Monday, April 01, 2013

A Hippity Hoppity Easter 2013 and the Egg-citing and Egg-cellent Time We Had Yesterday!

Easter 2013 was pretty fun around here! I hope those of you that celebrate it, had fun too.  Look at all our crazy and cute eggs this year! And yep, I spot a Nameko egg in there too! ; ) But, let me back up and before I start with Easter Sunday, let me back track to the day before, which was Saturday afternoon/evening, around 3:30pm when we started coloring eggs.
Saturday was very chilly and it did drizzle rain once Saturday, however Sunday was predicted rain would come and it did rain in our area all day Easter Sunday! : ( Bummer, so we sort of knew the Easter egg hunt in the backyard wasn't going to be happening Sunday. But never fear, we had our Easter egg hunt in our house instead. : ) Branden coloring some eggs on Saturday. In America, we buy eggs by the dozen or in sets of 18. But, in Japan they sell them in packs of 10. So, I bought 3 packs of eggs Friday. 30 eggs total. 1 pack was not for dying but for Easter Sunday bacon and egg breakfast. ; ) And 20 eggs went for coloring, however 1 egg cracked in the water, hairline small crack but still. Just 1  cracked, so not bad, but Branden and Noah split it with salt and pepper, Saturday evening and they said, it was so good. : ) So we colored 19 eggs Saturday versus 20.
Coloring eggs at our house isn't just for the kids. It's a whole family thing we do. Noboru actually loves coloring eggs and so do I! So, the 4 of us colored eggs at our kitchen table. We usually color eggs on our back patio but again weather wise and coldness-wise forget it. So we colored our eggs in the warmth of the house. Also, note.... I put the table cloth into the cupboard temporarily while we colored the eggs. Because even though we have a plastic cover, over the table cloth, I know accidents happen and I didn't want any color on my table cloth, so it just made things easier that I folded it up nicely beforehand. And we had no accidents. But....I am glad we folded it up though. And it is nicely back on the table again now.
Hi Noah, kiddo!
Noboru went all out on his 2 eggs he decorated this year. He spent such a long time and his eggs came out really good!
Your eggs are looking good kiddo!
And they did switch colors and take turns with who used what color. Noah in this picture was now making a yellow egg and also an orange egg.
Noboru's egg half done. : )
Noboru's 2nd egg, a bit blurry but you get the idea at least. : ) He really likes to go all out with his eggs. Which always makes me smile wondering what he is going to come up with this year! Or next.... : )
So the egg coloring part was finished, we still had some egg decorating to do, meaning crayons etc, but I cleaned up the table, poured the dye down the sink and loaded the dishwasher with egg coloring cups and stuff. And dinner Saturday night was to be super easy. Pepperoni sandwich (warmed up and toasted) and cheesy baked potatoes.
See that melted cheese stretching from Branden's mouth from bread. hahaha. : ) Add a little crisp lettuce in there and yumm-o! Quick and super easy. Plus I knew we'd be eating turkey nonstop for days afterwards, so pepperoni sandwich sounded like a best fit for the day before Easter. : )
Half done eggs. But we were taking a dinner break. And then we got right back into the eggs.
We all had the same thing. Then we finished the eggs. Had a laugh about the eggs, how they turned out, put them in the fridge. And Branden and Noah went and showered first and then I went to shower after. And then Noboru wanted to go last. We watched TV for a little while and then the boys went to sleep. Noboru and I stayed up watching TV.
These are the books we read before bed Saturday night. We've had these books forever. And the My First Easter, Noah got when he was a baby.  Anyway, Saturday night, Branden read to me the entire "The Story of Easter" And Noah read "Celebrating Easter" to me. So, I enjoyed being read to, Saturday night. : ) 
Saturday, in the day, I went to the bakery because it's closed on Sundays anyway. And I knew I needed 2 packs of 8 slice of bread for turkey sandwiches. And 1 6 slice for Easter Sunday breakfast and the baguettes were for the pepperoni sandwich Saturday night plus the leftover baguettes were for stuffing for Sunday. Phew and omg! We go through a ton of bread. You should see how much we go through in a week. @_@ Hahaha. : )
Saturday night right before bed, long after bed time story and about 20 minutes before I went to sleep, I got both Branden and Noah's Easter baskets stuffed with treats under the grass and some on top also. I did leave 2 packs of chocolates left and I left them because I wanted to place the lady bugs in the baskets but was getting sleepy so decided to finish up very early Sunday morning. However I always seem to wake up first. And I woke up around 7am-ish and the rest of the family didn't roll out of bed until 8am-ish and they only woke up because of the smell of bacon cooking. : ) Hahaha. So, I managed to get the lady bugs in place and then I got started in on breakfast.
All ready for both Branden and Noah to come down and be excited! : )  You can tell which basket is Branden's and Noah's because the M&M egg, each son got an egg in their favorite color, Noah's being yellow and Branden's being green. : )
Aha! 1 yellow M&M's egg and the Spiderman is a dead give away! This is indeed Noah's basket. : )
Yep, Noah's basket and they have American football eggs, baseball eggs, basketball eggs. race car eggs with flames on them and chocolate foil eggs and lady bugs and a big foil bunny at the back. Many nice things.
Branden got the exact same, except he had Angry Birds instead of Spiderman. : )
Bright green basket with white polka dots on the handle and polka dot ribbon woven in the basket. Bought affordably at Kmart a few years back and ehhhh, if it ever needs replacing, it can be replaced cheaply. But good sized baskets. Their yellow ducky one and train ones they outgrew. : )  This pic should be called "out takes".....This pic was almost perfect but Branden had actually started laughing in this picture if you look at him in this one.
This one, they both start cracking up.....And I must admit, I am laughing hysterically also when I was taking this picture.
Okay this one is sorta funny because Noah's trying really hard not to laugh anymore. But you can see the giggles in his eyes. But he's really trying to control it. I was trying to control my giggles too.
Alrighty, this is the best one from the batch of pics we took. We just have such a fun time taking the pics, the things we're talking about are sometimes *really* hilarious. It's hard not to crack up. If you know us in real life you'll get it, we're always having a laugh though, around here. : ) So best Easter pic for 2013, we could manage with the case of giggles we all had Easter morning. After this pic, I put the camera down and we started to eat breakfast, all 4 of us. The toast and bacon were on the other counter nearest the stove. The eggs I fried up immediately after this pic.
Let's see, what was the total of eggs? 19, right? Well, then Noboru ate one last night so we were down to 18. Here they are, the Easter eggs form 2013. Branden's Nameko Easter egg. Noah's Tulip Easter egg, because of Spring. And a few different shapes in there.
Noboru's orange and blue and white egg bottom row far left. And his purple spiral egg. Branden's lady bug egg and my dinosaur egg, purple and green.
Branden did the Easter basket egg and I thought it came out awesome. Noah did the blue and green one at the back and the vibrant red one.
Anyway these were our eggs for this year! And we did, as you could see from the pics up above we all 4 had a ball decorating the eggs. : )
Aha! Leftover baguettes. Great for stuffing.
I cut it up. Let it dry all Sunday.
These boys can cook and they also can clean up! They peeled 4 bags of potatoes. For the mashed potatoes for Easter dinner.
Easter dinner 2013! It's not nearly as fancy a dinner as Thanksgiving. It's more laid back. We had a roasted turkey, mashed potatoes and stuffing and green beans and plenty of Easter eggs as well. We had sodas with ice. And ice cream for dessert.
Branden had a mouth full of food when I snapped this pic. Sorry kiddo. But this is the few pics that I managed to remember to take last night at dinner. : )
My serving last night.
Easter Sunday dinner with my family. Anyway, that's how we spent and celebrated Easter 2013. : )