Wednesday, March 13, 2013

March Guam trip and Oz the Great and Powerful

Last Friday, March 8th our family flew to Guam to spend the weekend there at my dad's condo and to enjoy the movie Oz the Great and Powerful. Our flight left Narita around 10am. And we left our house around 6:30am. We dropped the car off at the car baby sitter place and they shuttled us to the airport around 7am, we checked in around that time rather quickly and went through the TSA quite fast too. We boarded the flight. Watched some movies along the way and arrived in Guam around 1:50pm Guam time. We did rent a car and went to my dad's place first to drop off our empty luggage. Changed into shorts all of us. And then the four of us, went to the 2 Cost U less stores, 2 Payless grocery stores and stopped. We then went back to my dad's dropped off the stuff. My dad also got there around the same time as us and so we asked him if he'd like to go and eat at the food court with us, he said that we be great. So our first night, we all went to the food court at Micronesia Mall for dinner. My dad went and picked up his meal, KFC, I think, while we all went around and picked up ours too. I had 1 veggie and cheese 6 inch sandwich from Subway. And 1 bean and cheese burrito. I did order 2 burritos but I must have had, "eyes are bigger then my stomach syndrome that day" hahaha. : ) It was eaten though. So didn't go to waste.
Noah had 4 tacos. 4! Geeze Louise! @_@ My dad had the fish and shrimp. He sat in front of Noah, they chatted while eating. : )
Branden wanted a fully loaded potato burrito from Taco Bell. And 2 tacos. And he was stuffed. Noboru had a whopper only, (not a combo meal) from Burger King and he also had 2 taco supremes.  I also got an eyebrow wax while at the mall our first day we were there.
After we ate the 5 of us, we headed home.
Many people were out and about last Friday evening strolling around and enjoying their night. Which was nice. We were too. : ) A bit blurry the people, but I kind of like this picture, the way it is.
Saturday morning, we woke up early. Around 6am-ish. I got dressed and ready first since I woke up first. Put my makeup on, flat ironed my hair and put on another pair of shorts and a top and my flip flops. The boys woke up, they each brushed their teeth, washed their faces and got dressed. Noboru got up and dressed and my dad also. We lazed around my dad's. We did check the movie schedule the night before. 3-D was showing at 10:30am and 2-D was showing at 10:50am. We were thinking to see 2-D at first because Branden wears glasses and it sometimes bothers Branden to also wear the 3-D glasses too. But it was actually Branden who was insisting we see it in 3-D. So, if it wasn't going to bother him, then we said fine Let's see it in 3-D then. : ) We did pick up 1 small pack of peanut M&M's for the movie from a Circle K. The time on the radio in the background of this says 8 something am. Pardon the pale white, pinkish fingers holding the chocolates, that's me. : )
Since we were really really ahead of schedule here. We went to Wendy's to have a good and also fairly cheap breakfast. They make amazing breakfast for a fantastic price. You gets lots of crispy bacon, scrambled eggs and rice. It's an island combo. I also ordered coffee. Coffee does not come with it. Which is fine.
Branden sitting next to his grandpa/my dad. : ) My dad reading the paper. Again we had tons of time to kill. And the movies were like right in the same parking lot as the Wendy's. All at the GPO. Guam Premium Outlets.
Noboru always orders the country fried chicken and gravy with eggs and rice. Noah and Branden shared a raspberry lemonade. We talked and talked because again we had oodles of time here. On the bright side at least we weren't running late. ; )  Okay by now it was 9:20am, we finally said let's go back to grandpa's for a bit, since we have so much time. So we went back to my dad's condo. And we watched TV. Everyone went pee one last time. And then at 9:50am we went to the movies. My dad lives fairly close to everything, he's very centrally located.
About to see this! Ohh exciting! And Noah's always so freezing cold at the movies, so I brought his new orange sweatshirt with us and he stayed warm during the movie this time. The rest of us weren't cold at all. : )
We got really good seats, go figure!. : )
A very large popcorn and Branden playing around with the M&M's. Noah's 3-D glasses are on his head which is why his hair is like that.
You guys know Monsters Inc. Right? Well a new one is coming out. Monsters University. This is about before they were bff's. When they were just at college and they don't really look like they liked each other all too much yet. : ) It looks hilarious!!!! I will bring the boys back to see this when it comes out for sure! The trailer/previews to this were cracking us all up in the movies.
Says Oz 3-D early bird. Hahaha. Anyway this is a really amazing movie. And I won't say too much about it or what the movie is about. But if you are worried at all please don't read this paragraph if you are worried about possible spoiler alerts.  I won't try to go into too much detail, but I will just say, that it does pay a lot of respect to the original. For starters it starts off in black and white and goes to color, same like the original. Also, the circus name is Baum Circus. Again making reference to L. Frank Baum. I got that immediately and I smiled. Also you know how in the original the scarecrow, tin man and cowardly lion were also in the black and white/Kansas parts, but farm hands. Well same type of thing in this movie. meaning, the girl in the wheelchair who asks for the scam artist/ fake wizard named Oz to cure her and make her walk again. Anyway, she is also the voice of China Doll and she also needs his help to walk again. Again, I so totally got that. And his assistant guy's, name is Frank btw, again was it another nod to L. Frank Baum. I wondered that. Also, his assistant in the black and white parts/Kansas parts is in the color parts in Oz, he is the voice of the monkey. And of course Glenda was also in the black and white parts for a bit. So, again they paid a lot of homage to the original the way they did the movie. Some people in the black and white/Kansas parts were also in the color/Oz parts. Also, Oz had them make scarecrows at some point and he says something along the lines...make many scarecrows we might need these in the future. And Glenda smiles and says..."we might!" And again I thought, wow, how brilliant. This movie also answers questions like...why do they have a fake wizard running Oz anyway??? Well, it was answered! And again they didn't take anything away from the original, *they merely added to it* I will 100% be buying the DVD to this. An amazing movie. Oh and from what I read online they wanted to use the red ruby slippers, but they were not allowed, copy rights and all that. : ( But anyway it was an amazing movie. So good. : )  After the movie, my dad had a few errands to run. People to visit. So, we went and ran some errands also. We went to Yogurtland first.
I had 90% coconut. 5% Kona coffee and 5% something else, I forgot sorry. ; ) And some coconut topping and graham cracker topping.
Branden had 3 types of yogurt and peanut butter cups and cookie dough toppings.
Great way to spend last Saturday. : )
I know you ordered something chocolaty Noah! lol.
Belgium chocolate yogurt and chocolate chips and M&M's.
Noboru is always plain coconut yogurt, no toppings. : )
We spent a little over an hour at Kmart, too many Easter things to see and pick out and shampoo scents to sniff. Then we hit Home Depot. This pic was taken at Home Depot. We were looking at BBQ wood for flavoring the meats. But we didn't buy any woods though just looked at them.
We were done, we still had a whole evening, it was still early. We drove down Hotel Row on the way back to my dad's.
So many happy tourists walking. Shopping and also soaking up the sun and great weather.
I see a couple orange JP Superstore bags and a Gap bag in the background of this pic. So many just having a blast.
And more happy people. : )
We 5 went to Pizza Hut Saturday. We had dinner around 5pm. We were the first of the dinner customers, I could see. It did get lots more people about 5-10 minutes after we got there which was nice. We got a great deal, 2 large pan pizzas, pepperoni and mushroom. Drink bar. We ate and ate, it was still daylight as you can see by this pic. We went back to my dad's and watched TV for the rest of the night. We talked. I had a Vitamin Water. And then we all took turns showering. And then we all went to sleep. Our flight was to take off at 10am the next morning/Sunday morning. So we woke up, again I woke up first. I woke up around 5:30am. Got dressed did my hair and put my makeup on. Put my black capri pants on and ballet flats and top. Woke up the boys and they got dressed. We left my dad's condo around 7:10am. Hugged my dad and we left. We know the tour buses come around 7:30am. So we need to get checked in and go through TSA before the huge crowds get there. Which we did.
Herb chicken breast, pasta, broccoli, salad and dinner roll and garlic bread was our meal for the flight back home to Japan. The crab cake, Noboru ate mine. And blueberry cheesecake was yummy. Both Branden and Noah ate the same thing as me and they watched, Rise of the Guardians and loved it. Noboru had the fish. I watched the first 20 minutes of the last Twilight and the last fight scene from that. Then I switched movies. : ) Our flight was great, pretty uneventful. However when we landed on Sunday around 2pm-ish. It was superly windy and our flight was the last flight able to land in Narita, for a good 20 or so minutes, so the other planes were just circling Narita. Because a huge dust storm was happening Sunday and was at it's worst when we were arriving and the winds were so unsafe to land. So we were insanely lucky we could land when we did. We deplaned. Grabbed our luggage and all that and headed home. We usually eat Ohsho after our flight but it was too early for supper. And we were all so stuffed from the meal on the flight. So we went home directly. Unpacked our suitcases. And then rested at home, I skyped my dad that we made it home. I was a little/pinch tired. Maybe I woke up way too early, I think that's what it was. So, I didn't turn the computer on when we got home at all on Sunday. I did manage to unpack and also did a full load of all our clothes into the washer then dryer. But other then that I laid on the couch. And the boys couldn't go out in the dust storm so they played 3DS on the couch.  I watched TV, and Noboru was in the living room with us but on his laptop. Around 5pm we headed to dinner.
We went and had Indian for dinner last Sunday after we got back from Guam. I had the kabocha curry/pumpkin curry. Comes with chicken, and a salad with goma dressing, naan and a drink and dessert.
Branden and Noboru had the same combo/set, I did. Boy were we all stuffed afterwards. : )
Noah had a kids curry and naan set. It came with dessert too and an orange juice. : )
Dessert was amazing. We were all so stuffed. We went home, everyone took showers and a soak in the tub. And we all went to sleep, since the next day was a school day. Yep, the next day/Monday was back to school for the boys. Noboru was off Monday. But the boys had school and Kumon. Anyway that was our trip in a nutshell. : )