Monday, May 20, 2013

Goodies brought back from Guam

Ah, the ol’ what did you bring back to Japan post, I see. : ) This is always a really popular post. I know people are curious, I’m always curious what others bring back too. : ) And gee, I remember growing up, the old question of, if you were stranded on a desert island what 3 things would you want to take with you. lol. Anyone remember that question. I do, not that Japan is a desert, but you know the ol' curious what would you bring type questions. : ) Then I recall, after living in Japan, girlfriends of mine would be getting ready to go back "home" in Summer and whatnot and would worry, if they forgot to add something to their list, I’d worry too, because don’t want to go all that way and forget something super important, you know what I mean. And sure we’d ask each other, “what do you bring back/what is on your list to bring back from home?” Sometimes something would be listed and we’d draw a blank and say what’s that? Do you have a, that’s how these posts started from way back when, back in 2005. So, if you’re curious by all means check out this post. If you’re not, by all means skip this post, no worries and I'll try to post something else up tomorrow. : )  This is our clearance of our food stuff, stamp.

These Coleman coolers were so freakishly cheap, just happened to be on sale while we were there, Noboru put 1 in the cart first thing after we entered Kmart. 1 man was buying 5 of these, I'm kidding you not. @_@ They were THAT cheap. Noboru says we can bring this back and forth when we go to Guam back and forth, now. And he was right it kept all our food super cool. The bungee cords ensured it would stay closed and it did. : )
The bacon and mac and cheese and ravioli were rock hard frozen by the time we got home, the other stuff was refrigerated stuff, and still ice cold, for the short 3 hour flight and even until we got home and we threw back into our fridge and freezer. : )
Not sure why this picture turned sideways. It was normal ways, until I uploaded it on blogger. Then it went all wonky. : ) Frozen ravioli. Butter, hunks of cheese. Just misc, stuff that will come in handy.
Brought back 1 dozen of Winchell's donuts.
Blueberry filled, strawberry filled, apple filled and lemon. And glazed too. : ) We had these for breakfast Tuesday morning. : ) They were bought fresh Monday afternoon.
Didn't bring back tons of stuff, just enough stuff to not run out.... hopefully anytime soon. ; )
If I lived near a Costco in Japan, me buying cheese in Guam would not be necessary. And if I lived in the US, obviously me buying these many hunks of cheese at once would be unnecessary also. However I do live way out in the countryside. And finding Colby Jack cheese or longhorn cheese. Anything like that, is next to impossible, where we live. So, I lug it back to Japan. And it helps. They are 1lb each block of cheese so 4 lbs. Enough to be comfortable and not worry I will run out of cheese in the near future. Again, when the closer to me Costco finally opens, it will absolutely make my life easier. : ) Butter. Butter is so cheap/affordable in the US and Guam. It's a little pricey in Japan. I have 4 sticks in this pack, so now I know I can make 4 batches of cookies for example. It's nice knowing I have it in the fridge now. Again didn't buy oodles and oodles. Just enough to be comfortable.
Bacon, we do have a nice sit down breakfast every Saturday. Skillet fried potatoes, eggs, bacon, toast. It's not fancy but it's leisurely and something we all look forward to all week. So, 3 packs times 4 boxes, means 12 weekends worth or 3 month's worth... however you want to look at it.  : ) All this bacon is in the freezer as we speak. Well, as I type. : )  It's enough to get us through most of Summer, hopefully.
Noboru wanted minty dental floss.
Frozen mac and cheese. On days the boys swim, it's nice for a fast snack after school but before swim club. And then they can have a nice sit down dinner when they get back from swimming. Or it's nice on a Saturday afternoon and the bell rings at 12 for lunch. Or heck it's nice for me to have for lunch during the day. Again, only 14, but it helps at least. : )
Blueberry waffles, only 10. But, again 10 is still better then none and it is nice to have while they last. : ) Very appreciated on busy weekday mornings. And 2 packs of corn tortillas. Not a lot of corn tortillas but enough to have enchiladas once and tostadas once. Just anything to help with meals is a lifesaver. : )
Cheese ravioli. Says, Pasta Gourmet New York. Restaurant quality. We had 1 bag of these this past weekend. And the ricotta in these is delicious. These are so good. I am now tucking that last bag away in the freezer for a rainy day. : ) These were found at Cost U Less. $9 a bag. Again meal helpers very appreciated around here Monday-Friday's or anytime. Totally. : )
Party size lasagna. This is huge. Noboru has a Father's Club get together this coming Friday evening. So he won't be here for dinner. But, I am planning to make my night easy too and the boys and I will have this and a salad and garlic bread. A great way to kick off Friday and kick start the weekend. : )  So this is for this coming Friday. : )
A case of chocolate fudge pudding. This was super cheap at Kmart. And it doesn't need to be refrigerated. So, it was perfect to bring back. And so this should last the whole Summer. Hopefully. But a great deal. : )
Poptarts (blueberry and unfrosted) and syrup (we have 1 syrup 98% full already this is just for a stock up).
Dinner stuff for the most part we buy in Japan. We have curry, yakisoba, gratin, sweet and sour chicken, sara udon etc. And the meal helpers from Guam help also. And yeah we have Garigari for dessert sometimes. But I do miss baking a cake here and there or a batch of brownies. It's nice to be able to bring this stuff back. So when the mood does strike, I can make them for my family. And again, not 100's. Just enough for 2 cakes 1 batch of brownies and 1 batch of cookies. But it does help. And peace of mind knowing these are in my food pantry. : )
Omiyage. Gifts for friends here in Japan. One bag was for the grandma next door of course. And the other bag we brought back for ourselves.  Just so we could open these and munch and enjoy some too. We enjoyed our bag during movie night last weekend. : )
I like to make Texas style chili, you know that type of chili you can buy from Wendy's. And technically I should use kidney beans, I guess. But, since I do live here in Japan and I do have to lug stuff back. I buy pinto beans that way I have beans that can do double duty. For either, tostadas or for Texas style chili. So, that's why I just bring back these. And I also brought back 2 cans of medium enchilada sauce. Again any type of meal helper. Is great and helpful in my mind. : )
BBQ season. 2 cans of Bush's baked beans for upcoming bbq season. 1 is country style and 1 is homestyle. Also bought 2 generic/store brand of bbq sauce. I'm not picky, I put on no airs. And store brand bbq sauce is good enough for us. Sometimes you can find name brand for 99 cents a bottle ,but they didn't have it on sale this time. 1 in original and 1 in honey, again not 100's but enough to make the upcoming bbq season a bit easier. : )
You know how I love to make chicken parmesan. I use this Italian style breadcrumbs from Progresso for both my chicken parmesan and also for added flavor to my meatballs. I have 1 canister of this in my fridge hiding already and this just helps a bit more. Prego sauce, they sell this at Costco in Japan and by all means if I had a close Costco I'd buy it from Costco Japan. But since it's far and I'm biding my time for my closer Costco to open...this will help us. And paremsan cheese. It's so cheap in the US and Guam. So, I just bring it back with me. Again, anything that can help...helps. And I'm all for that. : )
Irish coffee creamer. I ran out! For the past 1 month I've been (flavor) creamer less, hahaha. I have been eagerly waiting to get back to Guam to buy this. And again I buy the generic store brand one, it's super cheap and makes my coffee taste great. I usually buy 2-3 but I think because I ran out last time, I was a little worried which is why I brought back 4 this time. And 1 pack of popcorn. Movie theater flavor.
Shampoo and Conditioner. The Suave is a knock off of Nexxus  Humectress. And the V05 is ocean scent. They were all super cheap. The V05 smells great. The boys and Noboru use this sometimes and it's $1. So pretty cheap. And the Suave was $2 and some change each. And they're big bottles. So, at least we have something. And I have a few bottles of shampoo in the hall closet upstairs still from last time. Shampoo is just really cheap/affordable in America and it smells so freaking great too. : )  However the bottles are as heavy as all heck. So I try to bring it little by little though. : )
Cinnamon toothpaste times 4. Deodorant for Noboru. Neosporin for any boo boo the boys get this summer. And Spiderman bandaids in case they do. : ) And a 4 pack douche/feminine wash. In Island Breeze scent it smells like plumeria. It smells heavenly. And is so cheap. : )
A new slip and slide type water slide for backyard fun in Summer.
As promised, remember Branden and Noah have been getting into playing tennis at our tennis courts in our housing community lately. They had been borrowing the Jinbei's extra rackets. But, I did tell the boys, we'd buy them some affordable tennis rackets when we saw them. I wrote it on my Guam list. And when we were in Kmart, I had a look. Saw what I liked and was looking for, loved the price. So we made the purchase. Not sure about Japan, so can only speak about buying them there. They are sold by age. Noah is age 7 and Branden is age 11. However, Noah will be 8 in July and Branden will be 12 end of October. So, having said that, they had a racket for 7-8 year olds. Hmm. A racket that will only last 1 year for Noah? Seems like an awful waste of money in my opinion. Noah's was $22 US. The size difference was not too different. But, I felt it was best for us to buy Noah a racket for 9-10 year olds. That way I feel better knowing he can get 3 years usage from it. So when the times comes for replacing I know he at least used it for 3 years. Much better then only 12 months of usage in my book. So this is Noah's. And I think we got a fair deal on it.
Says W on the racket. And Wilson all over the racket.
#1 in tennis. So, yeah I felt happy to have found them there.
Yep really says W or Wilson all over each of the boys rackets.
This is Branden's, his racket was only $24 or $26 US. The oldest "kids" racket went up to 12 years old, umm he'll be 12 this October, not crazy about buying a racket he can use only 6 month's... know what I mean. So again, considering Branden's height. I bought him an adult racket. That way he can use it for, however as long as the racket lasts. I think they both received nice rackets, and the price was quite affordable and they'll be able to use them for a good long while. And they've been really happy with them and playing with friends at the tennis courts, for the past week since we've been back.: )
4 magazines. I read the bottom 2 magazines so far, while waiting for the boys at the plaza the past week. And I'll probably read them 1 more time too. But I am sorta saving the top 2, to have something to read next week. yep, living here, you do miss having easy access to reading material. : ) So I'm sort of saving my magazines for as long as I can. : )
Five toilet deodorizers. I still have 2 leftover from the last trip, so I have a good amount of these.
Placing an order right before I visit my dad is best because I can bring it back to Japan and that helps. My 2 summer shoes (espadrilles) 2 tops (American flag and Little Black Tee T) and 1 cardigan. And that's it for me.
2 American flag tops each for Branden and Noah (navy and heather gray). And 1 pair of swim trunks. That's it. Not a whole lot, but enough to feel pretty comfortable for a while. : )  So, we're happy we went. And brought back what we did. : ) All in all, we accomplished what we needed to do in Guam. : )