Saturday, April 27, 2013

Branden and Noah’s first observation day of the new school year

Saturday, April 20th, 2013, was observation day at our local school in town. We knew at least a month and a half in advance about observation day, though it could even be on the master schedule we get once a year with all big events on there too, but it also was noted a pinch in a flier the kids brought home 2nd to last week of February and also March's schedule too in full detail. Anyway, because it was held on a Saturday and the lunch ladies had the day off, lunch from home was needed. Which is more then fine.  Branden's lunch is on the left, slightly bigger since he's older. And Noah's is on the right and slightly smaller since he's younger. Rice ball/onigiri.  Karaage which is, basically yummy Japanese style fried chicken nuggets type thing, 3 fries each and 1 broccoli. And 1 slice of chocolate roll cake and some fresh superly sweet pineapple. And a cupcake napkin. Thermos with iced tea (no sugar) and lots of ice.  It was a regular full day of school, and they got out of class at 2:40pm all grades. The observation part was just the last 1 hour, well 50 minutes of class. So we didn't need to show up until the last class. : )
This is Noah's new teacher, at the chalk board. Noah is front row nearest the teacher sitting next to the little girl in lavender. The kids were busy writing down what time it was. Noah's known how to tell time since his yochien days, because of a clock I bought at Costco and used on Branden first and it had a digital teaching clock and also a manual/hand clock. And with flash cards. And the clock spoke back. We still have it. Anyway, I was in Noah's class for 25 minutes and then Noboru came to me in Noah's class and then I ran upstairs, 2 flights of stairs and into Branden's class. I enjoyed watching Noah's class. I also liked chit chatting with my friend Adele and my other friends. But, I had to motor myself upstairs. So, I waved them goodbye and upstairs, I went. : )
This is Branden's artwork. They are all making something similar to this. And I liked it, thought it was cool. : )
Branden's is on the bottom corner right and this is the rest of his classmates. I think they all looked nice.
I entered Branden's class half way through. I stood in the doorway wondering if there was a spot/room for me to stand, but luckily my good friend, the Jinbei Boy's mom scooted on over and waved me over. So, I did! : ) Branden and Saya-chan are sitting right at the back row and middle of this pic. Branden in the green shirt and Saya with the nice hair with front part of her hair in a pony tail. It was a first for me to see both teachers in action, since they are new (to us) teachers to Branden and Noah. I thought they were both pretty good.

It was raining buckets/cats and dogs Saturday, the day of observation day and chilly which is why most kids are wearing long sleeve or sweatshirts in these pics. There was 3 meetings after observation day. Usually I will attend the meetings and the boys will sit in my car and wait until the meeting is done or Noboru can take them home if he's with me, but since Noboru was off that day and with me. And considering it was so chilly that day and pouring rain. Noboru said, "you know what. You take the boys home, I'll stay. And start dinner if you can. That way, I can attend the meetings and when I get back home, hopefully dinner will be ready." I said fair enough! Done and done. He can handle the meetings and I can handle dinner. So, after class, I told both the boys meet me at my red car. Dad (Noboru's) brought the MPV and he'll drive himself home when he's done. A good amount of the couples at our school does this. I saw Rin's family take their 2 cars, same with Sera's family took both cars also. So not too uncommon for our area. And that's what I did.  ) I made dinner quickly and Noboru came home and ate.

Later that night, there was a gathering/party that took place from 6pm on. It was for only, PTA, Father's Club dad's and all teachers and principal, head teacher etc. Kouki's/Kaito's dad was dropped off by their mom, I was also parked in front of the restaurant right behind their family. When I was dropping off Noboru (Branden/Noah's dad). I waved him good bye and said have fun. The dad's always walk home when they're done. And they walked home that night also. But anyway, Noboru got to talk to both Branden and Noah's new teachers. Noah's teacher turns out, she lives in the small city nearest us. She told Noboru, I live right by the little river. And Noboru said, "oh so then you live near that private catholic yochien" (the one Branden and Noah went to, but he didn't say that yet), and then she said...yes, in fact her husband graduated that yochien and all her 3 kids all graduated from that private catholic yochien too and her family is very pro that yochien basically. Noboru then said..."that is good to hear because, Noah and his brother graduated from that yochien too!" She was *so* pleasantly surprised!!!! She said...Noah-kun graduated from blank blank Catholic yochien? Yes, Noboru said. She felt a kinship and a common thing. Talking about the old encho sensei etc etc. She retired, yadayada. She absolutely according to Noboru *loved* hearing Noah went to that particular yochien. Branden's new teacher  also spoke to Noboru and she said, Branden is *very* outgoing, he is not shy. Some other teacher said and agreed and added to it, he puts everybody in a good mood always. @_@ Hahaha. And his teacher said that same day before us parents got there for observation day, they had an assembly and the kid who was supposed to speak got too nervous and Branden said, "I'll do it" He grabbed the mic and went out and pepped up the whole school. And fwiw (for what it's worth), Branden is the 6th grade #2 class president (president of his class), he is also the vice president of the entire school all grades. For Americans think along the lines of student council VP. And he's also the leader for our housing community walk group. He's just doing a lot this year. : ) But yeah., Branden's teacher said, he has no fear of speaking in front of large crowds and he just got that mic and pumped up the whole school! : ) That made me smile hearing that my children are so well thought of at the school. It was humbling. And I hope they continue to have a nice year ahead of them. : ) Anyway that was the long and short of it, for their first observation day of the school year. (School year starts in April in Japan).