Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Barbie without makeup! And "My Girl" actress Anna Chlumsky expecting her first child

Did anybody see this online last week? In big bold letters it said "Barbie Without Makeup." Poor Barbie, having to be fronted off like that, in front of the world, sans makeup. Hahaha. : ) Anyway, just curious if anyone else caught that last week. : )
My Girl is one of my all time favorite movies. The innocence of youth. That bond between Vada and Thomas J. I found though that I really liked Anna Chlumsky's character, Vada Sultenfuss. I have often talked about how I was the best tree climber on my block/street growing up and I lived in my overalls as a girl. All though my mother always had me wear cute clothes, I much preferred the comfort of my overalls or shorts. So yeah Miss Vada Sultenfuss made me smile so much watching that movie.
The reason I'm mentioning this on my blog. Is because I was very pleasantly surprised when a few weeks back I read online she was expecting her first baby. I thought, "oh how cute.... go Vada!!!!" And even more surprised when I found out she married an Asian guy! Shaun So.  Huge congratulations! And what a beautiful couple they make.
I do hate to generalize, but Western women marrying Asian men isn't as common as Western men marrying Asian women. And so I just thought I should post some sort of congratulations to the adorable couple. And wish them luck on their upcoming baby!
A very cute couple indeed! This is probably my favorite picture of them that I found online. Congratulations again! : )