Thursday, May 09, 2013

Iron Man 3, with friends. And getting packed and ready for Guam

So, yesterday morning, May 8th, 2013 two of my very good friends and I went to the movies to see Iron man 3! Amazing movie by the way!!! We loved it! Our regular movie theater in the city nearest us, didn't have it in English though with Japanese subtitles. It was Japanese dubbed. So, we had to go and see this in Narita City. Also wanted to say thank you to the 2 awesome commenter's who kindly mentioned to me to wait until after the credits rolled to catch something. Thank you both so much for telling us. We stayed and laughed. Possible spoiler alert the psychiatrist missed Tony's entire story! Hahaha! That was hilarious! Worth catching for sure! : ) 
We caught the very first showing of the day, 9:20am. And we let out around 11 something. And we went to Narita mall, right across the street from the movies, to grab some lunch. We three walked the mall and decided on Capricciosa, plus if you had a movie ticket from that day you could get a discount. So our lunch was a little cheaper, since we had our movie ticket stubs. We each had a lunch special, salad, pasta and tiramisu for dessert, plus drink. So that was where I was, all day yesterday. With my girlfriends watching a fantastic movie and enjoying a really delicious lunch. And the getting to unwind with my friends and chat about mom stuff. School and kids, it's really nice to get together with close friends like that, and bond that way. : )

We had planned to see Lincoln today, but our closest movie theater, is now only showing it at 4pm. @_@ Which won't work for our ladies morning movie plan at all. Hahaha. So, no worries, I'll catch it elsewhere and I'm sure my friends will catch it also. : )

Anything else to add....just getting packed for our family trip to Guam. I wonder what I'll be eating for my Mother's Day dinner while there. Hmm. Something good, I hope. : )