Thursday, March 21, 2013

Today is my birthday : )

Hmm, I rarely talk about my birthday on here. I just never have. I'll happily talk about Branden's, Noah's or Noboru's birthday. But if you really think about it. March slips by and my birthday slips by and maybe I might write in the middle of a "bits and pieces" type post a tiny blurb mentioning oh yeah it was my birthday last week. Hahaha. But for the most part, they go unmentioned. And I do love my birthday, but I'm sorta very low key and quiet about it, always have been even when I was a little girl. So, just this once, I'll mention my birthday on my actual birthday hahaha. Today March 22nd is my birthday. Noboru works tonight from 4pm-midnight. He could have taken the day off, he did ask me if I wanted him to a month before.... but I think that's sorta silly just for me, I'm an adult. And really it's okay. : ) So, this past Sunday, in the evening, we went and had my birthday dinner, since we knew we couldn't go to a restaurant the day of. At first we were going to have Capricciosa but I made homemade pizza the night before. So we went and had yakiniku instead. : )
We ate a lot. Grilled a lot. Talked a lot and laughed a lot.
We had a drink bar, so free refills.
A dinner with my favorite people. : )
After dinner, we were heading home but stopped off at a car wash. Robo-wash type place. And afterward, we parked the car and Noboru and Branden and Noah went outside and each grabbed a free cloth/rag and wiped my car down. Talk about feeling the love Sunday night! Hahaha. : ) To look out and see Noah wiping the mirrors down. Trying very hard you guys, doing his best. ; )
Branden wiping the windshield. Don't laugh but I thought, I am truly loved! : )
Noboru wiped and he wiped and then the 3 of them got back into the car and that was it. And we headed home.  Monday after the boys went to school. A few hours after, I headed to the hair salon. It's March, I haven't been to the salon since December. So it was time. I got a thermal hair straightening thing and a trim. My hair has really grown and I'm currently letting it grow long again. I spent 3 hours at the salon on Monday. I also had a 20% off mailer that they sent me since it's my birthday month, you know me and my coupons, lol don't make fun of me too much about that. But yeah it was nice to get a little pampering, it's a rare thing for me, so it was nice. And I left with my hair as straight as a pin and shiny and I'm happy with my hair. Also Monday was the boys last full day of school. The other days all this week have been half days since they are about to go on break. So, I knew that was the best day for me to go to the salon schedule wise.
Yesterday morning my birthday cake arrived. I have been so looking forward to it's arrival. Yay!!!
: )
They have so many flavors to choose from. But I picked, banana ice cream for the top layer and maple walnut for the bottom layer.
It is a little hard to see since it is covered with the plastic top.
Not only did I get to pick my 2 layers of ice cream. It's decorated with gelato and ice cream on top and fruit. Noboru made sure I had a really special birthday cake.
2 layers of ice cream and it has a nice cake bottom also. Today or tonight we will have some! I think we should have some before Noboru leaves to work so we 4 can all enjoy it together. : )
Besides Noboru sending me to the hair salon for one of my birthday gifts. I also placed an order for some clothes here in Japan. Just some tops (3 or 4) and 1 pair of shorts and 1 pair of capris. But they won't get here for a while. And my dad, got me some DVDs on He had asked me a week ago, to pick something out and email him what DVDs I'd like. I picked Dexter season 7. This hasn't come out yet, but it's been ordered and when it comes out.... Amazon will ship it to me here. I have not seen this season, but from what I read online, this season looks amazing, I can't wait.
A Haunted House. I enjoy the Paranormal Activity Movies. And I do think the Wayans are hilarious. So, this looks funny to me and plus I love to laugh. So, I can't wait to see this.
Love Bette Midler, think she's amazing. And I saw the previews to this and this looks funny to me. I also picked 2 other DVD's also. Picture Bride and another one. Anyway enough about my birthday. : )

Today is the boys last day of school. They are officially on break when they get out of school at 11am. It's drizzling rain here right now and a little chilly. Which is weird because yesterday was so warm and sunny. What is the plan for tonight? Well, Noboru has to be at work at 4pm. He works until midnight. So he gets to be with us all day so that's the positive. And the boys will be here with me from 11am. My cake is in the freezer. And I'm making pork green chili and beans tonight for dinner. I have the beans boiling on the stove as I type. And I can sorta gauge it and I think dinner will be ready early today. So maybe around 2-3pm. I'm going to run to the bakery this morning after I pick up the boys. So I can get 2 loaves of bread for Saturday's breakfast. But other then that.... I don't think we'll be leaving the house for the rest of the day and night. : )  I'll just eat dinner with the boys, have another slice of cake, and just watch TV and relax. I do want to put my hair up tonight after the boys go to bed. And I plan to soak in a hot bath and just soak for a good 30 minutes. Anyway, have a great weekend everyone. : )