Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Last class observation day of the school year

Last Friday, March 1st was our local school's class observation day. This was something we had known in advance since January. I think I even mentioned this class observation day March 1st a month or two ago. This was a "go to the last period/class only" type observation day. These are not my most favorite types because how do you break up watching 2 boys during 50 minutes. Well the easy answer would be 25 minutes each class. But again, not always so easy, because I find I miss half of what's going on with each class. So, it was decided a month ago, that Noboru would attend Branden's observation day and I would attend Noah's class observation day. And the only reason we did that is because for these types of class observation days we are taking turns Noboru and I. The last observation day we had like this, meaning the last class only type observation day. If you remember I attended Branden's last time and Noboru attended Noah's last time and that was because Branden had English class and he asked me to be there. The class observation day we had in January was a "go any time of day" type observation day so Noboru and I went together and watched both the boys class together and relaxed and enjoyed that day. But since this would be a go to the last 50 minutes of the school day type. Noboru went and enjoyed Branden's observation day. They gave a speech in groups and I wish I could have pictures from that. We have 1 camera only and I took it with me. And Noboru forgot his cell phone though, it takes bad pics it would have at least been something.  But Branden enjoyed daddy being there at that's what matters/counts. And that was peace of mind for me, knowing Branden had Noboru with him. Meanwhile on the 1st floor, I was watching Noah. This was a "show your skill" to your parents class. Hahaha. Each child showed 2 skills they were good at. A group of 8 played the pianica. Another group of 8 or so jumped rope. And so on. Noah is going to jump the "vaulting horse" type thing. He's very sporty as you know. So he enjoyed this.
And look at my little jock go! Yay Noah! He jumped over it cleanly every time. A lot of the parents were like wow, cool. I was really proud of Noah. : )
Getting ready to go again.
Two very good friends. His name is L-kun.
A bit blurry but they jumped all of them about 4 times.
Noah, you have had a very good first year at shogakko, haven't you. This time last year, I was so nervous for you about to start ichinensei/the first grade. Would Noah be okay? Would he be okay without all his best friends from yochien. So many thoughts and mama type worries swirling around my head. And I'm happy to say they were all for not. Noah's had the best year at school. He's made a ton of friends. He loves elementary school. His grades are super. Everything is really good. Which really takes a load off my mind. And I can exhale deeply and go phew! Phew! : )
Noah is so skinny though, lol. I think he's possibly the skinniest kid in the entire 1st grade. : (  His nonexistent booty.  The kid has almost no butt, you guys! Noah's so freaking skinny and thin. Granted he's not the shortest in his class, but I definitely think he's thinnest, lol. : (  And he eats tons as you know. Oh well, must just be his metabolism and the way he is.  I forget exact specifics, but when he had his school physical last year for the first grade his BMI and all that came back and for even Japan standards, he is considered a little underweight. No wonder why all his pants and shorts have to be bought in size "slims" @_@ Anyway, hopefully he can plump up at least a tiny bit this year. Being on the thin side as long as you're healthy is fine, but I'd still be relieved if he could gain 3-5 pounds. : )
Noah also did juggling with 2 of his classmates.
The cute little girl in this picture is my very good friend Adele's daughter. Adele is originally from the Philippines, and her husband is Japanese. All us parents were clicking and taking pictures, one was even making a video. I didn't take a video this time. Isn't it amazing how quickly a year goes by... : )
Three cute kids having a ball! : ) Anyway that was the last observation day for the school year. School year ends here in March and begins a new grade in April. : )