Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Harnessing the sunlight, thanks to Canadian Solar. Getting our solar panel system installed

Friday, April 26th was solar panel installation day. : ) They'd be coming at 9am. The boys were already safely at school. And I decided to go outside, check on the potatoes. And see the roof one last time without solar panels. : ) Look how big the potatoes have grown. This was taken April 26th. They are a pinch bigger right now. With all the rain we've been getting, but this at least gives you an idea of what they look like lately.
Roof, you'll be looking a little different by the time evening rolls around! : )
At exactly and we do mean exactly 9am, they pulled up down our street and parked their truck. Noboru and I laughed a bit and said, wow they are definitely punctual! Seriously on time!!!! Not early, not late but at the precise time. Even now thinking about it. Makes me smile. And like the box says, Canadian Solar. Only the grandma next door (well and you guys reading : ) knew in advance that they were coming and we did tell her in advance, only because she lives next door and manner wise we figured, fair warning and we did bring her a "present"  or "sorry for her trouble" gift, you know what I mean, if you live in Japan. The gift was a cookie assortment in a "gift" box bought at 7-Eleven. And it was a very quiet installation, so she wasn't troubled at all. : ) But still we felt better giving her something. : )
This red part attached to the ladder was motorized and silent but it carried things up and down the ladder, it was pretty cool.
There were 3 guys total. 2 guys on the roof doing that part and 1 guy inside doing the inside parts. At the beginning of installation we showed them where the bathrooms were and said, feel free. I also had ran to the MiniStop (conbini) for about 5 minutes while Noboru stayed here, and I picked up 4 Garigari popsicles and 3 bottles of green tea and stuck them in the freezer. One of the popsicles was for Noboru too. : ) At 11:45am, I brought them the Garigari. And they thanked us and ate them. I can tell those hit the spot! : ) And around 2pm-ish I brought out the super cold green tea, and gave it to them also.
It's amazing to me that they have no fear of being on the roof like that. Even when they walked towards the edges. The grandma next door came outside to bring her laundry in and play with her dogs and we (Noboru and I) were standing out there and marveling at the guys on the roof. The grandma next door joined in the conversation and she said, "you know how my husband owns a roofing company, right?" We said yes. She said "my father also owned his own roofing company too and so I grew up going on roofs also and I have absolutely no fear of standing on roofs like those guys" as she pointed to the solar panel guys. We were surprised, we had no idea. I tell ya, the grandma next door gets more and more impressive the more I hear from her! Hahaha. : ) Seriously. : ) She's so awesome. : )  No fear of heights, walks on roof without fear, get down...grandma next door! : )
And then row by row, the panels went up the ladder. It was very interesting to watch. Also, we were happy it didn't rain that day. Last week was so off and on, rainy all week. We started to worry if rain would happen Friday. Lucky for us it didn't.
One of the guys on the roof, told us when he went on vacation to Macau, he bungee jumped on a very high and famous place and he said because of his job, he wasn't afraid at all. Wow, these guys, amazing!
And done! They cleaned up superly well. And they even walked the yard and looked for any sign of trash or debris. They didn't leave a thing, but they were very professional. Very professional! Then they left and we stood on the porch thanking them and waved them good bye.
10 minutes after they left, Kuroneko (delivery) stopped right in front of our house. We were not expecting anything from Kuroneko. It said live flowers. What the?.....
The solar panel company was so smooth, they timed that perfectly! A small flower arrangement with note attached. It was from the solar panel people and the handwritten note said, thank you for your business and welcome to an Eco life. It was short and sweet. But yes, we were all happy with how the solar panels came out, we were on a high.... all standing outside in the backyard marvelling how great they looked and pointing, taking pictures when the Kuroneko man came. That was timed brilliantly if you think about it. And it was just something we appreciated getting. And made us actually glad we chose this company! Just again really professional.
Really pretty and a nice surprise. It's small things like this that do make you feel valued as a customer. : )
And done! Can you see some writing on the bottom left hand corner......
We have a 25 year warranty. 21 solar panels.  It's a 4.515kw system. Each panel creates 215 watts.  Even on a cloudy day our system makes enough power to supply our entire house, even with doing multiple loads of wash and also using the dryer. On a sunny day we create way more then our house actually needs and we are selling to Tepco.
We have this Canadian Solar monitor and we also have this cool feature that we can check it on our TV. : ) Oh, I'm also including this cool link from their website it shows pics from all over the world where you can find Canadian Solar, solar panels. Germany, France, the U.S.A., some schools and even airports in the US are using them too. Japan, Italy and Spain. The pictures of what the houses look like and everything. That link is actually really cool. : )