Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Noah's ensoku/field trip

Last Wednesday, April 24th. Was Noah's first field trip of the school year, as a second grader. I woke up and went downstairs. Sliced some of the herb chicken I pulled out of the fridge, and put it on top of a tortilla and white rice. Usually in Japan in a packed lunch... rice is in the lunch somewhere. Whether it be a rice ball, onigiri or...however I put the rice into the wrap and it makes the sandwich super filling.
Chicken melted mozzarella wrap. Basically just a white tortilla, rice, herb crusted roasted chicken and mozzarella cheese sprinkled on top, whacked in the microwave until the cheese was all melty gooey.  A bit of salt and pepper added. Wrapped it up tight and cut it to fit the size of Noah's lunch box. : ) Whatever was left he munched after he finished his breakfast. And I made Branden one of these that morning also. Because I know he loves these and he ate this after he ate his toast and cereal also. : )
A simple but yummy lunch. A chicken mozzarella wrap with rice. Very filling! A few fries, a broccoli. Fresh pineapple and a slice of chocolate roll cake. I packed Noah a spare outfit, as the note said. And a spare pair of shoes. That was the first time ever I had been requested to send a spare pair of shoes (outfit yes many times, shoes first time). Hahaha. : ) But, I knew where they were going so, it made sense. I also packed Noah a full thermos with iced tea and also packed his little snacks in a bag. Handkerchief, tissues, wet wipes etc. And they asked for us to send them with rain wear. Which I just packed Noah's rain coat. : )
I am not locking these 2 pics down, so if you want to double click these 2 pics from their actual field trip you can. : )  The kids, went to Narita airport. Watched the planes take off and land. Saw where the international exit is for people coming from overseas. Hahaha. : ) How cute! They toured the airport really good. : ) And then they went to destination #2. They went to the Narita Athletic Course. It's very hands on, you can get  super dirty here big time. Noah told me 2 of his classmates fell in the water. We've been there once as a family. And it is fun, but yes you can get pretty dirty there if you fall. So, I understood why they wanted a whole spare outfit, with undies, socks and a spare pair of shoes. Noah fortunately didn't need his spare outfit. Phew! : ) But Noah came home *so* happy, Noah said he had so much fun, you guys! : )
An extremely happy Noah and his besties!!!! They were at the Athletic course, I think they just finished their lunch. If you look at this picture. The 2 boys on the right of Noah when looking at it. The one in the white or clear raincoat he rides his bike up to our house all the time and the one with the red and white cap, that's Naoki-kun. They both live in our same housing community and those 2 kiddos are always coming to visit and play with Noah. Naoki-kun goes to Kumon for math and Japanese and he's superly smart. And he just thinks the world of Noah. : )  And the one on the far right, is the little boy whose mom and I are very good friends ( his name is M-kun). I'm drawing a blank about the boy far left, I am sorry boy far left, gomen gomen and he looks so nice. : ) But yep, they are all best friends these kids! They pal together on weekends and everything. : )
I was at the entrance of our housing community with umbrella in hand. It was lightly raining off and on all day. The bus stopped here first and then was going to do a big drop off at the plaza of the kids. So most kids were being dropped off at the plaza unless you live at this housing community, so saved me a drive. : ) I chatted with 2 grandma's while waiting for the kids. Naoki's grandma and another boys grandma I see every single day.  And Lily-chan's mama too. They're all really nice ladies. : )
The rain stopped while we walked home. We walked quickly though in case the rain came back. And we unpacked all Noah's stuff, I threw, his outfit he was wearing directly into the washer, then dryer. And then I heard all the tales and stories from his field trip. Turns out, one of the boys who fell in the water was one of Noah's best friends in the pic up above. Hahaha. Ahhh, I enjoyed hearing all the silly and funny stories. Branden was to get off an hour later and then Noah and I went to pick up Branden at the plaza. Anyway, that was Noah's ensoku for April 2013. : )