Tuesday, March 19, 2013

White Day 2013

March 14th is/was White Day. Always 1 month after Valentine's Day, so an easy date for me to remember.  Like I said in my last post, I decided that this year would be an easy year and we'd just give cupcakes. Still a pretty nice thing to give. But with all the "end of the school year stuff" going on. PTA stuff and pre-Fuku Kaicho stuff going on. I really wanted to give something nice but something also simple and easy on us to prepare. So easy to make stuff totally appreciated. I did make sure to buy my cake mix and frosting while in Guam. The cupcake liners, I always have a bunch of different types and for various different holidays. but, I decided to use the ones with cupcake pictures on them. I bought the wrapping bags from the Daiso, same for the plates. And the sprinkles I bought from my regular grocery store here in Japan. So everything was pretty affordable .
I told Branden and Noah they could use these cupcake toppers, and at first they both said okay, but the boys said after they were frosted and sprinkled, that they didn't want to use them. No worries, they looked cute without them, so I understood. But if I were giving them out to my friends, I might have used the toppers anyway, but either way no worries. We can always use them next time : )
We made a lot of cupcakes. Which is good because they had to give to some girls at their elementary school and also to a girl at Kumon each also. Hahaha.
Branden did the frosting. Noah did the sprinkles. And I just enjoyed watching them gogogo!!! We had fun in the kitchen making these in the evening after dinner, March 13th. It's a great time for us to talk and spend quality time together the boys and I. Noboru was at work.
Each girl got 3 good sized cupcakes and also 3 delicious little chocolates from America. We bought a nice big size of chocolates that we personally love and broke it up that way. I kept telling the boys, "Ohh, I know what Lily-chan is having for dessert tomorrow." : ) And Noah would laugh. Or I'd tell Branden, "I know what Agaiha-chan (sp?) is having for dessert tomorrow" and he'd blush. So yeah we had a great time making these together. I plated them up and carefully put them into the bags.
These are what Branden gave to A-chan (prettiest girl in the whole entire 5th grade both classes) and Mei-chan. The girls really went all out with their wrapping, so I made sure Branden went really all out in return. Hahaha. : )  And again the wrapping and especially for you card was all in a set of 4, 2 bags and 2 cards for only 105 yen at the Daiso. So superly cute wrapping but really affordable wrapping also. Branden wrote a little something behind the especially for you card. He wrote to....from Branden. Just really kept it simple.
Noah's younger and so we kept his bags superly simple. I didn't really want to over do his at all. These are new girls, he just met in the first grade. So, we kept them simple. Noah also wrote out his own name labels and he put a heart sticker on there. He was pretty proud. Well, until Noboru got home that night. Noboru told Noah, "hey kiddo you have to write chan or their parents will not like it!!!!" He said it gently but he wants Noah to know this stuff. Branden didn't notice or look at Noah's or he could have helped him and told him earlier in the night. Anyway, I'm just glad Noboru caught that before it was sent out. Poor Noah though, he was so embarrassed, but he did correct himself and he wrote To Lily-chan. Versus, To Lily. Phew! And he also wrote from Noah on the back originally. But I think Noboru made Noah so nervous about the chan-kun part. Noah wrote from Noah-chan. Hahaha. Since everyone who knows us in real life, calls him that anyways. Noboru saw that 'from Noah-chan" part the next morning and went quietly to himself.... Doh! And he did nicely tell him when writing you don't need to call yourself that...but it's okay, but just know this for next time. By this time it was close to class time and we had no White Out and scratching it out would look even worse...so we left the from Noah-chan part. Hey sometimes you just gotta roll with it. : ) @_@ Hahaha. But that's okay. Noah's 1st grade White Day treats will be forever remembered as...to Lily-chan from Noah-chan. And same for the other girl. Hahaha. : ) We will laugh about this for many years to come.
We left them all on the green counter until the next morning.
It was a little rainy March 14th. And because I worried about the cupcakes knocking around in the bags. I made sure to drive them to the front of the school on White Day. Branden holding his 2 White Day bags with cupcakes and chocolates inside. And Noah holding his 2 White Day bags with his cupcakes and chocolates inside, with special message that read....to Lily-chan from Noah-chan. Hahaha. : ) And to the other little girl too. You know...we're all not perfect. And so, we just had to smile about that.  So, at the end of White Day, I sat in my car reading a magazine. And I saw many many girls come down the hill with White Day gifts from classmates. And I waited to see the 4 bags, I knew came from Branden and Noah. Lily-chan came running down the hill, eyes were really big and bright, she has a dimple and she was waving her bag from Noah wildly....telling her mom...look mama...look (my window was rolled down it was actually nice weather in the afternoon)! I smiled to myself and I tried not to overly look. So I pretended to read my magazine but really I was so happy. And then I saw the other little girl run down the hill also and then the 2 bigger/older 5th grade girls. Meanwhile my 2 come running to the car all smiles! "Did you give your treats to the girls?" I asked. "Yep we did" Branden said. "Were they happy?" I asked. Noah chimes in..."Lily-chan was **so** happy mama!!!" "That is so nice to hear!" I said. So, we chit chatted about cupcakes and the happy girls both Branden and Noah gave them to all the way home last week March 14th. : )  Anyway that was White Day this year at our house. : )