Saturday, March 02, 2013

Hanging with my friends. Going to the movies to see Argo and to lunch afterwards

Literally the day after we got back from Hakone, I had my movie date with my 2 girlfriends. Mom friends, I met from yochien, when all our kids went there. We had this movie date set about 2 weeks in advance and we had all been looking forward to a movie and lunch date while all our kids were safely at school. So, Tuesday, last Tuesday February 26th we all met at the movies. We said to be there between 9:30-9:40am. The movie started at 10:10am or somewhere around that. We all met up, got in line we all paid our 1000 yen. And we chatted about the upcoming movies by looking at the movie posters. Oz The Great and Powerful *is* being released the same day as it is in America March 8th. And so we chatted about that. The movie Ted is playing now and we were chatting about Ted. And the movie Flight with Denzel Washington is currently playing now. My dad saw that a few month's ago when it was playing in Guam. Anyway we were set to see the movie Argo. It won many awards. We went into the movie, found our seats. and we watched the movie. It was so great! Such a fantastic movie.

Anyway after the movie let out, we went to Saizeriya for lunch, they always have great lunch specials. We all 3 ordered lunch. And we talked a lot. They both have 6th grade daughters right now and they will be starting junior high school this April. So to me, it helps me listen to what they are learning since they are going through this 1 year in advance of us. Though Branden will start a different junior high, the things they know and share with me is wonderful because it gives me a heads up. Uniforms and bicycles we talked about last Tuesday. What clubs their daughters want to join. Just really really good information and it helps me to learn and also hear what they think. What their experiences are. Again just hearing it, even though it might differ slightly from our particular towns junior high, at least hearing the stories in advance helps me a great deal.

Anyway I had an awesome time with my 2 girlfriends. And we have another movie date this coming week also. We will go and see Flight with Denzel Washington, this coming week. During the day when our kids are at school again. I'm really fortunate to have 2 true blue friends like this in my real every day life. Friends that we do stuff together. We hang out, we go to movies with and have lunch. Talk about kids stuff like elementary school life. Swimming, one of the 2, her daughter swims at the same swim club Noah does. Plus these 2 are also into gardening. They know so much about gardening. And so I like talking about gardening with them. We talked about potato growing last Tuesday also. Hahaha. Anyway that's what I was doing last Tuesday, a movie and lunch meet-up with my good friends. : )