech. : ) Necessary of course, but still. Yuck. : ) Will be glad when it's done and won't have to think about the taste for another year. : )

Branden and Noah have observation day this coming Wednesday. And it's also disaster drill practice. Where all parents show up and walk the kiddos home. I will be there. : )

Our family is going to the movies this coming Saturday. We're going to see Oblivion with Tom Cruise. It looks good and like our cup of tea, as far as movies go. Anyway, that's what's up around here. : )